The British government is not content with the Muslim Ulemah (Scholars) being abused and tortured in the HMP’s of England and nor does it want to see the families of the Aseer (prisoners) live a normal life.

The evil regime has stooped to another all time low, they have raided the family home of Sheikh Abu Hamza, where his wife and children live peacefully with the local community. This raid was no ordinary raid, it had all the hallmarks of a typically racist and fascist entry, similar to the Forest Gate assault and the Babar Ahmad Maraud (which the government embarrassingly admitted to earlier this month).

The facts of this intrusion are as follows:

  • 25 to 30 officers stormed the house at around 5 a.m. on the 24th of March 2009.

  • These officers used brute force to brake down 2 doors.

  • These ruthless cowards gripped 2 of Sheikh Abu Hamza’s sons (18 and 20 years old), threw them down to the ground, cuffed their hands behind their backs and pressed their knees into their backs keeping them down on the ground and causing considerable pain.

  • Unashamedly 5-6 male officers barged into Sheikh Abu Hamza’s wife’s bedroom not giving her any chance of covering herself, knowing that as a Muslim woman, she is normally covered from head to toe in front of non related men. Her young daughters aged 10 and 13 were screaming out of sheer shock and fright. All of this was being filmed by a sick and vile police camera crew.

  • They turned the entire house upside down in a few hours, even taking one of the young boys’s college coursework that needed to be submitted next week.

Throughout the whole operation the officers made many comments about Sheikh Abu Hamza, making clear that this was just another way of punishing their father by punishing his children.

This outrageous operation was carried out under the guise of arresting certain individuals who had attended a demonstration against (illegitimate) Israel during the Gaza massacre, alleging that Sheikh Abu Hamza’s 18 year old son had commited an offence. The fact that he was released without charge is evident that this unnecessary use of violence and excessive force was purely an act of intimidation, a violation of sanctity and a further attempt to humiliate the innocent family of Sheikh Abu Hamza.  

Sheikh Abu Hamza (may Allah release him from his captivity) is a severely disabled man that has had to endure many unpleasant ordeals whilst residing in Belmarsh prison from the security services. The authorities have desperately tried to silence him from speaking the truth with all sorts of inhumane restrictions and rules but by the mercy of Allah (swt) the disbelievers have failed miserably. The media consistently demonized, slandered, fabricated and hounded Sheikh Abu Hamza and his family for many years and continue to do so whilst the Sheikh is behind bars. There is also an unfounded extradition case to America that this government is also trying to pin on Sheikh Abu Hamza, all of these extreme measures are employed just to stop a Muslim brother from exposing the corrupt manmade system we live in today.

For Sheikh Abu Hamza to see all the members  of his immediate family it takes over 3 months to do so and this is deliberately engineered by the establishment so they can cause more harm to him and his family on a social level.

All Muslims have a duty to respond to such cruel and barbaric behavior we should speak out against such injustices all the time and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “He in whose presence a Muslim is humiliated and who does not help him, being able to help him, Allah will humiliate him before all creatures on the day of Judgement.” [Musnad Imam Ahmad]

We also pray that Allah (swt) grants sabr and ease to the family of Sheikh Abu Hamza  in these testing times and may Sheikh Abu Hamza be released from captivity as soon as possible.

Source: Islam4uk


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