The disgrace of the sanctities and the responsibility of the Muslim Ummah!!!

( – The reverence and respect of the sanctities is a crucial demand of the human nature. Every human being irrespective of his creed or religion is obliged to respect his sanctities. He considers their defense as his legal right and is ready to sacrifice his life, wealth and family for their sake. This is a reality which cannot be denied by a realistic man.

The earlier heavenly books which are cancelled now and the earlier disciples also believed in the reverence of the sanctities. Islam being a natural religion, considers the respect of sanctities as an important principle, therefore the Muslims are obliged to spend their lives in the light of the teachings of the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). They should defend their sanctified things and should continue the pure Jihad until and unless temptation and tribulation is replaced by peace and triumph.

In the present day world the activities full of hatred and tribulation launched by Jewish mischievous elements and supported by the western media are unprecedented in the History of Islam. The disgrace of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), making films and cartoons about him, and then defending them by the arrogant leadership of the western countries with the lame excuse of the freedom of speech, is actually alarming for the existence, honor and Islamic identity of the Muslims of the world. Our lands, masses and national assets are already plundered by these western looters and now they are disgracing our religious sanctities.

These anti-Islamic activities of the western world necessitate the unity of Muslim countries and taking a unified stance on the latest issue. We should boycott them diplomatically and commercially until they penalize these dunces and stupid fellows or at least bring them under control. In this way the heads of the Muslim states will not only be getting the pleasure of Allah Almighty but they will also be exalted amongst their masses; because

1.In the current week the enthusiastic demonstrations against the west in various countries of the world showed that the valiant Muslim masses are ready for any kind of sacrifice to defend their religion. They will not only support their leadership but will play the role of an insurmountable army as the companion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

2.The successful and brave attacks of Mujahidin over the Anglo-American base of Shorab in Helmond province show that the coward soldiers of the west cannot combat the Mujahidin. In these offensive attacks less than 20 people had participated. But the scale and the strength of the attacks equally shocked both Washington and London. The American and British authorities gave contradictory statements in their shivering voices. In the past ten or eleven years this is the first time that the enemy acknowledges the importance, menace and effectiveness of these attacks with their eyes lowered. Apart from manual and financial losses of the enemy, their international role, status and morale had an unrecoverable blow which brought their military capability under question and nullified their modern technology. Similarly in Mezana of Zabul province and Babaji of Helmond province the deadly attacks of the conscious Afghan soldiers compelled the enemy to admit six casualties. The reality is quite high than the admitted.

The heads of the Islamic states should contemplate on the reality that Allah has given such a might to less than twenty M’omins who gave an admonitory punishment to the enemy; what will be the strength of the fifteen million volunteer Muslim army, by the grace and support of Allah Almighty?

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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