Muhammad Rafiq, rohingya Muslim: where will we live? while our rights have deprived

( – From his motherland, Arakan, Muhammad Rafiq and others Rohingya Muslim docked in Bangladesh. Then they sailed to Thailand. Now, Muhammad Rafiq is in Indonesia. Why he was out from Arakan? Why he was moved from Bangladesh to Thailand and now in Indonesia? The answers as follows, interview with Muhammad Rafiq.

How can you arrive in Indonesia?

We set out to flee to Bangladesh by boat. A month in there, we considered as illegal, chased by Bangladesh military and some of us were arrested and ordered to back to the Arakan.

Then we went to Thailand, live for one year in Pattani. The situation in there doesn’t condusif. In there, we also asked to help go along with boat toward Tanjung Pinang, Malaysia. We took eight days to sailed to Tanjung Pinang until we arrived in Medan,Indonesia.

With whom you went to Indonesia?

I went rode the boat belongs to Thailand, I was together with my two daughters and my wife and my brother.

What you experienced in Arakan?

In Arakan, the most thing we experienced, it was with threat our rights deprived by them (Moghs and security forces -). Because of their savages, thousands people were (Muslims) killed, shot. It have been 20.000 people-our brothers were killed-, 7000 houses were burnt down, and 36 Masjid were destroyed by them.

when we were sleeping, they came entered our homes, forcely looted our foods and seek whatever they can take from us. After that, they kidnapped men in our homes, from 12 years until 25 years. Blindedfolded, tied up, and then taken away.

How about the fate of Rohingya Muslim women?

Every houses that have 2 or 3 women from the age of 12 years old, that we considered them as still little girls, they were stripped of, kidnapped and taken away and raped by them. Our women who were pregnant force to give birth with a very cruel treatment.

Does the security of Rohingya Muslim were maintained?

Does not at all, we are not considered as Myanmar citizens. As result, our security does not maintained.

Who is the perpetrator of this massacre?

The perpetrators are Myanmar Buddhists, Monks who supported by their military.

Did you made a resistance?

We fought them back, but we were helpless (weak), they were backed by military, and they used weapons. But we just used sharp tools and wooden. If we killed two Buddhists, they will slaughter us, and they killed 200 from us. Our Scholars were many, and they called to Jihad, but they were also killed.

What the world has done for Rohingya?

The world has done nothing for us, none of the countries that want to help us. They just hold the conferences, after that, the story ended, they go home and forget about us. Rohingya is unthinkable.

From 57 Muslim countries, none of them can help Rohingyas. They assume us that we are not their business. We can not stand it anymore, we ran and we shot. No one helped us.

Rohingya Muslims accused as rebels, what is your opinion?

That is not true, we fought them back to defend our rights that deprived by them. Now, where will we live? While our all rights have deprived.



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