HSM Press: Mujahideen killed 74 Ethiopian invader troops and more than 100 were injured in the battle of Yurkud

SOMALIA (Arrahmah.com) – Allahu Akbar!  Heavy battle in the town of Yurkud, Gedo region, Somalia, between Al-Shabaab Mujahideen and the Ethiopian invader troops have caused the death of large numbers from the ranks of the Ethiopian invaders. 

Early morning, the Mujahideen launched an attack on the invaders base in Yurkud, 40km from the town of Luuq, Gedo region. 

Mujahideen commanders who were in the field of battle in Yurqud confirmed that 74 ivaders troops were killed and  more than 100 others were injured, Saturday (10/03/2012), quoted from HSMPress

In the midst of battle, the weak invaders to ask for help because to the others troops because overwhelmed by Mujahideen attack, but on the side of the road vehicle suddenly were attacked and destroyed by the Mujahideen, then they began to retreat. 

In addition, the Mujahideen got a lot of Ghanimah (spoils of war). More than 115 weapons, including rifles and ammunition types AA, RPG, Dhshk, PKM, AK47, and sniper Rifles seized from enemy.

Commander also reported that five Mujahideen were Shaheed (insha Allah) in the fighting and 15 others were injured. May Allah accept all deeds of Mujahideen, Aameen. (Siraaj / arrahmah.com)


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