Who will raise the Flag of Islam?

As the world cup frenzy arrests the nation, many Muslims in UK have gone out of their way, in order to become more acceptable to those around them. They too, in order to show their solidarity and “moderation”, have flown the English flag over their homes and on their cars, most often not knowing the meaning and history behind it. We will first present some of these facts.

The national flag of England (otherwise known as the St George flag) bears the blood red cross symbolizing the patron Saint of England: St George. This flag was adopted as the uniform for English soldiers during the Crusades against the Muslims of the eleventh century and was the same flag held by the Christians when marching into battle against the Muslims.  This ‘war of the cross’ was launched by Pope Urban II in 1095. These bloodthirsty crusaders waged a brutal and savage attack against the Muslims killing anyone in sight be it men, women or children resulting in mass killing, rape, bloodshed, and even cannibalism.

To this day the crusades continue, we see how the Christians of Europe and America have allied to fight against the Muslims with the aim of destroying Islam. The only difference now is the scheming strategies they are embarking on such as the battle of hearts and minds.

Muslims are not allowed to carry this symbol drenched in Muslim blood throughout history. For many reasons, here are but a few:

1) Nationalism -The prophet (saw) forbade Muslims from disuniting and fragmenting his ummah, let alone celebrating such a thing “If one imitates another nation he will be from them.” [Reported by Imam Abu-Dawd]

2) Alliance – Wearing flags of a land that is at war with your brothers and sisters? How can that be acceptable? How can we be so relaxed on the issue ? Would not our brother and sisters now in Iraq on seeing muslims flying the flag of England be very disturbed.

Allah (swt) hates together with those who hate Allah (swt) and the believers. “O you who believe, do not take the kafireen as awliyaa’ instead of the Believers, do you wish to take Allah as a proof against you?” [4: 144]

3) Religion – Not only does this flag represent the blood thirsty crusades but it also symbolises the incorrect belief that Prophet Jesus was crucified on it.

Allah (swt) says :

 “…..but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of Eesaa was put over another man(and they killed that man), and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no (certain) knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture.”[4:157]

At a time when the niqaab is being banned, the prophet (saw) is being dishonoured, and the muslim ummah is under oppression. If we are to support anyone it is those brothers and sisters around the world who struggling day and night, striving to implement the flag of Islam, protecting the Ummah, and the Deen. As Muslims we must reclaim our tawheed by flying the Flag of Shahadah

Source : The Reflect Project.com


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