"My Son Tortured In Front of Gories Mere"

Islamic Voice interview with the Deputy of Amir Mujahidin Council Ustadz Abu Jibril :

If it was in the New Order era appears the name of General (TNI) Leonardus Benny Moerdani as leaders of Islamic activists slayer, now re-emerged name Komjen (Pol) Gories Mere as a killer of Islamic activists who slandered as terrorists.

Both General of the army and that police have much in common. Both are equally fanatical Catholic Christian fundamentalists, intelligence background, hating Islam, eager to finish off the Islamic activists, engineers terrorism. If in the New Order era deliberately Jihad Commando, Warman Terror, Woyla gangs and others : now made the term terrorist.

Overall it was meant to create a negative stigma against Islam and Muslims of Indonesia. Whereas all of that intentionally created by regime to discredit the Muslims continuously so that  becomes weak and finally easy to control. Instead hordes of fundamentalist Christians and Catholic zealots continue to grow rapidly and eventually ruling in Indonesia. If there was Benny Moerdani, now appears Gories Mere.

Here is an interview Abdul Halim and photographer Fouad al Faroeq from Suara Islam Tabloid with the Deputy of Amir Mujahidin Council Ustadz Abu Jibril, lunge kick around Gories Mere all this time discrediting Islam and Indonesian Muslims.

Komjen (Pol) Gories Mere was still leading the Detachment 88, as revealed when the arrest Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and the incidence of Medan’s Polonia Airport with the TNI-AU. How do you comment?

I go back to the history. In the past when the New Order era, young people active in the movement to establish Islamic rule of the Youth Association Mosque in Jogjakarta that I lead itself, then became National Youth Mosque Communication all over Indonesian (BKPRMI), which is a combination of youth and teen mosque who have insight into how enforcement of Islamic law in Indonesia.

In the beginning was the international Crusaders movement, starting from the announcement of a modern Crusade in 2001 and then by U.S. President George W Bush after the incident 11 / 9, called the Global War on Terrorism (GWoT). Actually at that time was characterized by Australian Foreign Minister who can be called as a terrorist. The character is a cleric who always speak of Islamic law and the caliphate which enforced by da’wah and jihad and reject democracy. They are always dressed islamic shirt or robe, wearing a turban, beard, his wife wearing great robes and veils. If this investigation leads to all Muslims. This is what they call a terrorist.

Yet according to Vice President Hamzah Haz at the time, there are no terrorists in Indonesia. But after SBY became president, the terrorist stigma that is attached to the Muslims became very popular. SBY many involved in the imposition of a negative stigma to these Muslims. Even during the 10 years since SBY became Menkopolkam until President, the term terrorist in Indonesia is very famous. Those who were rounded up on orders so far reached 530. While those who were killed either in the execution of the Court or a direct shot on the streets about 40 people. While the most prominent role in their hunt for alleged terrorists are Gories Mere. Although his duties as head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), but still feel the need to hunt down terrorists.

It has been known that SBY accomplice of the most beloved U.S. in Indonesia. He deliberately picked people who could help his job such as Gories Mere. Because the U.S. Christian majority Crusaders, of course there is an agreement that the development of Christians in Indonesia to walk rapidly. So whatever the Christian movement is always running smoothly. Although a minority, they dare to slaughter Muslims in Ambon and Poso, including the massacre of 500 students Ponpes Walisongo in Poso (2001). What if they were the majority, we can not imagine the cruelty. During this time they never get pressure from the government as it always experienced by Muslims. Because the ruling is SBY and his executioner is Gories Mere. During these most busy people taking care of terrorists are Gories Mere. He is everywhere, like when the arrests, killings, shootings, including when he caught my son Muhammad Jibril. There were Gories Mere when Muhammad Jibril tortured by his people.

Why all this time Gories Mere name never appeared in any anti-terrorist operation?

That is why its surprising, why not name of Gories Mere never appear, this is we need to questioned. When the massacre happened everywhere, why his name survived only. Recently showed and that also by chance because of the incident with the Air Force at Polonia Airport, Medan. Even dog smart to jumping, surely will fall as well. Perhaps this is the time Gories Mere fallen.

The existence of the rumor, since the arrest of Ustad Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Medan incident, raid, arrests, killings associated with terrorists, Gories Mere must be present there. So all the jolt caused the issue of terrorism in Indonesia, he was the first man. Gories Mere allegedly get a lot of funds in leading the anti-terrorist operation. So Gories Mere was the culprit of torture, arrests, raid, and slaughter the terrorist suspects in Indonesia. Terrorism is a law that legalized taghout authorities to stop and turn off the jihad movement for the enforcement of Islamic Sharia and the Caliphate. Terrorism is a law that legalized to arrest, imprison, kill clerics and the mujahideen.

The news say, you face a three-General at Police Headquarters after the arrest of Muhammad Jibril?

At the time when my son Muhammad Jibril was arrested by Detachment, we are of MMI on August 27, 2009 met three general at Police Headquarters, namely Komjen Susno Duadji (Kabareskrim), Brigadier Saud Nasution (Kadensus) and Inspector General Saleh Saaf. At that time, MMI asked arrest of Jibril on August 25, 2009. I asked to see Jibril, but are not allowed. Then I demanded that the issue of terrorism must be completed in Indonesia. So MMI provides solutions to the government through the police, parliament, the Assembly and the clergy mujahideen to explain what is jihad and terrorism, who are the mujahid versus terrorist. With given this definition or limitation, then the Police through the Detachment will not be arbitrary conduct terrorist massacre and murder suspects. But until now, apparently there has been no response from the Police Headquarters.

At that time I asked to met Jibril, but can only be answered after seven days. I asked Jibril should not be tortured, it was the third General of Police replied with an oath: “By Allah, your son will not be tortured.” Then I said: “If it happens that ther is torture, I pray they are three will be damned. Because you have been vowed never to abuse my son.”

After that I continued to actively call Saud Nasution. On the seventh day, MMI delegation returned to Police Headquarters, it was Muhammad Jibril is on Mako Brimob, Kelapa Dua, Depok. Subhanallah, with Allah willing we can meet Jibril and fact is all parts of his body was swollen all. Apparently during the seven days he gets a barbaric torture. Jibril does not know when torture was where, but it seemed vast and beautiful place, torture was in the basement. Therein Jibril stripped for examination for alleged sodomy. It turns out that surprisingly, involved witness the torture was Gories Mere. Means that ordered the torture is done by Gories Mere and his men. Barbaric acts were carried out to retrieve the data and information from Jibril.

After I saw Jibril battered because of being tortured, when I met Saud Nasution said: “You liar! if a general like you’ve lied, how your subordinates. ” And then AKBP Zamri ever meddle devastated my house after Jibril was arrested by Detachment, is on the side of his boss. Then I threatened to tell on television. Saud Nasution then pleaded not to be told on television.

How many were tortured, but they should not be talking. Only my son Jibril who dare to speak and appeared in the media. When they got to talking, then the sanctions will be finished within the prison. They are all none of them without being tortured, where there is a stripped the nails, electrocuted and so forth. Surprisingly, none of which preach in a newspaper or television. Last we saw Abdullah Sonata, where the two teeth until now been destroyed and replaced with new teeth. So the accused terrorists there were no survivors of torture. Indeed that’s the way they are to extract the data and information, just like the behavior of the Zionist Israeli army against Palestinian prisoners. It was clear they learn from the Jewish soldiers how to torture the prisoners. During this Detachment always shoot suspected terrorists on the grounds they were carrying weapons. Similarly, the Israeli Zionist forces always shoot first, as in the case of the massacre on the ship Mavi Marmara. So in fact the Zionist Israeli army is professor of Detachment 88.

Polonia Airport, Medan incident, was able to unmask Gories Mere who had been hidden?

Yes, so until the last there’s new name emerged Gories Mere after the incident of Medan’s Polonia Airport with the Air Force. If there was no incident, undoubtedly Gories Mere name will still be hidden. Indeed, in leading the operation, Gories Mere known indiscriminately, including against those who perform praying, as experienced of Ustadz Khairul Ghozali in North Sumatra. Where his house was fired at random and Ghazali were dragged and trampled while running the prayers. This is all related to police operations led by Gories Mere. All the prisoners who were arrested must have been tortured, including Ghozali.

The rumors we heard, Gories Mere Ustadz which led directly the operation of Ustadz Abu arrest, was trying to find a name to SBY to become Chief of Police. So never-ending engineering arrest terrorist suspects in Indonesia. All pre-determined time and the target to be captured and tortured by the Detachment.

Why would any U.S. or Australia official to Indonesia, always appears the case of terrorism?

When their bosses from abroad to visit Indonesia, it is always presented with the catch of Islamic activists accused of terrorism.

Lives of the mujahid is remitted to them as gift. When U.S. Secretary Condolizza Rice (2008) and Hillary Clinton (2009) visit to Jakarta there were terrorist shooting. When President Obama wants to Jakarta, there is also a shooting suspected terrorists. Looks like a variety of shooting it has become a prime target and the selected time.

After Dulmatin killed, Ustadz Abu arrested. After that comes Medan incident and the name of Abu Tholut raised. After this is who else will be appointed name. I think this is a great project for funding from overseas, especially U.S. and Australia soon to fall. So Muslims are always used as consumption and expensive commodity. Terrorism is an expensive commodity to be sold to the U.S. and Australia, so Gories Mere became the person. So the real culprit is the issue of terrorism in Indonesia is Gories Mere while the President is SBY. Because since Menkopolkam until President now, SBY were ruling the power. SBY having privilege, always looking for people’s sympathy and dispersive fascination with the issue of terrorism. As the picture terrorist shooting exercises in 2004 and which targeted SBY shoot, it turns out it also displays to the public in 2009 and then in order to get sympathy. And the last SBY asks sympathy for the people on his visit to Bandung, after that Ustadz Abu arrested in Banjar Patroman, West Java.

Police Headquarters BHD once declared terrorists want to establish an Islamic state. How do you respond?

There is a statement by police headquarters terrorist movement wants to establish an Islamic state. According to Police Headquarters, on last August 17, the terrorists plan to disrupt the atmosphere of commemoration of the proclamation by shooting the President and Vice President and other senior state officials. After that the next day they will declare the establishment of an Islamic state in Indonesia. Wow what really great those terrorists! I think that only the threat of Police Headquarters version. With the issues that they tried to bring up names like Syahrir and Syaifuddin Zuhri for later to be killed.

Now after issue of Medan, is made again the issue of terrorists who robbed. Though the robber  looks like people well-built and how to hold the gun was visible professional. Then they attacked Mapolsek Hamparan Perak. On television said the same bullet between the bank robber with Mapolsek attacker, so that they were being hunt. This is the last movement of Gories Mere. This program replaces Benny Moerdani.

The terrorists accused of seeking funds in a way to rob a bank to fai. How do you comment?

That news was not clear. Is it true they say fai, who says it? Because it had experienced before, then raised fai, as noted by the traitor Nasir Abbas. So fai was linked with a robbery. Incidentally arrested a former member MMI of North Sumatra, Marwan who asked to speak on Metro TV. When asked whether familiar with Ustadz Abu, he said he has a bodyguard Ustadz Abu if visit to North Sumatra. Though he had long been fired from MMI. I suspect it would been linked with Ustadz Abu in court later. Marwan only come to MMI if there Ustadz from Java, so it is considered not disciplined and eventually fired.

How do you hope if later Komjen (Pol) Timur Pradopo became police headquarters to replace BHD?

Indeed all this time he done lot communicating with Islamic organizations, all of a sudden he’s become a candidate for police headquarters. Frankly, I am pessimistic, because Dai Bahtiar was appointed to be Police Headquarters to protect SBY, as well as with BHD that also protects SBY. I worry because Timur Prado[o was also appointed by SBY, lest later on he will also protect SBY. Here’s my concern. But I hope, I hope he will side with the Muslims, do not like Gories Mere who massacred Muslims.

I hope Timur Pradopo as police headquarters would be able to disperse Detachment 88. While we now are conducting a judicial review to the Court for Detachment was disbanded. Although the success rate is small, but we’ve tried to disperse the Detachment. But at least Detachment brutality could be prevented, so it can not do the shooting streets arbitrarily in the name of the Anti Terrorism Act. We hope Gories Mere immediately retired if Detachment later disbanded.

Every person in power such as the Police Headquarters, we hope he becomes better with Muslims and disperse Detachment 88, this is the most important. But the more important is that he will be pious man. Allah knows best.

Source : suara-islam.com

Correction inscription on the voice-islam.com :

“That is where Jibril was stripped naked and ordered to perform sodomy even sodomized by the torturers.”

it should been written :

“That is where Jibril was stripped for inspection because of alleged sodomy.”


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