More than 500 American Somalis go to wage jihad in their homeland

Surely they would show this same zeal and alacrity if their host country, the U.S.A., needed them to serve in the military — you know, to fend off, say, another terrorist attack? More on this story.”US-Muslims youth join Jihad in Somalia,” by Abdi Hassan for the Jerusalem Post, February 17:

Dozens of muslims children have left the United States in secret to join the Islamist fight against the foreign forces in Somalia.

The largest group comes from Somali families in Minneapolis and Minnesota.[…]

Land of Vikings and Somali jihadists.

Abdinur Hussein, a Somali national who lives in Minnesota, the state with the largest Somali community in the U.S., believes that more than 500 youths might have gone to Somalia to fight alongside Islamist rebels.

However, some Somali parents in the US consider reports of children leaving for Somalia to fight a jihad are exaggerated.


Fos ‘Ali is a mother of eight, who says she does not believe these reports are accurate, as she hears them only from some American Somalis. […]

The mosques’ leaders regularly receive calls accusing them of pushing the disappeared children into joining Islamist fighters in Somalia. Most of the accusations have been directed at the Abubakar Alsiddiq mosque in Minneapolis.

Speaking at a news conference at the mosque, imam Sheikh Abdirahman Ahmed told thousands of Somalis and their American neighbors that the accusations were baseless and it was shameful to accuse the imams of recruiting children to fight in Somalia.

Right. Because that’s never happened before.

“We teach people religion in our mosque, but it has nothing to do with what these people are framing us for doing,” Ahmed said…

And waging a Somali-jihad against kuffar — be they Somali apostates or Ethiopian infidels — is not part of the “religion” you teach? Sure.



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