Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the inhumane treatment of inmates at Kandahar prison

AFGHANISTAN ( – It has been several days since seven hundred (700) inmates inside Kandahar’s Sarpoza prison have gone on a hunger strike to protest the criminal and savage treatment by officials of Kabul administration and especially the insult of the Holy Quran by the cruel prison officials. It has now been a full period that the inmates have not had any food intake and no one has so far inquired about or listened to their demands.

According to obtained information, eighteen inmates have so far entered a state of coma due to extreme hunger and the inmates wounded by the gunfire of prison guards two days earlier have not yet received treatment either. Meanwhile several innocent defenseless inmates have also been taken away by the intelligence department to an undisclosed location where they are most likely facing torture.

There is well established international documented evidence against the Kabul administration’s practice of torture in its prisons especially in Kandahar which is spearheaded by Abdur Razziq, the police chief of Kandahar and his group. These sadists and members of the former brutal communist regime take satisfaction from torturing humans in a prison environment regarding which the international community has been informed multiple times.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again strongly condemns the mistreatment of prisoners by the Kabul administration and considers such inhumane actions as yet another disgraceful act of the stooge regime.

Such savage practice is always conducted with defenseless prisoners. Our innocent countrymen are initially locked up in dark cells where they are tortured against all Islamic and international norms and Afghan customs; forced confessions are extracted and are constantly tormented, a good example of which is the current situation in Kandahar prison.

According to our information, the described situation in Kandahar is still ongoing today and the puppet officials of Kandahar have neither themselves visited the prison nor have they granted permission to the Red Cross, human right watchdogs or the media to visit and listen to the demands of the prisoners.

These actions are entirely worth denouncing and the Islamic Emirate calls on all International Human Right organizations, the International Red Cross and all claimants of Human Rights to firstly condemn this action against the prisoners and then to inquire and see the situation of the Afghan prisoners for themselves and then fulfill their duties.

The Islamic Emirate also extents a message of condolence and patience to the families of the oppressed prisoners and asks the inmates to sincerely implore Allah Almighty to destroy this barbaric enemy and free our country from its shackles. They should turn their faces to their Lord even more in such a difficult situation and pray for the salvation of the whole nation and for the freedom of our country from the claws of these invaders and their criminal puppets.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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