21 US invaders killed as Mujahideen shoot down 2 helicopters in Logar

LOGAR (Arrahmah.com) – A heavy fighting was reported in Logar province. There has been offensive against Mujahideen for the last couple of days which was successfully warded off by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate on the outskirt of the capital of Logar province. A number of the invading troops backed by aerial and support attacked Mujahideen which met with rigorous resistance causing the US invaders and their puppets deadly losses. Amid bloody fighting Mujahideen shot down a large Chinook helicopter, causing it to set on fire in and killing all American terrorists aboard.

Shortly afterwards, Mujahideen brought down another attack helicopter setting it on fire. More than 21 US terrorist troops were killed shooting down of the both helicopters. However, two of the Mujahideen combatants became martyrs in the drone attacks followed the shoot down. The area has remained surrounded by the invaders and their puppets, whereas Mujahideen are still lying in ambush ready to strike terror in the hearts of the American cowardly troops. (Alemarah/arrahmah.com)


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