Very Nice Letter from Yahya (John Walker) Lindh to a Particapant on Islamic Awakening Forum

Assalamu Alaikum. Thank you for your letter along with the three poems I had forgotten Abu Firas al Hamadani’s name so thank you also for reminding me of that and also for your dua’a, your kind words ect.

To respond to some points you mentioned in your letter yes various people write to me here and there. I don’t think you should hesitate to give advice to me or to anybody else provided that what you were saying is correct and your intentions are sound. Everybody stands to benefit from sincere advice. About the issue of the books I am very grateful for the offer as I mentioned, but I have a good little collection here. Also, there is a limit on the number of books a prisoner can have at any one given time. So taking on new books means relinquishing others. Of course I am very familiar with Sayyd Qutub and I have read most of his “In the Shade of the Quran” and “The Milestone”. The second I have read a number of times these are very unique and important books that deserve to be studied carefully. It’s been said that a scholar who has knowledge of the deen but without knowledge of the times in which he lives in is like a doctor who know medicine but doesn’t have any idea who his patient is or what he is suffering from. Likewise a person with knowledge of current affairs but who lacks knowledge of the deen is like a doctor who knows everything about his patient and what ails him but doesn’t know medicine and therefore can not treat him. Sayyd Qutb was a rare individual with both a profound understanding of the deen of Allah as well as of the times in which he lived and who put his knowledge and understanding into practice.

You mentioned that you would be honored to assist me in any way that you can, so I would like to make a simple recommendation (without knowing anything about your circumstances or who you are). In whatever capacity you are able, devote yourself to expanding you knowledge in these two fields 1) al 3ilm al shar3i 2) fiqil waqi3, then to convey your knowledge to others no matter how small their numbers maybe. There don’t seem to be many people left in this part of the world with a proper understanding of Islam who convey it faithfully or accurately without watering it down or otherwise deforming or mutilating it, also bear in mind that if you are not despised, denounced, ridiculed, and tormented then something is wrong. In this way, in the long term insha’Allah you will be able to have a positive impact in one way or another. Our job is only to put forth an effort, the results are with Allah alone.

wa’alaikum assalaam,

Yahya Lindh

Source : Revolution Muslim


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