28 vehicles destroyed and 32 killed and wounded as nato supply convoys came under attack

AFGHANISTAN (Arrahmah.com) – On Monday afternoon, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the US-Nato supply convoys in Syed Abad district, Wardak province, killing and wounding as many as 6 security guards as well as destroying 15 supply trucks, a Mujahideen official said, adding that the fighting lasted half an hour, causing no losses for Mujahideen.

Meanwhile, 2 escort security SUVs and 11 large logistical vehicles were destroyed while 10 security guards and drivers were killed and 7 others wounded during a Mujahideen ambush on a nato logistical convoy passing through Fitawak area of Gulistan district, Farah province, according to officials who added that 1 Mujahid was also injured by enemy fire. (siraaj/alemarah/arrahmah.com)


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