Tragic, Pattani Muslimahs raped and then murdered

PATTANI ( is not only soaked in blood, the honour of the Muslimahs there are also seized by the Buddhist army of Thailand sent by the Thai government to the Jihad land of Pattani. Thailand’s army is undeniably a wanton army. They often disturb the Muslimahs when they are left alone by their husbands. With the modus operandi of climbing up the houses of the Muslimahs, the depraved soldiers do not hesitate to harass the Muslimahs, rape them and then casually kill them.

“That always happen. Many of the children in Pattani have no idea who their fathers are, because they are the product of the rape by the Thai army and unaccountable soldiers. If I may say, there are hundreds of children who do not know their fathers,” said Umi Madinah, a Muslimah representative from the Pattani United Liberation Organization, Monday night (5/3).

The Pattani Muslimahs normally work as teachers or they do the activity of drying fishes by the seaside. While the Muslimahs in the rural areas usually work in the agricultural sector. But the problem is, now they longer dare to venture out to do agricultural activities.

“They are still traumatized and they worry about being raped by the Thai Army outside their homes,” Umi Madinah continued.

“I, representing the Muslimahs of Pattani, ask the Indonesian Muslimahs to always pray for us. Strengthen our iman so that we can keep on struggling,” Umi Madinah said in sadness.

Around 5,000 windows and orphans are waiting for the helping hands of the Muslims. They have to endure in the conditions of being left behind by their husbands/fathers. “The husbands are captured. Their wives do not know the whereabouts of their husbands. Many of the husbands are assassinated,” she revealed.

The problem then is, these children who are left behind by their fathers are also receiving a new threat. The Thai invaders want to destroy their sympathy and love for the Pattani fighters. Many of these children were offered drugs. The Thai soldiers also make a kind of quarantine for the widows and their children. They are quarantined in a room and then indoctrinated by the Thai army to hate the struggle. There, they receive the brainwashings to support the Government of Thailand and hate the Pattani Mujahids.

“They are indoctrinated that the ones who killed their fathers are the rebels. So we worry that when they grow up they will hate the Pattani fighters and turn against us. This is a politic of pitting one against another,” Umi Madinah concluded.

The Government Of Thailand’s Continued Atrocities Against Pattani Muslims

Far in the north of Indonesia and almost unheard in the media, the situation in Pattani is worsening. Murder and oppression are happening everywhere. Unfortunately, these are minimally exposed by the media. Since eight years ago, six thousands Pattani Muslims have been killed. Now, five thousand widows and orphans are living in Pattani. This was told by Zubair Hussein, one of the representatives from the Pattani United Liberation Organisation (PULO) to the journalists of Islamici media, Monday night (5/3).

“The Government considers us terrorists, whereas we are Pattani fighters. Where Pattani used to be a country but was later seized by the government of Siam. It was from there that a number groups emerged to regain Pattani,” he said.

Thailand’s Government is an absolute Buddhist rule. They regard the Muslims as subordinates and rebels. Whereas, the number of Muslims in Pattani is about 1.5 millions.

“The number of Muslims is about 1.5 millions, but the total number is 1.8 millions in the three provinces, i.e. Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. Overall, the number of Muslims in Thailand is 4 millions.”

This condition is compounded with the politics of dividing the Muslims. There are some Muslims who support the Government, while the others fight for the liberation of Pattani.

“Wherever there is Muhammad, there must be Abu Jahal. That’s the conflict of Islam. But most people in Pattani fight for the ummah and defend their religion,” he continued.

Zubair Husein firmly stated that they want to get out of this oppression. Their ultimate goal is independence, led by a Government that implements the Islamic law. “We want an Islamic Shari’ah. That’s our goal,” he said.

The Pattani society generally support the measures of the struggles taken up by the various groups there, including jihad with arms against the government of Thailand.
“They simply support, in fact even before going to work, the people find themselves time to place bombs,” Zubair said.

Not only that, the Buddhist government of Thailand are very aggressively doing “Siamization” against the Muslim Pattani citizens.

“All names of the people, places, and their way of life are Siamized by them,” Zubair said.

He also denied that the Pattani struggle was not about religion and aqeedah. “All the people of Pattani fight for the sake of religion, they want the establishment of the Shari’ah. However, expressing the wish to establish an Islamic state is rather heavy, because America will interrupt. What’s important is not in the names, what’s important is that the Shari’ah is implemented,” Zubair concluded.



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