Medvedev flies abroad during demonstrations. Special plane prepared for Putin

According to media outlets, Putin’s favorite Medvedev suddenly, without any prelude, decided to go with a trip to the Czech Republic on 7-8 December to meet with Czech President Vaclav Klaus and Prime Minister Petr Necas.

During the empty and meaningless voyage Medvedev will chat with Klaus about the “trade and economic and investment cooperation between the two countries” and the “promotion of the projects in energy, transport, scientific and technical fields”.

Previously it was known about the possible escape of sweet couple of the Putin-Medvedev from the country. According to this information, the government squadron of Putin has received an urgent order to keep the planes of Medvedev and Putin in constant readiness for departure. The destination is not specified.

It has been also ordered to prepare the cargo overboard to export “special cargo” apparently with stolen cash, gold and diamonds. Sources attribute this instruction with the unrest in downtown Moscow, which potentially in the next few days can grow and lead to a revolution.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Kasyanov told the Moscow correspondent of Christian Science Monitor about the beginning of the end of the hated thievish KGB regime of Putin. According to him, Putin has virtually disappeared from public view:

“Former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, co-leader of the liberal PARNAS, which was banned from taking part in elections, says that Putin has virtually disappeared from public view as the protests have spread.

“Putin is not taking this as a lesson. He needs to move to engage with the opposition, seek dialogue and compromise, but he is not doing it”, says Kasyanov, who was Putin’s prime minister during his first term as president.

“What has happened this week is the beginning of the end for the Putin regime. Yes, he will probably be elected (in polls slated for March) but there will be more fraud, more protests, and public cynicism will grow…”, he says”.


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