D. Trump promised to capture oil in Muslim countries, if he became U.S. president

WASHINGTON (Arrahmah.com) – Billionaire Donald Trump said he would not hasty withdraw US troops from Iraq if he became US president.

“I would act as in old days. If you go to a war and wins it, the country and its wealth belong to you.

And what do we do? We spent hundreds of billions of dollars on this war, we lost thousands of soldiers, and we are leaving. We need to take the all Iraqi oil. Otherwise, Iran will take it. After that, Iran will capture a few more countries and will to be stronger than ever. The leaders of our country are just stupid”, he said, speaking on Friday in Las Vegas.

Trump promised that he would decide if he participates in the US presidential election late May – early June. He is leading in several polls among the participants of Republican primaries.

According to the billionaire, if there is something he’s interested in Libya, where NATO is conducting military operation against the government, then it is oil.

“I’m interested in Libya if we seize oil”, he said. (KC/arrahmah.com)



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