Long Journey of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir in Conspiracy flows

Month of August for Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and family, it should be such a historic month. It because, later on August 17, he’s age turn to 72 years old. This son of Abu Bakar Abud indeed being record born on August 17, 1938 at Jombang, East Java.

Nevertheless, quite in month of August, Leader of Al-Mukmin Ngruki Boarding School that usually called Ustadz Abu having a less humane treatment from the police. On the way home after gave a lecture in a masjid around Bandung, Ustadz Abu and the group including his wife being stopped and under arrest by Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88). Doesn’t bear responsibility, allegation which addressed to this Anshorut Tauhid Leader is Idea Maker and terrorism donors in Indonesia.

“He is not the person in sought for any cases. Why being under arrest in the middle of road, not at home with most virtuous way” said Abdurrahim, head of dakwah field Anshorut Tauhid who also son of Ustadz Abu.

About dealing with apparatus party in related with his Islamic activities, arrestment in Ciamis indeed not a new thing. Can be told, former leader of Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, leader of Students Islamic Dakwah Institute, leader of Indonesian Islamic Youth Movement had experiences with lots of dramatic arrestment.

Approximately ten years a go after after establishing Al-Mukmin Ngruki Boarding School together with Abdullah Sungkar, Yoyo Roswadi, Abdul Qohar H. Daeng Matase and Abdllah Baraja, in year of 1983, Ustadz Abu and Abdullah Sungkar have been arrested by New Order regime with allegation against sole basis of Pancasila. At that time, America indeed yet not campaigning war against Islamic terrorism. At court, both of them convicted 9 years imprisoned.

On February 1985, when both were undergoing house arrest, Ustadz Abu and Abdullah Sungkar ’move’ to Malaysia through land routes through North Sumatra. Around 14 years, Ustadz who also former student of Gontor Boarding School live in Malaysia. During the teenage years, Ustadz Abu didn’t silence enjoy the comfort in foreign countries. Precisely, while in Malaysia’s, former activist of Muslim Students Association were doing Islamic dakwah around Malaysia and Singapore. Numbers of taklim assembly formed because efforts dakwah of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

In one side, dakwah progress in Malaysia to increase its own for Abu Bakar Ba’asyir. But in other side, enemy to be face is no longer Soeharto and his New Order regime, but a country with hungry of power called America. Perhaps, without realizing by Ustadz Abu, major scenarios are being designed to entrap him at case which no longer in one level with sole basis of Pancasila.

Couple of months after return from Malaysia, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir chosen become Indonesian Mujahidin Council Amir or MMI.

Among the MMI founders are Irfan Suryahardi, Deliar Noer, Syahirul Alim, Mursalin Dahlan, and Mawardi Noor. Not even a little bit reflected in rules of MMI justifying committing acts of terrorism. On first Congress MMI in Yogya, has seen that MMI wanted to make dakwah progress in constitutional way together with the whole elements in Indonesia.

Efforts that had been made by this Mujahidin Council will always in corridor constitution of Indonesian Republic. As stated by Sobarin Syakur, Secretary of Lajnah Tanfidziya, “Mujahin Council will always continues dakwah and fight for upholding the ideals of Islamic Shari’a in constitutionally”. Still connected with this, moreover in Second Congress of Mujahidin at Donohudan affirmed that Mujahidin refuse acts of terrorism are contrary to Islamic Shari’a, whether committed by individuals or groups.

Its interesting that, MMI adjust a membership form which can be entered by any Islamic movement and having international characteristic. Whereas, requirements and selection of membership is not sufficient enough to filter where members really want to doing dakwah and which wants to destroy it from within the MMI.

After blasting WTC incident on September 11, 2001, America campaigning war against terrorism which in other langue, according to Syaikh Said Ramadhan Al-Buthy, is war against Islamic mobility. Then start new terms appear which very strange in historical of Islamic mobility journey’s. Which are, Al-Qaedah and Jamaah Islamiah (JI). Its not surprised, because those two-term voiced by America Medias.

At the beginning year of 2002, Indonesian government through minister of law and human rights, Yusril Ihza Mahendra, make such a clarification of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir case in New Order regime. Since then, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir old case have been done.

Unfortunately, the status which no more had cases in legal matters from Abu Bakar Ba’asyir did not last long. On September 2002, TIME Magazine, write news with title Confessions of an Al Qaeda Terrorist whereas written that Abu Bakar Ba’asyir referred as a blasting planner of Istiqlal Mosque. TIME Magazine guessing Ba’asyir as part of international terrorism network which operate in Indonesia. TIME magazine quoting from CIA document, its written that spiritual leader of Jamaah Islamiyah Abu Bakar Ba’asyir “get in involved in any of plot”

This is according to Umar Al-Faruq confession, a 31 years old young man citizen Yamane who arrested in Bogor June 2002 and have been sent to air base in Bagram, Afghanistan, occupied by America. After couple of months in silence, at the end Al-Faruq pull out a shocking confession to CIA . Not just admit as operator of Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia, he also admit having close relationship with Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

According to various intelligence reports that combine with TIME magazine investigation, even Ba’asyir is spiritual leader group of Jamaah Islamiyah who aspire to form Islamic country in Southeast Asia. Ba’asyir who also being allegation to supply peoples supporting Faruq action. Ba’asyir called as person behind blasting bomb in Istiqlal Mosque on 1999. In September 23 edition of the magazine, Al Faruq also recognize the involvement as idea maker from blasting bomb series, December 24, 2000.

At that time, Abu Bakar ba’asyir asked America government to bring Al Faruq to Indonesia to give a statement as alleged in that CIA document. Unfortunately, until now, people named Al Faruq its like darkness swallowed by the earth.

Not yet ended, TIME Magazine case, on October 2002, Bali bomb are shocking home country. This refreshing back in to public about allegation in TIME Magazine which called that Abu Bakar Ba’asyir as a leader Jamaah Islamiah in Southeast Asia.

So then in October 2002 became the days that was so busy and troublesome to Abu Bakar Ba’asyir. In October 14, 2002, Ba’asyir held press conference at Al-Mukmin Boarding School, Solo. In that press conference he said that blasting incident in Bali is America efforts to prove their allegation during time that Indonesia is the terrorist nest.

Three days afterAbu Bakar Ba’asyir statement, Police Headquarters has sent summons as a suspect to the leader of Indonesia Mujahidin Council Abu Bakar Ba’asyir. But then Ba’asyir not meet the call of Police Headquarters to give information about defamation by TIME magazine.

At the end, on October 18, 2002, Ba’asyir had been set as suspected by Indonesia Police following recognition from Omar Al Faruq to Police Headquarters Team in Afghanistan also as one of perpetrators of bombardment suspect in Bali. And on March 3, 2005, Ba’asyir convict of bomb attack conspiracy on 2002, but not guilty for the allegation related with bomb on 2003. He was convicted for 2.6 years in prison.

Back to organizational body of Mujahidin Indonesia Council (MMI). It s a shocking news at the beginning year of MMI establishment. MMI have been entered with national intelligence party, and being in charge in Lajnah Tanfidziyah field of Mujahid relationship. Has been known one person has been infiltrated in body of MMI related associated with loss of this “person In charge” without knowing after Bali bomb case, October 2002. After being investigated, being in search, finally known that Mr. X, fact he is a police officer. But then because of MMI never ever have will to perform rebellion then those infiltration is not considered to be taken seriously. Because MMI activity its only activity studies.

Is it true that Jamaah Islamiyah indeed exist and being part from Al Qaedah networking? Political observers from LIPI, Alfitra Salam, Phd, even affected the terms of JI which the truth its just intelligence invention Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad. (Alfitra Salam interview with Metro TV in 2002)

According to Alfitra, if the organization (JI) is solid organization, surely we have to know who give the name, who is the founder, who is peoples become members. I see no clear. Who gave that name. Because, in the discourse of the press in Malaysia, which gave the name of it is Malaysia’s own papers. And this is already contaminated.

Formers of Head of State Intelligence Coordinating Agency, Letjen (Purn) ZA Mulani, in his book called “Basics intelligence (Dasar-dasar Intelijen)” on 2006, explain that there is a definite relationship occurred foreign intelligence operations in Indonesia in connection with the negative stigmatization of Islam.

Increasing foreign intelligence operations, especially the Western intelligence in Indonesia, seen with the emergence of black propaganda on the internet site TIME.com edition of 17 September 2002, which lowered interesting news about Omar al-Farouq, as the beginning of systemic intelligence operation to change Indonesia not again become “the weakest chain in Asia Pacific within the framework of efforts to combat international terrorism network.”

Ammunition is about the presence of fundamentalist Islamic movement that is driven by an organization, Jama’ah Islamiyah, the fundamentalist Muslim movement by citizens of Indonesia to establish a “super-state” Islam in Southeast Asia.

The ultimate goal of this intelligence campaign is to control the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Anti-terrorism campaign of the United States in Indonesia entirely based only on the recognition of Al-Farouq was quickly followed by statements which is hitting Indonesia from the American proxies, such as the “sheriff’s America” John Howard from Australia, “spokesman” of Singapore’s Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew , who accused through the Far Eastern Economic Review Hong Kong magazine, that there were “hundreds of radical Islamic movements in Indonesia that has potential as a terrorist organization.” Statement of Lee Kuan Yew was offended all civil society organizations (organizations) of Islam in Indonesia is a terrorist organization.

The arrest of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir before the holy month of Ramadan would have the effect of Muslims physiologies who was aggressively rehabilitate the morality of nations in this blessed moment. And probably would have made own value to Ustadz Abu, in the days before he is in age-72.


Original Source by Eramuslim.com (Indonesian language)

Transate by Myselfme, Arrahmah.Com English Section


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