Ramadan is a symbol of unity, might and glory of Muslim Ummah


(Arrahmah.com) – Ramadan is a month of blessings and grace. Salman Farsi (may Allaah be pleased him) says, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said in a sermon which he delivered to them on the last day of Shaban: “a great month, a blessed month, containing a night which is better than a thousand months has approached you people”…… Similarly, the amount of rewards in the month of Ramadan is a secret between Allah, the Almighty and His servant. Therefore, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:

قال الله تعالى: كُلُّ عَمَل ابن آدم لَهُ إلاَّ الصومَ فإِنَّه لي وأنا أجزي بهِ..). متفق علیه

“Allah, the Almighty said, “Every deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting, it is for Me and I shall reward for it.

The Noble Quran, a great book of blessings, munificence and guarantor of success is revealed in the month of Ramadan. In every night of Ramadan, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and the Gabriel converse about the Holy Quran and till the end of the month they together complete the recitation of the Holy Quran. But, both completed the Holy Quran two times in Ramadan of the year of the passing away of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Therefore, the Holy Quran is recited from the time of the companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) until now in the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims recite, teach and learn Holy Quran in days and nights of this month to obtain the blessings of Allah, the Almighty.

Due to close link between the month of Ramadan and the Holy Quran, this month encourages Muslim Ummah to follow the teachings and commandments of the Holy Quran. Recitation of the Holy Quran with intonation and deep consideration plays important role in bringing positive change in thought and attitude of a human being. Every believer who recites the Holy Quran in daylight or in the darkness of night and glances over those verses of the Holy Quran which are not been observing by Muslims so, in fact he feels sorrow. He feels guilty and a desire to implement Islamic Shariah on himself, his family and society emerge in his mind and strives to take practical steps in this regards.

Ramadan gives a practical and applicable lesson of solidarity, unity and harmony to Muslim Ummah. All Muslim observe fasting from early morning until evening. They observe fasting at day time and recite the Holy Quran at night. All Poor and rich suffer from the same feelings of thirst and hunger and wait to open fasting. Fasting conveys a message of sympathy and offerings. It also gives a lesson of good ethics and forgiveness because these are the attitude which brings the masses of a society close to each other.

Similarly, Ramadan is a month of success and victories on behalf of Allah, the Almighty towards Mujahideen. Islamic history shows that major victories have been achieved in the month of Ramadan. The great victories of Mujahideen in the battle of Badr on 17th of Ramadan, second year of Hijra (Islamic calendar) and the conquest of Makkah on 23 of Ramadan, eight year of Hijra, show the help of Allah, the Almighty and demonstrate that Ramadan is a month of glories and victories for Muslim Ummah.

The month of Ramadan is symbol of glory and greatness. It is a great reward and grace of Allah, the Almighty. It is a symbol of the demonstration of patience, determination, piety and strong faith of Muslims. Fasting is an annual exam for the hearts, tongues and all organs of believers. Success in this practical exam of Ramadan is the beginning of a bright future for a human being because then he deserves the blessings and mercy of Allah, the Almighty. Obtain salvation from the fire of hell and thus deserves to be dressed in piety by the grace of Allah, the Almighty. (shahamat/arrahmah.com)


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