Orphans Fund, Not For Military Training

Interviews with member of the Muslim Lawyers Team (TPM), Master of Law Achmad Michdan :

Military training in Aceh, which conducted by volunteers who will be dispatched to Gaza to defend against Israeli aggression, it wasn’t training for terrorist. Because their goal is to Gaza, not terrorist activities who wants to bombing here and there. Military training was no different with Menwa training at various universities in Indonesia.

Then its so naive and was impressed to cover existing problems within, when police accused as of terrorist activities to undermine unitary republic of Indonesia. Moreover, to link it with Amir Jamaat Anshorut Tawhid (JAT), Ustad Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, causing the charismatic cleric was arrested.

Moreover arrests made by Densus 88 against Ustad Abu and his followers were very barbaric, absolutely not uphold the norms of ethics and an insult to Pancasila which has always been their pride. Behavior of Densus 88 against Ustad Abu and his followers were no different from the heavily armed thugs who work for scaring peoples.

Here is an interview by Islamic Voice Tabloids with the Chairman of Defenders Team Muslim (TPM), Ahmad Michdan, about accusations of terrorism, addressed to Ustad Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

Allegations against Ustad Abu Bakar Ba’asyir was involved terrorism, how do you think in legally?

Must be proved by law. Do not just through witness testimony that have been imprisoned. Usually they get a physical pressure. If they got a witness, the statement could be doubted. If the accusations against Ustad Abu rely solely on a witness who was imprisoned, it is necessary to doubt its truth. If the police have any evidence on the allegation disclosed only.

I think the military training activities in Aceh is not a terrorism. Moreover, the goal for a volunteer to Gaza Strip. Military training can not be classed as terrorism. Even if there are violations of the law, perhaps only a matter of possession of firearms. If there’s interest must be investigated. Everything will be proven through the court process.

If before the suspects had been tortured during questioning, that mean the police violate human rights?

Yes! obviously it should not be, because we hold the principle of presumption of innocence. Everyone should be treated equally before the law. Coercion to obtain legal counsel, also violated human rights.

Why is to eight person who in the car was also arrested?

I got the information, they would be released on this Saturday (14 / 8).

You were in the media say if Ustad Abu participate finance military training in Aceh?

Absolutely not true. My statement in the mass media have been misinterpreted. Yesterday (Friday, 13 / 8) I had been telling the mass media that have been misinterpreted my statement to be corrected. Because there is no explanation like that from me.

Ustad Abu rejected accusations if JAT has funded military training in Aceh. So the military training had nothing to do with Ustad Abu.

If the police accused the Chairman of JAT Jakarta, Abdul Haris

who funded the training, how do you respond?

Beginning of the emergence of the statement as if my statement was, in fact comes from Abdul Haris description in Daily Kompas which attract other medias to quoted.

They asked if Ustad Abu receive help, I said that basically Ustad Abu receive infaq from people who have extra money to be distributed to peoples who have rights to receive, such as poor, but not in the context of training in Aceh. After receiving infaq, Ustad Abu only distribute to the orphans, not for training in Aceh.

I’ve asked the media to revoke the news. After that many foreign journalists who asked for clarification to me. I reiterate my statement deliberately misinterpreted directly or indirectly. I’ve warned the editor by phone and official letter.

Whether the arrest of Ustad Abu was U.S. orders?

It has been since the first Ustad Abu targeted by U.S. because linked to Al Qaeda. Although no incidents like bomb blasts while the military training have long expired, but Ustad Abu arrested as well. Clearly there are clumsiness, whether have others motivation so that Ustad Abu arrested again. This may be an attempt to divert the issue.

Does the Police expect help fund of U.S and Australia by capturing Ustad Abu?

Indeed, we know that funding assistance to the criminal acts of terrorism are from the U.S. and Australia. It could be because such interests. They are not satisfied, because Ustad Abu was never arrested and they no longer had significant evidence of it.

Whether JAT party has been infiltrated by intelligence?

Intelligence must roam everywhere. Jamaah Anshorut Tawhid (JAT) may not be easily accessible to be infiltrated by intelligence. Indeed it must be observed by JAT, not to be infiltrated and used for intelligence purposes.

Reportedly a former police deserter, Sufyan Tsauri, deliberately infiltrated into JAT by training potential terrorists in Mako Brimob and Aceh. How do you respond?

Terrorist activities in Aceh had to be formally studied who had a suggestion about it, who facilitated the training, how they can come to Aceh and so forth. That should get attention from Police Headquarters. If there are JAT members who conduct military training, Ustad Abu can not be faulted.

Do Ustad Abu arrest will pervade to other Islamic leaders?

I don’t think so! If the evidence which have by police on Ustad Abu already strong, why not just called and questioned as well in appropriate way. Why should be blocked in the middle of the road like that especially by breaking the windshield. Police have made arbitrary judicial action by treating Ustad Abu such a rude and hurtful way. Though Ustad Abu is a scholar who must be respected.

Whether TPM will do an all-out advocacy against Ustad Abu?

We will defend optimally. We will search Aceh data to uncovered for the next trial. Had many lawyers asking to joined and contacted me. We do not want to be infiltrated by intelligence and we must always be watchful. (Abdul Halim)

Source: http://www.suara-islam.com/news/berita/wawancara/1095–dana-anak-yatim-bukan-untuk-pelatihan-militer

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