The Story of Muhammad Al Muhajir- From Abu Huraira Masjid in Toronto

In the name of Allah, all praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings be upon His last and final messenger, Muhammad ibn Abdullah (sallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah and that Muhammad(sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) is His last and final messenger, the seal of all prophets.

Amma ba’d,

Shaykh Abdullah Azzam once said with regards to the martyrs, “They are Shuhadaa (witnesses) to the fact that this Deen is greater than life, that values are more important than blood and that principles are more precious than souls.”

It’s quite seldom that we are blessed to hear about modern day examples of the righteous slaves of Allah ta’ala, for they are becoming few in number as the filth and disobedience of Allah increases in what seems to be an exponential fashion. This paper will be an attempt to touch on the life of our brother in Islam Abu Hamzah Muhammed Al Mujahiri, whose martyrdom was made vastly known all over every media source just over a month ago.

Muhammad was born in the town of Boramo, Somalia in May of 1987 right before the civil war and illegitimate bloodshed started up in the country. He was the eldest of the children in his family. Shortly afterwards, his family migrated to Canada while Muhammad was still in his toddler years. As Allah willed, he was to grow up in the lands of kufr and fasaad, but he was never swayed in his determination in pleasing Allah and striving to perfect his mannerisms.

His younger sister of one year related while lost in memory, “I remember when Muhammad was in middle school, he used to have this friend, a muslim boy. Honestly his friend was quite pudgy at the time and had a difficult time running laps for gym class. So one day, Muhammad came and told him to come for a run with him. Muhammad coached him, stopped on the track whenever his friend ran out of breath and kept him motivated, supporting him all the way through.” Drowning in awe of her older brother, his sister repeatedly admitted “Competition was almost impossible with him. Everytime I wanted to exceed him in good deeds, he was already way ahead. He was born during the last ten nights of Ramadan, he just had it made from the beginning.”

Blessed with the fluency and eloquence of language, he began to pursue his undergraduate degree in English in one of the most competitive schools in Canada, the University of Toronto. As he had continued his higher education, this demanding secluar institute did not divert him from his attachement to Islam as he was of the foremost to grow in thirst for seeking Islamic knowlegde. “Whenever he came across a hadith or an ayah of the Quraan that was new to him, he would immediately apply it. He truly believed that it was a sign of nifaaq (hypocrisy) to not accompany actions with beliefs.” his sister related. She also said, “His akhlaq was amazing. I remember Muhammad one time sat me down and told me, “My sister, your true face is the face you show your family.” Honestly, Muhammad was the glue that held our family together.” He was described as being humble, not even owning a bed to sleep on in his own house, but at the same time was firm when it came to upholding the commands of Allah ta’ala. It was this pure understanding of Islam that captivated his mind and it was the love of Allah ‘azza wa jal that was the fuel that drove him forth. This was the time when life was finally exposing its temporary jewels to the young man now of age 22 in attempt to dazzle him with false adornments. Muhammad was nearing the end of school and his parents were readily assisting him in settling down and getting married but Allah ordained that he join those who abandoned all that were dear to them other than Allah and His messenger (sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). So, he went forth to answer the call of the the Lord of the heavens and the earth in the Noble Quraan:

“Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight … are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause , then wait until Allah brings about His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are Al-Fasiqun (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah).” (Surah Tawbah, Verse 24)

“O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allah (i.e. Jihad) you cling heavily to the earth? Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter. If you march not forth, He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people, and you cannot harm Him at all, and Allah is Able to do all things.” (Surah Tawbah, Verse 38-39)

“March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you, if you but knew” (Surah Tawbah, Verse 41)

Let these verses peirce your heart and penetrate your mind, lest you may attain success!

In May of 2009, Muhammad was to leave the kaafir land of Canada permenantly. He joined a group of youth at his local masjid that set out to preform ‘umrah, but he was the only one from the group that was to stay behind in Saudia Arabia. From there he was to travel to the land of his ancestry, now a land counted among the lands of jihad. It was there that he has come to be known as Abu Hamzah Muhammad al Muhajiri, a mujahid inshaAllah and defender of the weak, ill treated muslims among this ummah.

On March 15, 2010, less than a year after he had left, the glad tidings of the shahadah of Abu Hamzah was announced from the mujahideen. The night before the battle was to take place, Abu Hamzah had a dream however the details of the dream were not obtained. Abu Hamzah shared this dream with his fellow mujahid and this mujahid adviced him to go forth in the upcoming battle. He did as he was adviced and during the fight, he recieved a fatal wound to the point that he was unable to participate. The mujahideen that were with him carried him and placed him down in a safe area. However, the desire for victory still overtook Abu Hamzah even in this state and he ordered the mujahideen that were with him to take and use his weapon to continue to defend the religion of Allah ta’ala. The fierce battle ended and the mujahideen returned back to where Abu Hamzah was laid down and they found that the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the One whose Hand is the Dominion took the soul of his slave in this beautiful state inshaAllah ta’ala.

Walhamdulillah ta’ala, the kaafir country of Canada stood witness to this event as they aired the news on every known mainstream news outlet in the city of Toronto. The martyrdom of our brother Muhammad al Muhajir was the the talk for weeks which everyone spoke about whether they condoned or condemned it. Allahu akbar!

So what shall we say to you O you shaheed who has sold his existence on this earth in exchange for the everlasting pleasure of our Lord! We can only say to you what the Messenger of Allah (sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said when his son Ibrahim died, “The eyes send their tears and the heart is full of grief, but we do not say anything except for that which pleases our Lord.” Indeed yaa Abu Hamzah we are saddened by your departure. Truly, you have given your life and wealth to Allah in exchange for al Jannah. We ask Allah ta’ala to sit you on thrones in al jannah among the prophets, the truthful and the rest of the shuhadaa and that Allah place over you a crown of honor and sorround you with the hoor al ‘ayn. May our meeting place be al firdaws. Allahumma ameen.

Let the story of this brother and the stories of the martyrs before him be a lesson to those who have yet to realize the predicament that the ummah of Muhammad (sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) is in. As our beloved Shaykh and Shaheed (inshaAllah) Abdullah Azzam once said, “May your eyes be plucked out if you don’t think jihad is fard ‘ayn.”

As for those who have cast their fingers in their ears in order to reject the commands of Allah, what will you do when the youth that you hoped would be “constructive members” of the countries of kufr have turned away and plegded complete alliegance to the ones who wanted them to fear?

Allah subhana wa ta’ala has already informed us of your state when He said:

“Those who believe say: “Why is not a Surah (chapter of the Qur’an) sent down (for us)? But when a decisive Surah (explaining and ordering things) is sent down, and fighting (Jihad holy fighting in Allah’s Cause) is mentioned (i.e. ordained) therein, you will see those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy) looking at you with a look of one fainting to death. But it was better for them (hypocrites, to listen to Allah and to obey Him). Obedience (to Allah) and good words (were better for them). And when the matter (preparation for Jihad) is resolved on, then if they had been true to Allah, it would have been better for them.” (Surah Muhammad, Verses 20-21)

Everytime you hear of the success of Islam through the hands of the mujahideen, you’re hearts sink in despair as you see that you are indeed losing the war that you have waged against Allah and His religion. Therefore, we say to you what Allah has commanded us to say in the Quran to a people like you,

“..Say: “Perish in your rage. Certainly, Allah knows what is in the breasts (all the secrets).” (Surah Al e Imran, Verse 119).

Among the rights that a muslim has over his brother is that he be given a goodly word of advice. Although we are no where near the status of the mujahideen, we wish to give them a word of advice and encouragement, lest Allah may give us something of His vast mercy. We tell you, O mujahid in the cause of the Allah, fear the One who is ought to be feared. We tell you, O defender of Islam,

“So do not weaken and not grieve, for you will indeed be superior if you are truly believers.” (Surah Al e Imran :139)

Indeed for you will be one of the two glorious things (ie: martyrdom or victory).

Source : Revolution Muslim


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