Statement regarding the victories of the Mujahidin on the aggressive military campaign against the Muslims in the Qayfa region in the Wilayah of Al-Bayda

( – Statement regarding the victories of the Mujahidin on the aggressive military campaign against the Muslims in the Qayfa region in the Wilayah of Al-Bayda

Alhamdulillah who said: (Permission (to fight) is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is well able to assist them) 39 Surah Al-Hajj.

And peace and blessings upon His slave and messenger Mohammed bin Abdullah and his family and Sahabah who said: “Injustice will be darkness on the Day of Judgment”. Then:

Against the backdrop of the complicity of the Sana’a government with their masters the American in executing the massacres of mass murder of the Muslims in Yemen by unmanned drones, and in a new assault that is led and planned by America, and is executed by treacherous conspiring Yemeni government, and in continuation for the series of absolute subordination to the crusaders, the Yemeni army launched supported by the American warplanes an aggressive military campaign on the regions of the tribes of Qayfa based on weak false arguments, in a barbaric way that doesn’t take into account the ethics of war or disagreement, and do not respect the voice of wisdom or the custom of the sensible, and doesn’t have any consideration for the sanctity of the land and honors.

Before this aggressive assault on our people in Rada’a, the Mujahidin stood with their brothers from the sons of the proud tribes to repel this oppressive campaign that spared no effort in shelling the homes of the Mujahidin with warplanes, and destruction of their mosques and burning their farms in a blatant aggression and clear treachery to everyone who has eyes.

With the rise of the morning of Monday 16 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1434 A.H. the mujahidin confronted – with the might and power of Allah – the ground campaign advancing to the Qayfa, until they made it return defeated after a battle that lasted for 12 hours this is its brief summary:

On Monday 16 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1434 A.H.:

1. Clashing with the advancing campaign in the Al-Khobza region which resulted in damaging 3 military carriers and seizing of a military ambulance and besieging of a group of soldiers.

2. Detonating of three IEDs against troop carriers that resulted in the death of at least eight soldiers.

3. A martyrdom seeking operation at 2:45 by a car bomb against the Ahram military post in Rada’a which resulted in the death and injury of around 30 soldiers as a preliminary result according to the acknowledgment of the enemy in the media.

4. An ambush at 2:30 pm against two military supplying “Kraz” trucks which resulted in its burning.

5. Detonating two IEDs at 5:15 against a barrack for the treacherous army next to the Ahram camp, as well as conducting 5 qualitative explosions inside the camp which resulted in the death of 30 soldiers and their bodies arrived to one of the hospitals in Rada’a.

6. In addition to the mentioned above Allah gave success to the Mujahidin to damage two tanks and seizing of a “Kraz” military truck carrying ammunition, and anti-aviation caliber 37 and “BMP” military armored vehicle with an anti-aviation caliber 14.5 installed on it, and Dushka, as well as the capture of eight soldiers after many of them ran away towards the city of Rada’a.

7. Besieging of a military brigade for the army consisting of almost 20 troop carriers.

While this confrontation didn’t result in any human casualties in the ranks of the Mujahidin with the grace, preservation and patronage of Allah.

On Tuesday 17 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1434 A.H.:

In an attempt to cover up the disability and failure and defeat of the military campaign, the warplanes resumed from the morning launching its aggressive raids on the homes and villages of the peaceful, so two from the captives of the army held by the Mujahidin were killed while one of the Mujahidin ascended as a martyr – we reckon him to be so -.

By 5:00 pm the Mujahidin responded to tribal mediations when the aggressive army pledged to them to withdrawal and end the military campaign on the region in return for ending the blockade on the besieged brigade and opening the road for it to withdrawal, as well as releasing the six captured soldiers with the bodies of the two soldiers who were killed in the shelling and according to this mediation the military campaign withdrew dragging the tails of defeat and Allah drove back the oppressors in their rage, they did not obtain any advantage.

In conclusion, in this regard we have messages:

The first message: to our Muslim brothers everywhere we ensure to you – Allah willing – we will spare no effort in defending the religion, sanctities and honors, the religion of Islam brings us together, and jihad unites us (for the religion should be only for Allah) so that the homeland is protected and the honors are preserved and the Sharia is implemented and the Shura is spread and the justice of Islam prevails, (And this is not difficult for Allah).

The second message: to the treacherous Yemeni army that turned to a tool of destruction and killing in the hands of America we say to them: you have entered in an absurd war against your Ummah and people and you won’t get from that except great scourge and evident loss, and America won’t benefit you anything before Allah, and you have a lesson in the fate of the traitors throughout history.

Allah Almighty says: (Allah has written down: I will most certainly prevail, I and My messengers; surely Allah is Strong, Mighty) 21 Surah Al-Mujadila.

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