Al-Qaeda offers Saudi Arabia to swap diplomat for abducted women and scholars

YEMEN ( – According to the Arab News, the Mujahideen of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have demanded the Saudi regime to release of 15 Muslims, including six women, in Saudi Arabian jails as part of a swap deal to free puppet diplomat Abdullah al-Khalidi, captured in Aden on March 28.

Now the Saudi and Yemeni puppets have been trying to pinpoint the location of the deputy consul al-Khalidi.

The six Muslim women unjustly held in Saudi jails Al-Qaeda wants to be released are Haila Al-Qusayyir, Najwa Al-Saedi, Arwa Baghdadi, Hanan Samkari, Najla Al-Rumi and Haifa Al-Ahmadi.

Others in the list include Faris Al-Zahrani, Abdul Kareem Al-Homaid, Abdul Aziz Al-Towailaei, Waleed Al-Sinani, Ali Al-Khodair, Muhammad Al-Soqabi.

The list also includes the names of famous Islamic scholars: Nassir al-Fahd, Sulaiman Al-Olwan and Khalid al-Rahshid.

It is to be recalled that the mentioned sheikhs had long been held in Saudi torture chambers, the reason for their arrest was adamant position of these scholars regarding the Taghuts.

They were convicted under the article of “terrorism”. This is reported by a source of Arab News.

It is to be recalled that earlier Reuters reported with reference to Arab sources that if the Mujahideen demands are not met, al-Qaeda will execute diplomat al-Khalidi. The puppets also said that AQAP can attack the Saudi embassies.

A few days ago, the Saudis declared that they rejected any negotiations with the Mujahideen and promise to “do everything possible” to release the arrested diplomat.

“The Saudi government cannot negotiate or bargain with Al-Qaeda, the kidnapping party”, the Saudi-owned al-Hayat newspaper quoted assistant foreign minister, Prince Khaled bin Saud, as saying.

“We are working and will work with all our power, and we have instructions from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques…, to follow up with the brothers in Yemen (meaning Yemeni apostates) to ensure his release”, he added.

Source : KC


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