America too arrogant to admit impossibility of winning in Afghanistan


They know that it’s impossible, but they cover it up by saying, “we need to hold talks.” The Taliban already rejected talks and America knows that. The only reason why America is staying in Afghanistan is because they know for sure that when they leave, two things will happen:

  1. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (i.e., Taliban, al-Qaa’idah etc.) under the leader of Mullah ‘Umar will bulldoze the whole of Afghanistan under their authority very quickly. The American Government, of course, is against the establishment of Shari’ah so this is what makes them bite their tongues; if the Taliban fought for a nationalistic cause – in which case the Shari’ah is not established – the situation would be absolutely different.
  2. With the establishment of Shari’ah, its influence will spread like wildfire due to the beauty in its justice system, the serenity and religiosity in its environment, the efforts of da’wah by the du’aat, and the Jihad of the Mujahideen. This will naturally give a “safe haven” – as they call it – to the Mujahideen to launch attacks as well as wars around the world. By America leaving, it will destabilize the Apostate Regimes very quickly.

Strangely however, America still thinks – at least from what the media reports – that they can hold “talks” with the Taliban. They say talks must be ensured with the “moderate” Taliban leaders which technically means the ex-Taliban leaders such as Mullah Zaeef. This is perhaps an attempt to divide the ranks, not within the Jihad movement, but within the Afghan populace in order to create more future problems.

Getting back on to America’s imminent defeat in Afghanistan, with Allah’s help, the news media shows us statements here and there reflecting the mentality of the United States’ loss in Afghanistan. U.S. Gen. John Craddock, NATO’s supreme operational commander said:

“I have said over and over again this is not going to be won by military means.”

At the same token, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said :

“That is one of the key long-term solutions in Afghanistan, just as it has been in Iraq. Part of the solution is reconciliation with people who are willing to work with the Afghan government going forward.”

What the future holds, in our opinion – and Allah knows best, is that we see the United States remaining defiant in their Crusader war against the vanguard of Islam and this type of disease will lead them to be ultimately bone-crushed in Afghanistan, which will then eventually force Israel to take the lead of being the world superpower and become the flag bearers on the “war on terror” effort.

Those with eyes can and will see America’s arrogance until it trips over itself and does to itself what the Soviet Empire did to itself.




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