Great hopes Lies in the hand of, the Largest Muslim Social Networking Website, by Muslims People

Jakarta (Arrahmah.Com) – Amazingly responded well by communities in cyberworld, an Islamic social networking made by Arrahmah Media, NahnuMuslim, has been getting widely approval with more than 4000 members joined in just matter of days. Although initially this website has not been ready in terms of facilities and infrastructural; however Alhamdulillah the interest by public has energized us to developing and improving the website more to improve the joy and the comfort of the members.

A recent testimonial made by member by the name of ‘Abu Zahra’ has commented, “Oh Allah, may NahnuMuslim have more members than FB……” is one out of many comments made by members that wanted NahnuMuslim to be the forefront of Social Networking Communities based website to fight against the conceited social networking website created by the Jews, Facebook, that “seemed” dominating the world. Other than ‘Abu Zahra’, another member has also commented, “Hopefully, NahnuMuslim becomes better and if it is possible, and differentiate itself than FB and Twitter by adding more contents and updated features.

Moreover, it has gladdened us that the hopes put on us for NahnuMuslim are so enormous that they wanted us to become the largest social networking website which can unite all the Muslims in the world without any boundaries. With this kind of expectation, will continue to make more improvements and developments as as of today currently still in experimental stage. And, hopefully in near the future insyaallah additional futures such as note, chat, hadith search engine, halal information and others will be added into NahnuMuslim.

NahnuMuslim strive to unify the Islamic brotherhood, improving knowledge and deeds, and the sense of mutual belonging among fellow Muslims. Thus, it is not just about regular status updates that we seek, but the inspiration for the depressed, sooth for sorrow, from light to darkness, insyaallah.

We will create NahnuMuslim as a place for discussion for the Muslims throughout the world, no matter how old they are, or how young as long everyone share mutual love towards Allah.

Similarly, we hope that the tagline we chose ‘The Largest Muslim Social Network’ can be proven not just about tagline, however more like wonderful dream for the Glory of Islam and Ummah.

Lastly, we, as the administrator of Arrahmah Media and NahnuMuslim would like to say our utmost appreciation and thanks for Islamic medias, and whom they have been outstanding by spreading the words and information regarding NahnuMuslim. We hope this beautiful collaboration will continue, and in the future we shall become partner who strengthening each other, and our pray towards Allah for other Islamic medias to consolidate and to corroborate with one another, insyaallah. [Abu Muhammad/haninmazaya/]


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