Saudi Arabia seeks Interpol help in capturing ‘deviants’

(CNN) — Saudi Arabia has asked Interpol for its help in apprehending dozens of wanted Saudis who are suspected of plotting attacks against Saudi Arabia from abroad.

A report from Saudi Arabia’s state-run news agency on Tuesday listed the names and nationalities of the 85 wanted men, which includes two Yemenis. The rest are Saudi nationals. Saudi Arabia is offering a reward for their capture and for information leading to their whereabouts, according to the Saudi Press Agency report.

The announcement is significant because it is rare for the kingdom to announce that some of its wanted terrorists are on the loose. It is also rare for Saudi Arabia to ask for help.

The country has taken great strides to crack down on al Qaeda within its borders and, as one source said, “That’s why these terror suspects are not in Saudi, because it’s not safe.”


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