Opposition member: Syrian rebels and Mujahideen may unite under common banner of Jabhat al-Nusrah

SYIRIA (Arrahmah.com) – Syrian Mujahideen are setting up Sharia courts all over the country, BBC News reports. This was confirmed by one of the witnesses, a local woman named Umm Ahmad, who was interviewed by a journalist of BBC News.

BBC News reported that a 22-year-old Umm Ahmad was the first woman to join the protests in Douma, a town on the eastern outskirts of Damascus.

 However, Umm Ahmad does not support the imposing of Sharia in Syria and calls for democracy.

 “We were going out for our call for freedom, democracy and a civil state”, she lighting a cigarette explained to BBC News correspondent.

 She joined the ranks of the Ghouta Revolutionaries brigade, part of the Damascus suburb’s military council of the FSA. It helps the rebels with logistics.

 “I joined the Ghouta Revolutionaries because this brigade doesn’t have a conservative Islamic name, not like the rest of the brigades across the country”, she explained.

 However, according to the Umm Ahmad, one of the most powerful rebel groups is the Islamic Brigade Levant al-Islam:

 “The one that is most powerful and more organized is Levant al-Islam. They are the ones with the biggest funding and more weapons”, she said.

 Levant al-Islam is applying Sharia laws in controlled territories, writes BBC News. Most Syrians support the Mujahideen, but there are those who do not relish the prospect of Islamic rule:

 “They have set up Sharia courts”, says Umm Ahmad with clearly heard discontent.

 “The rebels who refuse to hold the al-Qaeda flag and don’t have an extremist ideology are poorly funded”, the democrat said.

 Meanwhile, the Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman referring to one of the Syrian opposition official that says that the Western countries and their Arab puppets are trying to keep the Free Syrian Army (FSA) under control by channeling millions of dollars to certain favored commanders who have defected from the Assad’s army.

 However, such efforts can backfire against the West.

 “The revolution is going through the most difficult period”, the opposition official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, adding that West attempts to control FSA activities forces the ordinary Muslims fighting under the FSA umbrella against the Alawites only strengthens the major Islamic movements.

 The paper writes that, by providing assistance to individual commanders of FSA, US is working to understand how many supporters of Sharia are fighting in the ranks of the opposition, but these attempts will create a problem for America, as the West ignores the fact that most of the rebels are fighting for Islam.

 “This is why they do not want to be under Western control. The West, in response, is trying to pressure the FSA by cutting finances. There is, on the other side, the Jabhat al-Nusra, which has been inspired by al-Qaeda ideas. If the West continues with its pressure, opposition fighters could shift their allegiance [to the Emir of Jabhat al-Nusrat]”, said the interlocutor of Turkish newspaper.

He called the Western pressure on the FSA “foolish” because most people fighting Assad regime in Syria are religious people.

“They should know that they will not be able to control them by exerting such pressure. By cutting or obstructing financial support, such measures are forcing the FSA fighters to join al-Qaeda”, said the opposition official. (kavkazcenter/arrahmah.com)


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