Al-Jazeera: Afghan mayor turns Taliban leader


The former Afghan mayor, Ghullam Yahya Akbari, is now a powerful leader of the Taliban in Herat, Afghanistan. The ‘Aqeedah of this man is Sahih, In Sha’ Allah. What indicated this was when he said that if Mullah ‘Umar – Allah forbid – were to negotiate with the Apostate Karzai Regime, he would proceed to wage Jihad against him! This shows that this man’s Jihad does not depend on any personality, land or people; rather, it solely depends upon Allah and doing what is correct in the Religion. This is the correct ‘Aqeedah. That goes to show you how pure these people are in their intention, In Sha’ Allah; they want to meet Allah Ta’ala, so they’ll do it right even if it’s the most difficult of the difficult paths.

This reminds me of that man who once said to ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, radiyallahu ‘anhu, that if he were to not rule by the Shari’ah, then the man would fix him “with this” and he showed him his sword. And ‘Umar was grateful to have such a man amongst the Muslims.

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