NahnuMuslim, Islamic Social Networking Sites Created by Ar Rahmah Media, coloring the cyber world!

Jakarta ( – After long enough jump in to the world of publicity with the presence of Islamic news site,, Ar Rahmah Media Network now start reaching social networking, different with other social networking from existing ones, Ar Rahmah Media tries to bring Islamic social networking site with the address

This social networking site has been actively started yesterday (02/09/2010), but until now still in the experimental stage, Insya Allah in the future this site will be more perfect and much better than today. It just launched for two days, a welcome from the public was extraordinary, even many very curious. According to our monitoring, currently has more than 300 people who register in this Islamic social networking site.

Nahnu Muslim derived from Arabic which means “We Are Muslims” in English, or “Kami Muslim” in Indonesian. The choice of this address, according to Ar Rahmah Media because it was considered appropriate to represent what is in it. Why nahnumuslim? Perhaps many who imitate social networking like facebook, and even make a little similar to the name. But this is a new color of social networking in the Muslim world. Ar Rahmah Media wants to bring the Muslims to be more concerned with other Muslim brothers and sisters, not only asked the news, but other and share knowledge.

Nahnumuslim systems are now used to be very simple or known by the term micro-blogging.

This site will become a place for the Muslim ummah everywhere to share the information, experiences, also can be a place for the spread of Islamic da’wah. initially represents the ideals and dreams of leaders and owners of Ar Rahmah Media, Muhammad Jibiel Abdul Rahman – may Allah always protect him – which has now been realized. Although the leader of Ar Rahmah Media is undergoing in prison for convicted by judges at the South Jakarta District Court on charges of hiding information and assist acts of “terrorism” a few months ago which accusations can not be proven at the court, but the spirit to do jihad of Jibriel through cyber media extremely high. All the accusations which addressed to Muhammad Jibriel extremely lie held and none proven. is pure ideas and concepts are considered by Muhammad Jibriel, and the realization assisted by qualified personnel who are also programmers, namely Akhi Fadly, may Allah continually reinforcing it.

So, would may compete with the social networking site like Facebook? Wallahualam! (Haninmazaya/malika/

Translate by: Sofia Firdausi / English Section


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