1500 mujahid including veteran mujahidin of Afghanistan and Chechnya join Ansar Al-Sharia

ABYAN (Arrahmah.com) – Sources close to Ansar Al-Sharia in Abyan mentioned that 1500 fighter have joined their ranks in the past two days to confront the army which coming near their potions in Jaar and zinjibar.
The sources clarified that around 100 fighters who came to the combat fronts from Sayoon and Al-Kattan Hadramout and it is believed that they were influenced by Fatwa of sheikh Awad Ba’najar of declaring jihad in Yemen. 

A source revealed that the veteran Yemeni mujahidin in Afghanistan and Chechnya are flocking to the combat fronts in Abyan. And according to sources in Al-Qaeda the veteran mujahidin are dreaming of fighting America in Yemen since it will be the trap that will bring America to its knees. (Ansar Forum/arrahmah.com)


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