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( – One of the basic principles of journalism is that media will provide facts about an incident to the readers. It will not make the judgment by itself, because it is the duty of the readers or the listeners. But it is totally different in the case of Afghanistan. Here some media put out the news, most of the time false news, and makes the judgment by itself.

In the last decade the horrific incidents frequently and practically showed that inside Afghanistan the invading forces and their stooges are the palpable violators of the human rights.

 In practice they do not allow the freedom of speech. But these external and some internal media did not point out they cruel acts. Rather we can say that the invaders of Afghanistan utilized the media just to distort the realities, to confuse the minds of the local and international community and just to resist the ongoing struggle inside Afghanistan.

Sometime they the media give the reports which are not a ground reality and even against the national interests of the people; on the contrary it the political and military objectives of the invading forces. The false news is repeated so many times that in their mind the people start believing it. At the same time the tragedies of Ghaziabad of Konar province, Zangabad of Kandahar province, Azizabad of Herat province and Dehrawut of Rozgan province in which hundreds of innocent children and women were martyred is totally neglected.

When the Afghans come out to defend their sacred book i.e. the Holy Quran, and dozens of them are martyred by the puppet administration of Kabul, the media remains calm or even some time they fabricate some external links for it.

The trespassers have not left any crime uncommitted. They martyred the innocent children sleeping and then burnt them. They tortured the prisoners in the jail and killed them. In the heart of Kabul, people were imprisoned in personal jails. They dishonored the sanctities and the dead bodies of the martyrs. But the pro-colonialism media do not put a glance on it as if it is blind and deaf.

The prolonged imprisonment and horrific torture of the innocent Afghans by the name of terrorism, without any trial in Bagram, Pulicharkhi, and Guantanamo cannot awaken their consciousness. Just the previous day in Gardacherai area of Paktia province, eight members of one family including woman and Children were martyred. Surly Afghanistan is a testing place. Here the trials and strokes of ill-luck verified the reality of all those false and fake champions of human rights who were boasting all the time about the nationalism, national culture and the freedom of speech.

The important thing for them is to fabricate news and put it on the air that Taliban are against the schools and burn it. They do not broadcast it denial by the Islamic Emirate. They like to co-relate the ongoing struggle with un-indigenous people. They do not feel ashamed to call the heroes of the ongoing resistance as terrorists. They priority is to justify the atrocities committed by the invading forces and to exonerate them.

How will they satisfy their conscience, the nation and the history?

Let us say that there are fact finding and independent media which could not be bought by colonial powers in the last decade by dollars nor could subdue them by force. The Islamic Emirate appreciates their role for religion, nation and the beloved country.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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