White House takes a cheap shot on Bin Ladin tape

The White House gave a despicable, arrogant, pathetic sucker punch statement regarding the recent Shaykh Usama video that was released. They said :

The White House said Wednesday that the recent audiotape believed to carry a message from Osama bin Laden reflects the “isolation” of the al-Qaida leader whose influence over the terrorist network has waned.

“It appears this tape demonstrates his isolation and continued attempts to remain relevant at a time when al-Qaida’s ideology, mission and agenda are being questioned and challenged throughout the world,” said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House.

Talk about a cheap shot!

These enemies of Allah cannot even admit that what Shaykh Usama said is correct! How arrogant!

In addition, they have to lie their way through to hide the reality from the world! AllahuAkbar!

Anyone with a head can easily see that America’s support is fading throughout the world:

For the past few years, have we seen massive protests around the world – expressed in the millions of conscious human beings – against al-Qaa’idah’s war in ‘Iraq or against the United States’ war in ‘Iraq?

For the past few years, have we seen massive anti-war movements against the policies of al-Qaa’idah or against the policies of the United States?

For the past few years, have we seen large number of defectors and anti-war veterans coming out of al-Qaa’idah’s army or America’s army?

For the past few years, have we seen protesters burn down al-Qaa’idah hot spots or American franchises?

For the past few years, have we seen protesters proclaim that Usama bin Ladin is a liar or that Bush is a liar?

For the past few years, have we seen political cartoons humiliating al-Qaa’idah more than America?

For the past few weeks, have we seen protesters throw shoes at Jihadi symbols or American symbols?

For the past few weeks, have we not seen the world go absolutely nuts when the American backed Jewish terrorists invaded Gaza? Or where they protesting al-Qaa’idah’s intent to fight the Israeli’s?

Indeed, it is the liars in the White House that are the ones who are isolated from the rest of the world.

AllahuAkbar! When was the last time you saw a regime lie this much and puff up their chests this high?

May the curse of Allah be upon you white liars!

May Allah disgrace you sons of Pharaoh!

May Allah punish every single one of you lying dirty Kuffar!

May Allah expose you for your war crimes upon humanity!

May Allah humiliate you Kuffar on the Day of Judgment!

May Allah hasten the destruction of your Democrazy!


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