The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Learn a lesson from the Takhar event!!

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

On 7th Jawza (May. 28), the heroes of Islamic Emirate were not only able to disrupt the meeting being held in Takhar provincial governor house between high-ranking foreign commanders, officers and their domestic lackeys but rather, they took out the head leaders of this meeting despite all the security measures taken by the enemy, in an unforgettable lesson.

According to reports, in this strike which shook the world, many foreign officers, soldiers and their puppets were killed as well as the German General Markus Kneip, the ISAF force commander in the north, critically wounded. As for the stooge provincial governor of Takhar province, although he may be breathing, it is ill imagined that his body will cooperate with him or that the occupying forces will ever use him as a tool again. The fate of the general commander of zone (303) of northern regions, General Dawood and the chief police of Takhar province, Shah Jahan Noori is also well known as they have now left this world and have received a proper penalty for their actions!!

This strike on Takhar provincial governor house by heroes of Islamic Emirate was a tooth breaking response to this foreign and domestic band who were readying their forces to carry out a large scale operation in the north against its Mujahid nation. In the name of wanting to rid the north of Mujahideen presence, this group had plans of bringing death, destruction, sorrow, fear and wanted to raid the homes of its proud people then take hundreds of youth, scholars, students, tribal elders and Mujahideen to Bagram prison for the crime of having the zeal of waging Jihad against the occupation.

But fortunately, Mujahideen struck the first blow and those faces who used to beat their chests and boast to the occupiers about securing the north in exchange for millions of dollars, were dragged forth and put on trial in front of the north’s oppressed Muslims by the courageous soldiers of Allah, who also managed to pulled down the idols built of treachery, betrayal and injustice by the foreign invaders.

The death and injury caused to these hired commanders in Takhar shook the foundations of Kabul regime’s security apparatus and also forced Karzai to cut short his trip to Turkmenistan. NATO also showed great sorrow about the death of General Dawood and called it a great loss in their statement.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while it calls these recent events in Takhar a strong groundwork of Jihad against the eternal enemies of Islam, the occupiers and their agents, it is also a reaction of the people of Takhar towards the foreigners’ injustice and brutalities which recently forced the people to take to the streets but the barbaric invaders along with their hirelings headed by General Dawood opened fire on them, martyring and wounding around 130.

We call on all those puppet officials and commanders, who have put chains of slavery of the foreign armies around their necks for a few measly dollars and positions, to recognize that you still an opportunity to find out about your obligation towards your country and religion, leaving the ranks of foreigners and to give Mujahideen, the soldiers of Islam a chance of bringing the crusading idol under the leadership of America to its knees and giving it a historical lesson in our proud and disbelief razing land. If you still choose to accept the slavery of invaders instead of siding with the Mujahideen, the recent Takhar event is a great lesson to learn from!!

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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