Massacre of Muslims on Freedom Flotilla will have 'limited impact on the situation'

GAZA ( – A very predictable routine has followed after a demonstrative massacre of Muslims committed by Jews in the neutral waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey has demanded the convocation of the UN Security Council, which, of course, urgently convened. A “compromise resolution condemning Israel” was adopted after 12 hours of discussions.

The same resolution calls for “an independent investigation into the events”. And UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon has even allowed himself to announce that “he is in a state of shock over what happened”.

The EU has also issued its resolution, which, as usual, “condemns the disproportionate use of force in intercepting the Freedom Flotilla”.

The United States expressed “concern” and proposed to its friends in Tel Aviv “to conduct a thorough investigation into what happened”. In other words, the killers are asked to make investigation into the murder committed by them themselves.

The very public massacre perpetrated by the Zionists on live, Western propaganda calls everything possible but not massacre, not murder, not a crime.

A piratical capture of the flotilla is called “an interception”, and a massacre and the execution is called “a tragic incident” and “disproportionate use of force”.

“Israel” is also in its usual vein. All is not as it shown on the screens of television channels around the world. Do not believe your eyes, just look at the Jewish video shot from a combat helicopter quietly hung over the ship.

It turns out that the soldiers did not attack the ship at all. Armed to the teeth “marine special forces” peacefully parachuted and boarded a Turkish ferry, shooting as a warning. However, despite the clear demonstration of peace-loving Jews, the terrorists, hiding on the ship under guise of human rights defenders, attacked the soldiers, who were forced to defend themselves.

The very “flotilla of peace” was not peaceful, but armed to the teeth – with fists, knives, sharpened metal pins and armature. This entire arsenal has been used against innocent Jewish soldiers, who simply wanted to “peacefully intercept the flotilla”. Ah, yes, there were also 2 pistols, “taken from the soldiers”.

Now let’s talk about the consequences. Here is, too, nothing new. As Russian press writes “most experts believe that, despite the loud resonance, the story with the convoy will have a limited impact on the situation in the Middle East”.

Of course, it is incorrect to argue that there would not be any impact at all. They already have. For example, Turkey has canceled a football match with the youth team of “Israel”, and most likely in the next 5 years the Turks will not be playing football with the Jews.

Arab League meets in an emergency meeting on the results of which there will be a resolution adopted, and probably sharper than the UN Security Council one. And how could it be otherwise, since adopting stern resolution is instituted in the LAS. It is well known that paper doesn’t blush!

Yes, I almost forgot. There will be more numerous protests. Nothing is happen without them, and will almost certainly be declared “a boycott of Israeli goods”.

What else? If I forgot something, everyone can add from them. The Islamic Community is weak today. Muslims continue to persistently complain and condemn, protest and cry out for justice and it will continue until then, until the Community will not return to its religion.

Muslims will be in humiliation until long as they apply to the courts of infidels and seek protection from the so-called “international community” instead turn to Sharia of Allah, which obliges every Muslim of 1.5-billion Ummah (community) to release, finally, the tails of their cows and raise the banner of Jihad.

And then, instead of Freedom Flotilla there will be War Flotilla sent to the shores of occupied by the enemy Palestine and the holy Al-Aqsa.

For now, the infidels built a concentration camp in the port of Ashdod for “filtering” participants of humanitarian campaign and simultaneously announced that they are ready to repeat “the operation on capture of the ships”.

Source :Kavkaz Center


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