Kazakh Mujahideen report about fighting in southern Kazakhstan

Jund al Khilafah, or Soldiers of the Caliphate, the Kazakh Mujahideen group based in Kazakhstan, as well as in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal areas, claimed responsibility for a clash that occurred in southern Kazakhstan on December 3, reported The Long War Journal.

The Mujahideen confirmed that 5 Mujahideen had martyred (Insha’Allah) during the battle with Nazarbayev’s puppet forces in the village of Boraldai.

It is to be recalled that the puppets clashed in a battle with a Kazakh Mujahideen unit in the village of Boraldai on December 3. According to puppets’ version, two minion thugs were killed and 5 Mujahideen martyred. 
The clash lasted all day and night till 11:50 pm. The Nazarbayev’s puppets said that this group of the Mujahideen supposedly eliminated on 2 puppet thugs in the city of Almaty on November 8 .

“On Saturday, the third of December … the apostate forces of the Nazarbayev regime attacked a headquarters where five of the lions of the al Zahir Baibars Battalion were gathered from Jund al Khilafah, may Allah grant them glory, in the village of Boraldai.

Then, the attacking forces surprised the lions of Islam, and the heroes stood to them while demonstrating patience, anticipating the divine reward, being certain of Allah’s promise, and longing to meet Him.

They sent two of them to their ominous fate and killed them…”, said the statement by the Islamic brigades. 
Jund al Khilafah also emphasized it was “ready to be killed in the thousands in order to support this religion, and losing our lives in a cheap price that we offer for this cause”, and threatened Russia for calling for “repression of the Kazakh people”. 

Earlier, the Mujahedeen warned in their official statement the Nazarbayev’s puppets of Russia and his regime would face severe consequences for adopting laws on “religious activities”, according to which Muslims are forbidden to perform the required prayers in state institutions.

“We urge you to abolish these laws, and want you to apologize to the people for this error, and we demand that you give complete freedom to Muslims to practice their religion. If you do not meet our demands, we’ll take appropriate action”, the statement of the Islamic Brigade said. 
3 days later, two explosions rocked near a Nazarbayev’s administration building in the city of Atyrau. The Mujahideen of Jund al-Khilafah took credit for them. 

After the first statement of Jund al-Khilafah’s appeal, a puppet “mufti of Kazakhstan” Absattar Derbisali said that Nazarbayev’s puppets “did’t need to take these threats seriously”. Time showed that the “mufti” had made a serious mistake.

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