West Javanese Muslims Urge Government to Disperse Ahmadiya

Indonesia– Hundred of Muslims in West Java flocked the home of Garut District’s Regent on Wednesday (14/7/2010), urging the local government to disperse Ahmadiya from the region.

The mass were self-admitted from social organizations like Gerakan Anti Ahmadiyah-GERAM (Anti-Ahmadiya Movement), Gerakan Reformis Islam-GARIS (Islam Reformist Movement), Front Pembela Islam-FPI (Islam Defender Front).

During the oration in front of the house of Mr Aceng HM Fikri, the mass distributed leaflets containing legitimate demand to the local government to disperse Ahmadiya sect.

Likewise, the Muslim mass did also urge Mr Aceng, as the highest authority over the district of Garut, to investigate and further fire out his officials who embrace Ahmadiya sect.

“We want Mr Regent to move and take real follow-up to disperse Ahmadiya.

“We want him to soon clear the government up from Ahmadiya followers,” said Mr Mustopa Kamal who was also the organizer of the action.

In many Muslim populated countries, Ahmadiya has been viewed as heretic and 100% un-Islamic for having different Prophet, Holy Book, and Ahmadis – follower of Ahmadiya – do not go to Mecca for pilgrimage.

Indonesian Muslim scholars grouped in Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengkajian Islam-LPPI (Council of Research and Study on Islam) have been in agreement that Ahmadiya is not Islamic for the below reasons:

1.Ahmadis believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Prophet

2.Qadyan Ahmadiya possess its own Holy Book called Tadzkirah

3.Ahmadiya has its own holiest site not in Masjid AL-Haram in Mecca but Qadyan in India.

Source : Islaminet/TribunJabar


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