The famous unofficial bin Ladin tape

The following is a tape that was found by the United States in Afghanistan that was recorded by al-Qaa’idah showing its leader, Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin as well as others in 2001. There was a lot of doubt surrounding the tape itself since it was released by the US Government – as opposed to As-Sahab Media – and some of the conspiracy theorists would try to compare official pictures of Shaykh Usamah with the one in the video and concluded that it’s not him because the facial structure looks slightly different in the video.

For us, that doesn’t matter. In any case, it’s quite silly to compare his official picture – which are older – to a new video footage that has horrible quality. If you listen to the tape, it sounds like him, his akhlaaq reflects the akhlaaq you would expect from Shaykh Usamah, and the Mujahid sitting next to him is not some unknown figure. In addition, al-Qaa’idah’s media arm, As-Sahab Media, has never rebuked the video or said that the United States forged a video that had an actor playing as Shaykh Usamah.

The video itself – if you haven’t already watched it – reveals how the 9/11 operation was completely hidden from the knowledge of many high ranking Jihadi figures, thus having a secured plan. In fact, some of the hijackers themselves didn’t know what the plan was exactly up until the last minute.

In addition, the video reveals how Allah granted dreams to different people in the organization, all linking to each other’s dreams that pointed to 9/11.

A member of al-Fallujah forum decided to redeploy this video. The video has English subtitles, but the English translation is broken since it’s quite difficult to make out what they are saying.

To download, click here.


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