Situation in Syria heats up, Western alliance begins talking about military intervention

SYRIA ( – Situation in Syria is heating up with each passing day. About 100 people were killed by Putin’s friends in Syria over the past day.
Regular troops of Alawites, paramilitary forces of Alawites Shabiha, tanks and helicopter gunships are actively involved in the killings of civilians. 
Syrian human rights activists point out that the actions and statements by the UN, Arab League and the West have not so far influenced the Russian inspired Assad’s carnage in Syria.

According to Syrian human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Russia backed Alawite regime of Assad has already killed at least 13,000 people.

Meanwhile, Assad continues to boldly assert that he’s fighting some “terrorists”, in particular, Al-Qaeda. 
In turn, America said it would seek the adoption of a resolution by UN sec council that gives the right to use force against the Assad’s regime, state department spokesman Victoria Nuland claimed.

As American secretary of state Clinton told more than a month ago, now the America had the right to return to the resolution on application of the seventh article of the UN charter to tighten sanctions both bilaterally and multilaterally. This is what America continues to consider, she said.
The seventh article of the UN charter provides for the use of force in case of threats to peace, violations of peace and acts of aggression.

Earlier, French president did not rule out a military operation in Syria, but only with the sanction of the UN sec council. Hollande therefore intends to persuade such rogue countries as Russia and China that “it should be no more allowed to Bashar Assad to destroy his own people”.

Russia, which is accused by the West of trying to whitewash the unbridled tyranny of the Assad’s regime, responded to Hollande and warned on Wednesday that it would not permit the UN sec council initiative to intervene militarily in the affairs of Assad’s regime. It also opposed to convening a new sec council meeting on Syria in the near future and any interventions from it.

Meanwhile, freedom fighters reported that they had defeated a column of Assad’s armored vehicles on the eve and captured 10 Alawite militants from the Shabiha gang.

source: Kavkaz Center



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