Seven Stages Towards The Khilafah In The Year 2020

The pioneers in Al-Qaeda have identified several problems that have befallen upon the Ummah today. Due to these problems the condition of the Ummah have become so critical and almost helpless, some of the problems are:

• The current condition of the Islamic Ummah is not in accordance with the Qur’an dan As-Sunnah. The lifestyles are so distant and even contrary to the Islam shariah.

• The governance of the countries with Muslim population are not as per the law of Allah but the secular kuffar law that have been adopted by the puppet kafir for a long time.

• The wealth of the Islamic nations are plundered by the enemies of Islam and the munafiqin.

  • No one has endeavored to settle the problem of the Ummah.

• The presence of a carefully engineered plot to make the Islamic Ummah weak and fall behind in terms of education, technology, culture, affluence and the entire aspects of life.

• The various Islamic parties, organizations, and jama’ah (groups) that have failed to make any changes.

• The arrogance of the enemies is getting too much and their greed has also worsen.

After identifying the problems, it has been concluded that those who have been the masterminds and the culprits behind these troubles facing the Ummah which are causing their downfall all along are No other than the Jews and the Anglo Saxon Protestant Christians (WASP-White Anglo Saxon Protestant). They have come up with this conclusion after doing in-depth investigations on this subject matter by utilizing the point of view of both the chronological aspect of history and the verses from the Quran.

In order to counter the hegemony of the alliance between the Jews and WASP the use of military power is needed and this power should have its own body according to them.

Thus a new organization was established and it was named Al-Jabhah Al-Islamiyyah li Muharobati Al-Yahudi wal Amirikan (International Islamic Opposition Front To Fight The Jews And America).

The main focus of this organization is to collect information from notable figures and organizations that are in line with their visions and missions. Then they established further relations with them and worked together in building military training camps. Youths from all corners of the world started to throng to Afghanistan.

Initially the intention of the training at that time was to settle and go for jihad in Afghanistan only, however after completing the training those Mujahideen spread to all corners of the world to carry out the mission of the organization.

It was from these headquarter that the name “Qoidatul Jihad Al-Mubarak” appeared.

The goal of Al-Qaeda through its strategy is very clear that is to return to true Islam by the creation of Daulah Islammiyah and Khilafah Islamiyyah through Jihad. Due to this the senior think-tanks in Al-Qaeda studied the various movements that were existence in the last two centuries. Starting from Syeikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab in Nejd and Hijaz, Sanusiyah in Libya, Mahdiyyah in Sudan up to the modern Islamic jihad battling the Western Imperialists. Not only that, the various harokah like Ikhwanul Muslimin, Hizbut Tahrir, Jama’ah Islamiyyah in India and Pakistan, Jamaluddin Afghani together with his student Muhammad Abduh were also studied by them. The analysis was not only done theoretically but was also formulated to be applied directly and their failure and success, weakness and strength were compared. This is in line with the background of Al-Qaeda which consisted of various races, tribes, countries, harokah, and jama’ah. And this has become its biggest asset.

By studying and analyzing the variety of movements mentioned above, Al-Qaeda has recorded several factors for the reason of failures that have been suffered.

There are four reasons of failure:

• Each movement has a different perception in the identification of problems. This causes the mobilization of their capabilities not very optimal in order to reach the goals.

• Some movements do not have a detailed plan and goal, with no clear objectives, means and methods.

• Some movements still do not have enough courage to lead forward so as to replace the kafir rules (secular-imperialist-communist-socialist-DEMOCRACY).

• Some movements are still incapable of optimizing the available natural and human resources.

These four factors produce the following associated points:

• Mujahideen protecting the Muslim lands, holy places, and Islamic Ummah are valid leaders according to shariah.

• The leaders of countries (who do not want to rule according to shariah) are the depredators of power who collaborated with the kafir forces.

• The Islamic world today is contrary to the Islamic shariah. This is due to their absolute reliance on the man-made law and completely turning away from Allah’s law (shariah) and also because of their abandoning of jihad. This is the reason Allah sends His punishment (adzab).

• A detailed plan, clear objectives and means, as well as continuous monitoring of the condition of the Ummah both locally and globally is a Must Have/Must Do.

• A cultured human transformation should begin with the transformation of thoughts and morale.

  • Jihad is the one and only way.

• Jihad will always grow fertile and expand if the basis of the movements are organized and systematic.

As a result of the overall points mentioned above, Al-Qaeda has come up with a comprehensive strategy that are planned in stages and are made up of a few phases. Below are the 7 phases that lead to success and victory of the Ummah and end up with the creation of Daulah Islamiyyah so that the Khilafah can be established, insya Allah [essential for the supporters of Khilafah Islamiyyah or Ashabu Raayati Suud- the Black Banner groups] :

1. The Phase of Awareness : This phase began in the early 2000 and ended in 2003. The purpose is to force America and its allies la’natullah ‘alaihim to come out from its cage so that they are within reach of the Mujahideen or in other words, easier to strike.

2. The Phase of Eye-Opening : This phase was planned to be executed in 2003 until 2006. Its purpose was to make the Ummah realize about its sad condition and to uncover and expose the evil committed by the kafirs run by America and its allies.

3. The Phase of Awakening and Rising : This phase was planned for the year 2007-2010. Its objective is to increase the number of personnel who are ready to take the plunge into the different jihad arenas around the world.

4. The Phase of Restoring The Condition : This phase aims to overthrow the rulers of all the corrupt regimes who are clutching onto the Islamic nations with an iron fist. This phase is planned for execution around the year 2010-2013.

5. The Phase of Proclaiming The Nation : This phase focused on the establishment of the Daulah Islammiyah through unifying the various jihad organizations around the globe with Al-Qaeda which are planned for the year 2013-2016.

6. The Phase of Total Confrontation : The all out battle between two camps. The camp of the Believers (Mukminin) and the camp of the disbelievers and falsehood (Kafirin wa Bathilin). Battle between Haq (Truth) and Bathil (falsehood). War from all angles and will spread to all corners. Expected to take place in the year 2016.

7. The Phase of Complete Victory [insya Allah] : This will commence at The Phase of Total Confrontation which the think tanks of Al-Qaeda aim to take place for as brief as 3 years or 9 years i.e. from 2016 to 2019 or 2025.

May Allah protect and bless the Mujahideen and the muwahiddeen ullama who never stop to declare jihad and attempt to establish the Islamic khilafah, to expose all the bogus and evil system from communism to democracy.

By: Fahmi Suwaidi

Source : Theunjustmedia


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