Police, don’t get feel great! (Why the police are so afraid of a site??)

After Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir arrested which drawn criticism from various parties, including terrorism analysts who assess it as something that forced, criticism flow back into the body of the institution following the police request to Department of Communication and Informatics to close the support site for the elderly cleric.

“We asked ministry who have authority if they could block or to find out who these annoying people,” said Head of Public Information of Police Headquarters, Kombes Pol Marwoto Soeto to detikcom, on Monday (8/23/2010).

Even according to Waspada Online, “Leaders of Police Headquarters, especially the National Police Chief Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri, lately, not just asking openly to block supporters sites of Ba’asyir, also ordered to the mass media to discontinue reporting on certain issues. Several issues including cases associated with Komjen Susno Duadji and ‘fat accounts’ the police officers. ”

It also reaped criticism from various parties, especially the press.

Respond to the Police request, the chief editor maubilangapa.com, Muhammad Arief Tampubolon, considered it highly exaggerated. The request from the Police may interfere with public freedom to express support to Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

“Yes, that’s natural the community voiced their support to Ba’asyir through web sites. We all know that Ba’asyir is a respected figure in the eyes of society, especially among Muslims,” said Arif tonight to Waspada Online.

Ba’asyir, according to him, is a scholar in the eyes of among Muslims, not terrorists. Arif asked the police not to throw things that can make sense of sensitive among Muslims Ummah. “Especially now is month of fasting. The statements and actions by the police can be extremely sensitive so that it can provoke anger some Muslims,” he said.

“Police don’t get feel great. Come on, the police to ask the support site of Ba’asyir closed. It’s shameful,” said Arief, while regretting attitude by the police.

Similar expressed by the editor gomedan.com, Hasiholan Siregar, who said that the police chimed in the Ministry of Communications and Informatics to block specific sites. “Do not underestimate the rights of citizens. Police Headquarters just don’t chimed the Ministries of Communications and Informatics. Why should the site be a target? And Abu Bakar Ba’asyir not necessarily the real terrorists,” said Hasiholan to Waspada Online.

According to Hasiholan, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir is a cleric and religious leader of his appeal heard by society. This does not ensure that those who heard and became his follower are terrorists.

“If there’s sites that support him because for being a terrorist prisoners, it doesn’t mean that the sites related to terrorism. It could be the site of communication forums to provide support to Ba’asyir to remain steadfast and surrender to Allah to face test while in detainee, not related to terrorism,” Hasiholan explained.

Police efforts to muzzle the freedom of society to obtain this information and disseminate it seemed too excessive, moreover according to media monitoring results, the sites referred to as Freeabb.com only contains comments, news, photos, and statement of mass organizations that provide support to Ustadz Ba’asyir .

Even according to Effendy Ghazali, Police request was contrary with regulations. As quoted by Waspada Online, a political communications expert from University of Indonesia (UI) asserted, “If only express sympathetic to Ba’asyir, of course shouldn’t be blocked. It’s against the rules.” (muslimdaily/arrahmah.com)

Translate by: Sofia Firdausi/Arrahmah.com English Section

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