Arrahmah’s Exclusive Interview with Shaikh Anjem Choudary

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb, How are you today Shaikh?

Wa aleikum Assalaamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu, Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal

Recently, there have been news reports of a discovery of bombs in a cargo plane destined for the US in Midlands Airport, they have suspected Al Qaeda Militants based in Yaman. How do you address this matter?

I believe that the presence of the US forces in Muslim countries is a cause of instability in the region and a cause of insecurity for the Americans back home. They must understand that the Muslim community world wide consider that their land, war, peace and honour is one, and any one of them can represent them all. In light of this they should expect Muslims everywhere to be attacking their interests abroad and also back home. Hence I am not surprised at all that such packages are being discovered on board planes, indeed I am only surprised that more such attacks are not being perpetrated against those who are occupying Muslim land and murdering Muslim men, women and children. Although there has been no official claim from Al-Qaeda as far as I am aware, the hall marks of Al-Qaeda appear to be there in that it is a very sophisticated attempt which eluded all of the security checks. I believe it is a matter of time that the US and its allies will taste another 9/11 or 7/7 etc…

So, from the Shaikh’s perspective, these frequent attacks intended for the US are a reactionary response resulting from the US’s own actions? If indeed it is, then what should American people do?

The American people must prevent their regime in interfering with the affairs of Muslims, unless they immediately withdraw all forces from Muslim soil, stop supporting the pirate state of Israel and stop the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda then the Mujahideen will continue to respond. The messages from Sheikh Osama Bin Laden (may Allah preserve him) and others is very clear in this respect. Remember that the Muslims do not distinguish between civilian and military targets, as far as the Mujahideen abroad are concerned Barack Obama has been elected by the masses and hence they will share the responsibility of any consequence of his crimes against Muslims.

It is interesting on what you’re stated that history didn’t start from 9/11, instead it began before it. Could you please elaborate more on your statement?

Indeed, the American regime has for years been conspiring against Islam and Muslims and helping to murder them, by military, economic and strategic support of the many dictators in Muslim countries, by giving the Jewish State of Israel and open hand to commit crimes against Muslims in Palestine, by bombing Sudan and Afghanistan in 1998 and so on…

In London, there was a Muslimah named Roshonara Coudhry who stabbed Stephen Timms MP twice in the stomach, what do you think about this? Is it the beginning of a certain symptom perhaps? Is it true that Roshonara had been influenced by Shaikh Anwar Al Awlaky? Similarly, how strong is Al Qaeda’s influence in Europe and the rest of the western world, including the US?

It seems that Sister Roshanara Choudhry was responding to the occupation of Muslim land and the crimes against Muslims by the US/UK with whatever way she could. It is striking that far from thinking about herself her mind was concerned about the big things in this world such as the foreign policy of the British and the occupation of Muslim land. She was willing to sacrifice everything, including an excellent prospect in her education and her own safety in order to support her Muslims brothers and sisters in the world. Whatever you may think of her actions you cannot help but be impressed with her courage and determination to pass the message to one and all. As far as the link with Sheikh Anwar is concerned (may Allah protect him) I do not take the news from the Kuffar and I cannot say that this is for certain. However there is no doubting that the phenomenon of Al-Qaeda and shayoukh such as Sheikh Anwar have an increasing influence all over the world and especially in the Western world for Sheikh Anwar since many of his messages are in English to which the non-Arabic speaking people can relate.

Shaikh, You were interviewed by CNN in Parker Spitzer’s program, would you tell us how CNN manipulated your words?

Yes, they decided to ask me one question in my ear and air a different one to the public, making it seem as if I was publicly calling for attacks against them. This is the Qadar of Allah (SWT) upon me and what he wanted the American people to hear, however I did clarify this matter via a press release.

Apparently, the British media along with its people and government are starting to be concerned about the Islamic growth in their own country. Following this, would Shaikh tell us more about the Islamic development in Britain?

Islam is the fastest growing religion and ideology in Britain today, indeed in the whole of Europe especially among young Western women (despite the claims of islam being misogynistic). By living among the non-Muslims, Muslims and new reverts to Islam in Britain who want to practise their Deen can clearly see the difference between Islam and Kufr and hence often we find that Muslims here are much stronger in terms of Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa’a which helps them in their sense of allegiance and also in shedding the cultural package which often associates Islam in Muslim countries.

Aside from this, Alhamdulillah our brother Abu Izzuddin has finally has been released from the prison. How does Shaikh feel about his release? Would you comment on it?

Abu Izzadeen is my close brother and fellow daiee and student of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad (may Allah preserve him). Every Muslim shares with his name something and we all saw the manifestation of this by Abu Izzadeen when he was released by immediately addressing the media and government in the UK about his refusal to be silenced and his continued determination to speak the truth and work for the Shari’ah wherever he is. I believe that this is a good lesson for anyone who is imprisoned because of his belief, that he should never compromise, rather prison is khalwa with Allah (SWT) and a factory to increase ones Imaan and make one contemplate even more how to make the Deen of Al-Islam even more dominant in the world.

Still in the same discussion, how does Syaikh feel regarding many of our brethren in prison such as Shaikh Abu Hamzah Al Misri, Shaikh Abu Qatadah and others? Do you know what their condition is? Are they the victims of British prison cruelty? How can we, the ummah, help them? In which ways?

The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that it is obliged upon us to free all Muslim prisoners, even if it means to use all our wealth to do so. There are three options concerning Muslim prisoners for us, either to exchange them for non-Muslims or to forcefully release them or to ransom them with money. If we are not able to do any of these the in the meantime the least we can do is to raise awareness about their plight and support their families. Alhamdulillah they appear to be in good health but news about them is sometimes slow in coming out, may Allah release them sooner rather than later insha’allah. As far as Sheikh Abu Hamza and Sheikh Abu Qatada are concerned they are definitely the victims of British oppression and have paid the price for speaking about Islam and supporting the Muslims worldwide. Allah (SWT) tests us in accordance with our Imaan and in this case their Imaan has been found to be stronger then ours.

You firmly believe that someday the Islamic flag will be waving over 10 Downing Street and the White House. What basis supports your belief in this?

The Islamic flag is symbolic of Islam being implemented in the UK and USA. Indeed the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that Allah showed him the east and the west and that the authority of his Ummah was over the whole of it, so this includes Britain and America. In fact the Prophet was sent for this purpose i.e. to make the Deen dominant over the whole world, despite what the non-Muslims may think or say, as mentioned in [9:33]. There are also many other ahadeeth which promise the good news of Islam reaching every household and at least one stating that the day of judgement will not come until a group of Muslims conquer the White House. Although there have been many White Houses in history the Hadeeth is general and could also apply to the current one.

Would you tell and explain to us what is the meaning of Aqd ul Aman or Security Covenant between British Muslim with British Government?

The covenant of Security (Aqd Al-Amaan) is an agreement between Muslims in the UK and the non-Muslims that as long as their life and wealth is protected they will not target the life and wealth of the non-Muslims. However this is not the only Islamic opinion as Britain discovered on 7/7. Having said this the only purpose that Muslims can live among the non-Muslims is to carry Islam to them (see [9:6]) otherwise there are many evidences to suggest that the first to be punished are the Muslims who never commanded good and forbade evil and whose faces never became red when they saw the evil within society.

You said Barrack Obama is Firaun of this 21st century. After he failed twice to visit Indonesia, finally he will visit Indonesia in the upcoming days. What is your advice and suggestions to Indonesian Muslim?

Ideally Muslims everywhere should reject Barrack Obama from placing his foot on Muslim soil and also the kufr regimes who host him. He is a clear enemy of Islam and Muslims and at the current time heads the camp of kufr, which is at war with Islam and Muslims. No Muslim with Imaan can have anything but hatred in his heart towards such a person. The least that Muslims can do is to demonstrate their discontent and the one capable of more will do more.

We have seen your plan in the Internet to arrange an International conference of Islamic resurrection on November 27, 2010. Could you please tell us the background and mission for this conference?

Those Muslims who follow the path of the Salaf (the Qur’an and Sunnah according to the understating of the Sahabah) and who implement their understanding by being busy in the important issues in the world, share the same objectives such as the liberation of all Muslim lands, the implementation of the Shari’ah and the ultimate domination of the world by Islam. This conference is intended to bring some of the scholars and activists together to highlight the important issues which affect Muslims globally and also to present a way for revival from the divine text. The conference is one of many insha’allah.

So, are you sure Islam will soon be resurrected along with the Prophetic Caliphate system, and unite all the Muslimeen, including Indonesia? What should we do to prepare for that day?

The work for the Khilafah is the vital issue for Muslims everywhere, although the burning issue and priority is Jihad. Muslims in Indonesia must take the authority from those who have it and appoint a Khalifah who will implement the Shari’ah. In the meantime whilst they are living under the Kufr system they must engage in presenting Islam as an alternative to the man made law and support those who are trying to take back the authority which is their right. The twin duties of Daw’ah and Jihad cannot be separated.

Thank you very much Syaikh for this valuable and beneficial interview. Hopefully, Syaikh is always in Allah’s protection, insha’allah. Ameen

May Allah (SWT) accept this effort from us and make it a cause of benefit for us in this life and reward in the hereafter. Allahummah Ameen.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.

Wa Aleikum Assalaam wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatu

(M Fachry/


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