U.S. widely uses mercenary 'contractors' in Afghanistan and Iraq

According to American sources referring to a report by the US Congress entitled The Department of Defense’s Use of Private Security Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan: Background, Analysis, and Options for Congress. Moshe Schwartz. Specialist in Defense Acquisition, the mercenary armed formations, the so-called “contractors”, have casualties in Afghanistan that are 4 to 4.5 times higher than regular troops.

Now there are more than 200,000 “private militants” in Afghanistan and in Iraq who have the status of so-called “contractors”.

The US congress plans to bring the number of professional groups of mercenaries in Afghanistan to 160,000.

The actual number of US citizens there is about 10%. It looks like this.

In Afghanistan, there are 112,092 contractors, 16,081 of which are US citizens, 17,512, nationals of third countries and 78,499 locals. This information is incomplete and reflects only those who work for the Pentagon.

In addition, there are other US armed formations: the NSA, the CIA and even the FBI. American punitive structure of the FBI claims that it has the right to operate only within the US borders, but according to sources, it is a lie.

In Afghanistan, the FBI has a very large number of its own militants. In addition, the US Customs Service and a huge number of other allegedly purely domestic American structures are actively operating in American-occupied Muslim countries.

In Afghanistan, 28,493 of the 112,092 contractors are directly involved in military operations for the US war ministry, or 25% of the number of “private militants”.

16,831, or 15%, are formally working for a puppet “ministry of defense of Afghanistan”, but actually they are working for the formations of NATO aggressors from the ISAF.

37,233, or 33%, are working in the engineering corps of the American army.

The remaining 29,535 (27%) of the contractors are working in Karzai’s defense ministry. They support the defense of the rear, complementing the Air Force and servicing a variety of weapons systems and logistics, protect convoys, while being under the command of NATO and participating in so-called special operations.

Statistics on losses of private foreign “contractors” is stored in the companies that sign contracts with them. And they clearly do not reveal the losses of Western-recruited militants, as this can badly affect their business.

Further information can be found in the insurances that Pentagon pays the private contractors who carry out its orders, for example, working as instructors for the Karzai puppet forces or engaging in other activities.

These are special groups of mercenaries – most of them are retired servicemen (i.e. Americans). But there is something wrong with them also.

For example, from 2001 to 2010 the US department of labor, which takes care of war veterans, was addressed by 44,000 private “contractors”, i.e. militants, and only by 40,000 official US military, for support in connection with the injuries / wounds. (KC/arrahmah.com)



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