Ustadz Abu Jibriel urged Ustadz ABB Freed After Idul Fitri

Jakarta (Arrahmah.Com) – Ustadz Abu Jibriel, leader of Mujahidin Council (MM), urged the police investigators to immediately freed Amir Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT), Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir (ABB), Friday (20 / 8) at Police Headquarters, Jakarta. According Ustadz Abu Jibril, arrestment of Ustadz ABB are being forced and without any evidence.

Since the first be Accused & Not Proven

According Ustadz Abu Jibriel, Ustadz ABB usual in the past had been accused, but never proven.

“This person is old, this forced. (Ustadz ABB) usual in the past had been accused, but not proven”said Ustadz Abu Jibriel. Besides himself, Ustadz Abu Jibriel also said that all Muslims Ummah in Indonesia are also wanted the liberation against Ustadz ABB.

Muslims Ummah who support the liberation of Ustadz ABB it continues to flow. Yesterday (19/08/2010) Head of Islamic Boarding Schools Darusyi Syifa, Tipas Village, Labuhan Haji, Selong, Ustadz Syafii asked the police to immediately freed Ustadz ABB.

Some Islamic organizations also demanded immediate exemption of Ustadz ABB, like Islamic Ummah Forum (FUI) and Islamic Da’wah University (PTDI). Meanwhile, Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) through their General Chairman, Habib Rizieq calling Muslims Ummah tighten the ranks and strengthen the ukhuwah Islamiyah.

Meanwhile FreeABB site is already through the numbers 49.336 visitors and on facebook reached 28.410 visitors. All of this shows the extent of support for freedom of Ustadz ABB.

Unconditionally Exempt After Idul Fitri

During the visit on that day, Ustadz Abu Jibriel brought bread and dates. Ustadz Abu Jibriel in these visits also pushed the police investigators to immediately liberate Ustadz ABB unconditionally after Idul Fitri.

“To be freed unconditionally after Idul Fitri,” said Ustadz Abu Jibriel.

Beside Ustadz Abu Jibriel, in the visit was also present Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) the areas East Java, Central Java, and Banten. Hopefully Ustadz Abu Jibriel demands and demands of the majority of Muslims ummah that Ustadz ABB be freed unconditionally after Idul Fitri Lebaran can be realized. Insha Allah!

(M Fachry/Arrahmah.Com/Traslate by myslfme)


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