As Pakistan Restores Judges, Taliban in Swat Sends Some Home

Already, 7 Shari’ah courts have opened in Pakistan under the Pakistan-Taliban rule. There are Qazi’s who are in the middle of busying themselves with the issues and problems of the local populace. The Pakistan-Taliban told the Government judges to not appear at the court because the Qazi’s are taking over.

The following is taken from bloomberg:

By James Rupert

March 17 (Bloomberg) — Taliban guerillas in Pakistan’s Swat Valley replaced judges appointed by the government with Islamic religious courts, undermining the judiciary hours after the nation’s chief justice won back his job.

The Tehrik-e-Nifaaz Shariat Muhammadi, a militant group, ordered government judges not to show up for work “because we are establishing a true Islamic justice system,” said Amir Izzat Khan, a spokesman. The group is introducing Sharia law in the region as part of a government truce with Taliban fighters.

“As of today, the government courts are closed and all judicial decisions are being made by qazis,” or religious judges, Khan said in a telephone interview from Swat. The establishment of religious courts and law is part of a Feb. 16 peace deal signed by the movement’s leader, Sufi Muhammad, with the government of the North-West Frontier Province.


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