Family Party Request ABB Case Trial Immediately

SOLO ( – The family requested that the case Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, which allegedly involved with “terrorism” networking immediately brought to trial, and the police should not have to wait for a longer time. If Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir strongly proven to be related crime “terrorism”, then the police did not take long. Police can proof in the trial, son of Ba’asyir, Abdurrohim Ba’asyir, while holding evening prayer concern, at the Mosque Baitussalam, Tipes, Surakarta, Friday (13/8/2010) early days.

According to Abdurrohim, family party has given power of attorney to the Muslim Defenders Team (TPM), to assist in the process of law. However, the family is hoping Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir immediate release, because it does not believe he was involved and it all just slander.

According to him, police said having strong evidence for the involvement of Ba’asyir, with the “terrorism” activity. Also long time arrestment of Ba’asyir, the police also say they have a lot of solid evidence, but they finally freed him. “The police had also said that had strong evidence, but the evidence did not work at trial and finally freed,” he said.

According to him, the police allegedly also not sure about the number of evidence collected over the involvement of Ba’asyir, so that the police treated ustadz different from other. “If indeed Ustadz Ba’asyir guilty convened trial immediately, do not wait them too long. He guilty could be proven in trial later,” he said.

He confessed, has met with Ba’asyir at Police Headquarters in Jakarta, Wednesday (10 / 8), and he is in good condition, only congenital illness that still often relapse the stomach disorders.

According to him, law proceedings against Ustadz Ba’asyir still ongoing, and he go through isolation of at Police Headquarters. In fact, Ustadz Abu can not be met by the guests. “Ustadz Abu is not allowed to Prayer in congregation, but he is only allowed in prison,” he said.

However, the family has requested that the doctors team from the police force to monitor Ustadz Abu disease . Ustadz in prison are still fasting and prayer at 1:00 am. According to him, Ustadz Abu did not give a special message to his family. Only, Ba’asyir said that his family patience and left the message to taking care Umi or Aisyah Baraja (Ba’asyir’s wife) because of her health is often disrupted. (Rep /

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