Judge me on my merits

With the end of the year 2011 A.D., most of the international media, research centers and the governments of the modern world, as ever, came up their own statistics, analysis  and surveys of gains and losses in the Afghan war and overall situation in the war-torn country.

Ironically, the reports by mainstream media, as always, have shown the progress and improvement made by the western invaders in Afghan war throughout the year 2011 which is extremely ridiculous. In fact, since the US invasion of Afghanistan, the human and martial losses of Americans have dramatically increased with every passing year; as matter of fact, each year has proved more fatal and deadlier than earlier one for the US invaders so far who have, politically, been faced with the world ridicule and greatest embarrassment, but when it comes to the analysis and assessment of the situation and the end result, the US has always tried to get the credit it never deserved and falsely claimed its success on the ground and improvement in the conditions which have never materialized.

The mainstream news media, with the massive bias on its part, regardless of facts and justifications, reports that this year, by contrast, has ended with fewer U.S. casualties than in 2010 in Afghanistan, stating what the US spokesmen and its coverage have one-sidedly published which is not confirmed by any independent source.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in order to offer a succinct clarification of the previous year’s general condition, and the surveys conducted by the mainstream news media and the statistics and figures given by it, hereby, would like to give a brief review of what happened last year and how Jahidic situation across the country was so that the readers should get the overall picture of the country’s real condition and Jihadic activities.

Let us take ‘Wardag province’ for example which gets extra attention due to its proximity with Kabul and which, according to the invaders, is of average population and area. In fact, The US invaders and the puppet regime, fearing the presence of Mujahideen in the very province and its nearness with the capital, have built several military posts, outposts and bases in different part of it, and kept mounting air and ground operations.

In spite the U.S. excessive use of force, Mujahideen’s activities in the year 2011 were largely successful and promising in this province.

Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have achieved more significant and unprecedented   gains and success throughout the year in Wardag province since the Operation Badr was launched in April, 2011, according to the reports given to al-Emarah website.

Over the mentioned period of time, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate conducted 650 face to face battles and hundreds of bomb attacks against enemy in Wardag province that resulted in heavy losses to the enemy which are put statically as follows:

Armored tanks damaged, (43)

Supply/ transportation trucks burned down, (163)

Supply/ transportation truck damaged, (248)

Military vehicles destroyed, (140)

Invaders’ forces for ground offensives killed,  (855)

Puppets (Afghan National Army/Police) killed, (821)

Invaders’ forces wounded/injured, (205)

Puppets (ANA/ANP) wounded/injured, (248)

Total invaders/puppets wounded, (453)

If, total enemies killed, divided by our martyrs then each martyr has to get 14.96 of enemies killed, in other words, there will be 14 enemies and 96 pieces of their bodies in exchange of a single martyr.

Total civilians martyred, (48)

Total enemy’s raid conducted, (67)

Meanwhile, as a result of the US massive airstrikes and their brutalities, 11 civilians” homes and 2 madrasas (religious institution/seminary) with a library were destroyed, whereas a Masjid (mosque) got martyred (destroyed) and 10 vehicles of civilians were burned down.

Apart from the extensive gains and progress achieved, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate carried out some high-profile operations in Wardag province three of which, the launch of successful martyr attacks on the main US army bases and their military convoy in Dashti Toup and Syedabad district, and the shoot-down of the US Chinook helicopter in the same district that killed and injured hundreds of the US invaders, are noteworthy.

Comparing the Jihadic activities of 2010 with 2011 may reveal stunningly illustrious and immense progress on the ground by Mujahideen, making 2011 the deadliest year that ended in tears for the US invaders.

As for the international mainstream media and analytical and research centers’ turning a blind eye to the facts, it is least of our concern; however, one should be judged on one’s merits, that is, the facts should be surfaced which may set the account straight. On the other hand, the unusual change and decline in the stance of the U.S. disclose that it is face to face with defeat and has achieved nothing.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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