Bin Laden: The Way To Frustrate The Conspiracies

All praise be to Allah we thank Him we seek His guidance and forgiveness, we seek His refuge from our evils and bad deeds, who ever guided by Allah is never led to astray, and who ever led astray by Allah is never to be guided.

I bear witness that No God But Allah , He has no partner and Muhammad is His slave and messenger.

To my dear Islamic nation generally

To our patient and stationed people in Iraq specifically

To our savants and people of good merits

To the Jihadist groups leaders and their Shura councils members

To Shoyoukh (leaders) of the proud tribes

And to our brothers Mujahideen

Assalam Aalaikom Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh

My speech to you is about the conspiracies schemed by the Zinoist-Crusader alliance under the leadership of America in cooperation with its agents in the region to steal the fruit of the blessed Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers (Iraq), and what is our duty to frustrate these conspiracies.

It is not hidden for you that America is trying by every military and political means to settle its forces in Iraq, and when it ascertained of its military incapacity, it increased its political and media activity to deceive the Muslims, so it tried to seduce the tribes materially to form the councils of harm under the name of “Sahawat” (Awakening Councils) as they claimed. Many free and proud tribes refused to sell their religion or to desecrate their honors, I ask Allah to make them firm on the truth and to bless them, their families and their money, may Allah reward them the good. While some weak-minded like the stray misleading Abed As-Sattar Abu Reesha and some of his folks, those betrayed the religion and the nation, and led themselves and their followers to the disgrace and scandal, the scandal which will be stick to them forever unless they repent.

The worst of merchants are those who merchandise with their and their followers religion in exchange for a short-lived life, despite this they don’t enjoy it because of them being killed by the lions of Islam as a reward for them and a deterrence for their similar, and neither Bush nor his soldiers could save them, so they lost the present life and the hereafter, and what a bad loss. And I advice those who took this wrong way to rid themselves of this infidelity and disgrace by turning to Allah in repentance, Allah said: [Except for those who repent after that and do righteous deeds. Verily, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.] (3:89)..

Hence recruiting the hypocrites from the tribes leaders is an axis, and there is another axis through it America tries with its agents in the region to form a new government partisan to it instead the Maleki’s government like the Gulf governments, and it is called also the national unity government, this name attracts a lot of people especially those who became tired of wars, so the Muslims must know about the reality of this government before greeting it. The national unity government means that all kinds of groups in the society must gather upon glorifying and making great the homeland more all sacred things, meaning that the upper word is for the homeland.

So, all of them meet in the middle of the way being satisfied with the compromises which means that the Ba’athis (followers of al-Ba’ath party) and the others must relinquish their principles, as well Muslims also must relinquish some of their religion. This matter means the Muslim will accept the man-made laws to rule instead of the Islamic Sharia’a (Islam’s legislation) and to make things Halal (lawful) and Haram (Forbidden) according to this man-made legislation, this participation is a biggest Shirk (polytheism) which makes the person got out of the Islam fold with a fate of eternal punishment in the Hellfire –may Allah preserve us from it-, in the name of the homeland and patriotism the Gulf countries supported America to attack Iraq and make its people suffering and enduring the misfortunes, all this for the homeland not to be removed from the map as they claimed, but the reality that they feared for themselves to be removed –from the rule-, and here this is their antecedent ally Saddam removed but Iraq is not removed.

And under the name of the homeland and patriotism the crusaders today are empowered in al-Rafedain Land (Iraq) also, by installing a government agent to America which approves in advance the acceptance of and satisfaction with the existence of the biggest American bases over the land of Iraq, and gives the Americans what they want from the Iraqi oil according to the Oil’s Law which aims at continuing its (Iraq) submission to it (America) and to achieve an absolute domination on the rest of the region’s countries, but what brings sorrow is that parties and groups related to science, da’awa and Jihad participate in this great treachery, and this is but dressing of the falseness the dress of the truth.

People saw some of these leaders coordinating directly with the Americans like what was done by the leader of the so-called Islamic party who called frankly to conclude security agreements for a long term with America, and people saw also other leaders coordinating indirectly via the agents of America in the region especially the governor of al-Haramain Land (so-called KSA), for Ar-Reyad (the capital) could never support and sustain these leaders except on the condition of acceptance of the project of the national unity government, and the sapient ones must learn a lesson from the fate of HAMAS leadership whereas its leaders renounced on their religion in the same time they couldn’t achieve any worldly gain when they obeyed Ar-Reyad governor and the others by joining a national unity government and by accepting the unjust international conventions, so would the truthful ones from HAMAS move to set right its path?

As the Reyad governors debauched HAMAS leaders, they try to debauch the Jihadist groups in Iraq and allow some groups members to move freely in the Gulf countries to take the financial support on an unofficial way because if it is open, these groups will refuse it-, so the plan of support is passed under the name of collecting donations from some unofficial scholars and savants, but the reality is that they are partisans to the governments and are seeking how to execute their policy in Iraq which is pulling the carpet from underneath the feet of the honest truthful Mujahideen, so the role of these savants is convincing these groups leaders on the previous condition which is the acceptance of a national unity government besides inciting them to spread the biased propaganda against the Islamic State of Iraq and fighting it if possible, and this is one of the secrets of the fierce military and media campaign against it.

I wonder how these leaders breached of trust and coordinated with their biggest enemies who is Ar-Reyad governor whose treachery support to America is well proved and to invade Iraq, is it hidden for the Muslims’ boys aside from their savants and Mujahideen leaders that this governor is the most important agent of America in the region? and he took the responsibility of driving forcibly or by seduction any honorable man to the sinner way in favor of America, he is satisfied with this way despite being in the ninth decade of his age, the way of treachery of the religion and the nation as well the submission to the Crusader-Zionist alliance’s will. What a bad way their way!! However we hope that the savants and sapient ones return back to the right path.

People of this methodology justify their coordination with the nation’s enemies from the region’s governors and their agents by the terrors and fierce misfortunes to which the Muslims were subjected on the hands of al-Sader army and Ghader (Bader) corps under the leadership of Abed al-Aziz al-Hakeem, and the members of al-Da’awa party within al-Maleki’s government and outside it. So I say: the crimes of those criminals exceeded all the limits and what they do to the Muslims is unbelievable but it is the reality which our brothers in Iraq face, and those people got aims to spread their crimes outside Iraq, and despite all this these militias crimes can be stopped by trusting in Allah then by unifying the Mujahideen’s efforts to fight the invaders and those supporters, aiding the Muslim Mujahedeen and providing them with all what they need.

For the Emir Ahmad al-Khalayla Abu Mosab al-Zarkawi (may the mercy of Allah be upon his soul)) and his brothers were the first who raised the banner in the matter of exposing those criminals, fighting them and stopping their extension , and instead of supporting them you let down them and you frustrated the Mujahideen to fight those criminals and you divided the fighting into two divisions, making the fighting against the Americans only an honorable (clean) resistance, but fighting the apostate militias and the police and army’s members in spite of being America’s supporters and tools to occupy Iraq and kill its people, this fighting you named it non-honorable resistance and you disown its people, these divisions for which Allah has sent down no authority.

The prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) fought his cousins from Quraish tribe, it is the religion which safe guards the blood i.e. prevent killing, not the descent or the homeland. And dozens of your friends from unofficial savants partisans to the governors agreed with you upon this devious methodology in al-Haramain Land (so-called KSA) and other countries, the methodology that gave the opportunity to these militias to continue in harming the land and its people.


You seek the salvation without you take its way…

The ship doesn’t march over the land…

Then, if you truly care to repulse the evil of those criminals which pushed you to be partisans of the infidels and the apostate governments, wouldn’t you be in duty of speaking out frankly to your brothers who trusted you and obeyed you to form an Islamic State? Wouldn’t you be in duty and necessity of informing them that you are incapable of achieving what you agreed with them on? And you were satisfied with a national unity government which is in reality an idolatry unity government in which the highest word is not Allah’s but for the homeland and its governor. I ask those who slipped to fear Allah in their selves and their nation, and not to throw away these pure bloods spilled to rise the religion and to empower the Muslims’ State, and I ask them to return to the truth, returning to the truth is better than persisting on in Batil (falseness).

My brothers Mujahideen, what then is our duty to frustrate these dangerous conspiracies aiming at the abortion of the Jihad in Iraq and preventing the Islamic State to be established over all the land of Iraq which will be supporter and helper to all Muslim people everywhere, and how to frustrate America’s plan of dividing Iraq and how to make it (Iraq) the first line of defense of our nation?

I say and confirm that the greatest obligation is to unite the efforts of all the honest Mujahideen to stand as one rank in fighting for the word of Allah to be the highest, and to keep no efforts in frustrating all their conspiracies, it is useful here to mention a previous attempt to unify the Afghan Mujahideen leaders’ word which is related to our subject, for we had done it with Sheikh Abdul Allah Azzam (mercy of Allah be upon him), and after months of trying to achieve a unity between them, and removing all obstacles which some of them claimed that it was the preventing factor and after removing one they rapidly claim and invent another one till we reached the result summarized by sheikh Abdul Allah Azzam words in words that express the difficulty of the mission and the holding fast of the Emirs (leaders) to the leadership as he said: “Can the Reyad governor let down his leadership for the Jordan governor and vice versa in order to unify the nation?, the brothers answered: No impossible, so he said: it is the same, Sayaf will never relinquish leadership for Rabbani and vice versa”.

There were one of the Mujahideen who had a correct opinion about these leaders and he was old aged and experienced in life and people , and at that time we used to refuse his opinion on them, and I will try to mention some of it which is summarized in this: “Those are merchants ,they care of nothing but their leadership and personal interests and don’t care about our matter”, we didn’t believe his saying about them which made us late in realizing the correct vision regarding persons and events, which caused a great harm, then after passage of days and succession of events , things became more clear and the truth of his opinion on many of them became clear and proven, moreover the events came to confirm things which we never believe or imagine that it would happen because of our youthfulness and littleness of experience at that time.

But today all of you know well that he northern alliance led by Rabbani and Sayyaf have become the helpers and supporters of America against the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, and it is the same case today in Iraq, for the Islamic party and some pro-America fighting groups against the Muslims, and it is plain Kuffur and frank apostasy, Wa La Hawla Wa La Kowata Illa Bil Allah (there is no power but with Allah).

Hence the members of the Islamic party and these fighting groups must disown their leaders and correct the course of their parties and groups, if it is impossible for them so they must leave these hypocrite leaders, and join the honest Mujahideen in al-RafedainLand. For in the near past, America kept no efforts to convince the Afghan leaders through Riyadh and Islamabad governments to join a national unity government, i.e. with the communists and seculars who came from the West, and ar-Reyad used some of its unofficial savants, to facilitate the penetration of the Mujahideen’s ranks, those savants were from the influencing speakers inciting people to go to Jihad and bringing vast amounts of money to the Mujahideen’s leaders.

And in the determined time they ask the Afghan leaders to unite with the communists and seculars under the name of the State of national unity, so their reality was exposed and known, that they were from the Taghut (governor) savants. So they suspended the unity project between the Mujahideen’s leaders by seducing one of them with a lot of money and promised him to support him to be the president but they didn’t fulfill their promise, and this person caused retardation to us in the unity project till we know that his decision was dependent on Ar-Reyad intelligence chief who came himself to Bishawar to deal with this matter in coordination with the Pakistani intelligence, and the intermediary were two unofficial savants, take note that the majority of the leaders agreed on that as a result of pressures from Ar-Reyad and Islamabad, so efforts were exerted to frustrate this matter and I can’t explain and tell anymore.

What a similar thing, Ar-Reyad government still play its same malicious role with many Islamic and Mujahideen’s leaders in our nation, Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us on them, they were some of causes that frustrated the attempts of the unity project of the Afghan Mujahideen leaders, because they were part in the decision of unity and many people can not estimate or value the Jihad and nation’s interests because this malicious government turned things upside down and show the truth as falseness to Emirs (leaders) and savants, and every one thought that he and his party were the best to lead the Mujahideen to support the religion, and from this point he held fast to the leadership and saw the other parties and leaders mistaken while he and his party on the right way, and like this he became the accused and the judge in the same time, so he couldn’t judge himself to retire from the leadership in favor of another leader on him the Muslims might gather or nominate him as their leader, their case in that misfortune is like the case of the governors in our countries.

And when we reflect on their opposition and excuses we find that most of these excuses were about things concerning the amelioration of the leadership, but their insistence led to the loss of the necessities most important of them was the religion, the soul and the honor, so the infidelity appeared in Kabul, the corruption became widespread, the roads were cut, the bloods were spilled, the honor was violated, the money was stole, and the Mujahideen became dispersed, the upper word in Kabul was for the previous president Najib while the parties leaders made the members believe that they had the upper hand in Kabul and they would rule by Shariaa (Islamic legislation), and many of them stayed accepting these lies but the truthful refused to sell their religion by a short-lived life.

So every brother from the Mujahideen must reflect and use his mind, and distinguish between the favorable judgment of the leaders and being intelligent knowing how to value the things and men according to Islam, and must prevent himself to be a blind follower for the leaders without understanding anything, for those who remained with the leaders Sayaf and Rabbani in Kabul still support their leaders against the Muslims despite of all what was happened, they support the infidels against the Muslims and this is one of things which make the person as infidel out of the religion and they are not excused by making favorable judgment in their leaders, they must disown the polytheism and its people and embrace Islam once again, for how many people apostatized because of their fanaticism to their leaders without guidance and they must reflect on what Allah said: [And they will say: “Our Lord! Verily, we obeyed our chiefs and our great ones, and they misled us from the (Right) Way.] (33:67).

And from the examples which the brothers have to learn is that they should never be deceived with the parties names nor leaders, Sayaf was a prominent leader of the Mujahideen and his party’s name was the Islamic Union then he supported the Americans against the Muslims and this is a clear infidelity, it was the same thing with Rabbani and his party known as the Islamic Association, also for Ahmad Shah Masood who went to the crusaders in Europe to present himself in public to be a tool to let fall the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and some misleading claimed that he is a martyr.

If some of the Afghan leaders slipped others stood firm by the grace of Allah, they were truthfull and honest, from them Sheikh Younus Khales (mercy of Allah be upon him), as well Sheikh Jalalu Deen Hakkani (may Allah protect him), and both of them made fatwa that Jihad against the American is a duty and they participated in it (Jihad), and the whole world saw the truthfulness and firmness of the Emir Mujahid Mulla Muhamad Omar in fighting the international infidelity alliance, and he didn’t submit to them by renouncing on his trust, he refused to relinquish the Sharia’a (Islamic Legislation), or to deliver the Arab immigrants who joined his State to the Americans because they are his brothers in the religion even if this would lead to the loss of the Emirate and leadership, great positions signify that there are great men.

There is a large difference between the Muslim governor’s positions and the hypocrite governors’ positions who coordinated with America in its world war against Islam, the first sacrificed his kingship in favor of his religion and the others sacrifice their religion for their kingship, the difference between them is a difference between Eman (faith) and infidelity, What a difference between the believers the true men and the hypocrites similar of men!.

Some of people may say that some of the Afghan leaders who slipped were from those who made Jihad earlier against the Russians so their stumbles must be pardoned and I say: we should make difference between a stumble which must be pardoned and the limits of Allah which must be established, here we deal with the religion’s laws and no one is excluded from it, the woman who stole at the epoch of the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) had an earlier past in Islam and Hegira (immigration), and despite this the limit of Allah was established on her to prevent the nation from the way of the destruction, so reflect on carefully.

I mentioned those leaders because they did one of things making the person apostate which is supporting the infidels against the Muslims, the method of favoritism to the leaders is a widespread method among many Muslims and that’s why the followers of this method deviate on the right way.


The wound returns after a while…

If the building is corrupted…

We should beware from this, imposing and establishing the limit of Allah is a legitimate duty in Islam which cleans the sinner and protects the Muslim society, otherwise it will be the way of ruin as the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “What destroyed the ancestors that when the strong man of them stole they let him, and if the weak man stole they impose and establish the limit on him, by Allah if Fatema daughter of Muhamad stole I will cut her hand”.

In summary: the brothers Mujahideen especially those in the Shura councils shouldn’t submit to the excuses of the groups leaders to delay the unity and gathering, they may have real excuses but they shouldn’t be an obstacle facing the unity, so the reasonable men know well that they should not hold fast on something which is secondary and let down what is origin and necessary, because insisting on the secondary things will lead to the loss of everything.

Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymeya (mercy of Allah be upon him) said: “When people leave Allah’s orders, enmity and hatred appears among them, and if they disperse they will fail but if they are united they will have success, the unity is a mercy and the disunity is a torment”.

And you see well parties, groups and organizations belonging to our nation and that contained important savants being fallen on the doors of the Najed governors, and some of causes of this is the retardation of unity, may be some leaders have a hidden desire to keep the leadership which is the real obstacle, so you shouldn’t be fanatic to the men nor parties but the fanaticism must be for the truth and you must follow the truth and taking as exemplary those who died because the alive one could fall in fitna, if you know the truth surely you will know its people.

Here we must mention the antecedents who had kind acts in unity and gathering, so it delighted the Mulims the rivalry of some leaders of the fighting groups for the sake of Allah with some Jihadist stationed tribes leaders to gather under the monotheism word, so they pledged allegiance to the noble Sheikh Abu Omar al-Baghdadi as a Commander of the Believers on the Islamic State of Iraq. The relinquishment of the leadership from those leaders in order to hold fast to Allah rope together is a proof of their truthfulness, justice, impartiality of their selves from desires and their care of the Muslims interest, may Allah reward them, their gathering is an important, great and blessed step towards the unification of the rest of efforts in forming the biggest Muslims’ group.

Muslims heard that some Emirs (leaders) and savants from some Jihadist groups were disturbed because they didn’t attend the meeting and if they are not disturbed, so it is the right because of the security conditions which make difficult the connection between the brothers, take note that your brothers mentioned that they corresponded with you and waited for you for approximately two months to approve the matter in your presence and your coming may be was difficult. Some of the best companions were disturbed when the decision was taken on Sakifat Bani Sa’eda day without consulting them, on the other hand Abu Baker, Omar, Abu Obaida and the others (may Allah be pleased with them all) didn’t act like this because they wanted to monopolize the matter or despotism, but there were conditions and events which are not hidden that pushed them to hurry in taking the decision before consulting the other concerned because of fearing Fitna and disunity, then those who were disturbed hurried to pledge allegiance to Abu Baker after a period of time and the allegiance was not revoked, so reflect on carefully.

And the aim which is also a religious request from the Muslims is to hold fast to Allah’s rope, and to gather together under the Emirate of one Emir (leader) to establish and support the religion. And it is known that this matter should be fast to be done for it is from the major demands in Islam.

Allah Almighty says : [And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allâh (i.e. this Qur’ân), and be not divided among yourselves] (3/103). How much are the names of the countries affiliated to Islam today while it is apparent to every man of understanding that it is all lacking many of the most important of the conditions of the Islamic State, the main of these conditions is that all of them are not ruling by Allah’s Sharia’a (Islamic rule) apart from that they are all of incomplete sovereignty and all of these claimed to be Muslim countries, cooperated with the USA in

its world war against Islam which is –this cooperation- one of Islam’s nullifiers.

Despite all this, many people still consider them Muslim countries with

complete sovereignty and this is not valid Islamicly because of the aforementioned causes. And I say:

Those who had been angry because they were not consulted in the establishment of the Islamic State , if they truly wish and seek for unity of the Muslims’ word then nothing wrong when they become angry however if they claim that the time is unsuitable, and delay the application of Allah’s rule due to that , all over these years, those then are not justified to be angry, and they shouldn’t be waited for to cause not disablement of the religion matters, it is because people rose up and lived out of the shade of the Islamic State, their sensation had been dull and they could not feel big harm in the delay of its establishment. Hence the brothers should be advised to leave this, and despite the importance of the Shura (consultation) in the Emirate (choosing an emir), and the narrations and texts are clear in that matter , and it is well known the saying of Umar Ibn Al Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) regarding this.

However, appointing an emir comes prior to the unity of opinion, if this unity could not be reached currently from those meant by it ,as if there had been the same circumstances like in “Al Shaqeefa” treaty, and if the emirate is not to be held in these circumstances except after the consultation of all the concerned persons, Umar Ibn Al Khattab wouldn’t pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr As-Seddiq except after this consultation, and Abu Bakr wouldn’t accept his homage, and most of the companions wouldn’t pledge him allegiance , may Allah be pleased with them all.

And if the full empowerment is a precondition to the establishment of an Islamic State nowadays , then the Islamic State would never be established because it is well known the military superiority of the enemies, and that they can invade any country, and overthrow its government, and this is what we have seen in Afghanistan and the Ba’athist government of Iraq. For the collapse of a state is not the end, and it doesn’t mean fall of the Muslim group and their Imam (leader). However fighting the infidels must continue, like it is the case in Afghanistan , Iraq and Somalia. And him who ponders on how it was the first Islam’s State in Medina on the battle of “Uhud” and “Al Ahzab”, when the hearts reached to the throats and the gathered parties besieged the Medina the first capital of the first Islam State, and whoever saw how the Muslims were when all the Arabic peninsula apostatized –except few tribes- after the death of the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him), he would know that the full empowerment is not a condition for establishment of an Islamic State or pledging allegiance to an imam. It cant be said to him who had been recognized as an emir (leader) for an Islamic State and was pledged allegiance to, it can’t be said to him we don’t obey you or listen to you because your government is weak and the enemy can overthrow it!

Strangely some of those who bring up those opinions and suspicions are living in the Gulf countries, like Kuwait, and we didn’t hear like this from them when the Ba’athis (State of Saddam) overthrew their government, on the contrary their eloquent speaker was saying : “ we are with the legitimacy”, meaning that he is with the rulers of Kuwait , “Aal As-Sabah” who opposed the rule of Allah, and who were verily incapable of performing any rule over their country.

O Muslim brothers

As it is a major obligation, working to unit the Muslims under the Tawheed (monotheism) banner, then preventing this is a major sin, for the religion will not be all Allah’s, ways will not be secured, problems will not be resolved, security will not be stabilized, conspiracies will not be frustrated, a lot of the common people from the nation who joined the Jihadist groups will not be assured, and so forth of the great matters, except if there had been a Muslim group (State) and an emir, Allah restrains by the Sultan what He doesn’t restrain by the Quran. And if he would be apostate who leaves the Jama’a (the Muslim group) for a span of the hand, how can it be justified that the Muslim be a cause of retard to the establishment of the Islamic State for age? hence being a cause to let hundred millions of Muslims living under the shades of the Taghuti pagan regimes, it’s enough for this to be a motivator of apostasy. For the matter is important, grave and must not to be postponed, and the Muslims’ victory, pride in the life and hereafter are based upon basis of the Muslims unity.

O Muslim brothers in Iraq:

It had been repeated times and times the call from the caring for the Mujahedeen to be united years ago, some answered the appeal and some abstained.

O Muslim brothers in Iraq:

Now if the emirs of the fighting groups and the members of the Shura councils moved to set back right the conditions, and sought to gather the Mujahedeen under one banner to fight all together the crusaders and apostates, this is then the obligation, for Allah ordered us to unit, and forbade disunion and separation. And here you see the international infidelity all gathered and united together, and everyday they attack widely one of the alone Islamic countries, and even if all the leaders didn’t do it (unity) and didn’t seek for gathering the Mujahedeen under one banner, the unity is a legitimate request and now is the duty, , the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said to “Hudhaifa Ibn Al Yaman” (may Allah be pleased with him), when he asked him about similar circumstances: ( You should keep to the Muslim group and their imam obligatorily), and if this couldn’t be established, then it becomes an obligation upon every single Muslim and Mujahded to work for establishment of the Muslims’ State by pledging allegiance to the most sincere and adherent to the right from the present sects.

[O you who believe! Be afraid of Allâh, and be with those who are true in words and deeds .] (9/119).

And him who watches the campaigns of the international and the local infidelity can see that they target primarily the Islamic State of Iraq, for America is propelling campaigns after campaigns , and attack every single city times and times, moreover there is a continual onslaught since six months over all Diala, as well as Mosol and Salahuddin provinces, beside attacks from the army, National Guard, police and the Shiite militias of “Al Sadr” and “Al Hakeem”. Over and above this all, the targeting of all the neighborhood countries without exception, to the Islamic State of Iraq not to mention the harm Sahawat (alleged awakening councils) and the harm parties and sects leaded by the traitor of the religion and the nation Tariq Al Hashemi.

And after all this, it comes, the media campaigns to defame and slander the Islamic State of Iraq, leaded by the Reyad governors, their scholars and their media, and I don’t see a cause of all these fierce campaigns against the Mujahdeen in the Islamic State of Iraq except that they are the most adherent to the right , and the most compliant to the Sunna of the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) who was told by Waraqa Ibn Nawfal: (No one came up with alike what you came up with i.e.(divine revelation) except he had been antagonized). For the emir Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and his brothers are not bargaining on the expense of their religion, don’t accept the half solutions and don’t meet with the enemies in the middle of the road ,however they declare the right and please the Creator (Allah) even if this displeased the creation (people). They don’t fear a blame of a blamer regarding Allah’s commands and they refuse to flatter or make peace with any of the Islamic world’s governments without exception, they are who refused to get help from the infidels because they deeply believe that the religion is Allah’s and He will render His religion victorious, and He is not in need to the infidels and disbelievers to render His religion victorious.

It is impossible for the religion to be victorious by taking the polytheist Tawagheets governors as helpers, friends and supporters, the Imam Ahmad narrated on the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) that he said in the hadeeth: (O boy, I will teach you some words, keep Allah in your heart He will protect you and aid you, if you ask fore something ask only Allah, if you need help seek it from Allah, and know that if the whole nation is gathered to be useful for you it will not benefit you except by what Allah destined for you, and if it (nation) is gathered to harm you it will not do except by what Allah destined for you).

And if the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq put their hands with any of the neighborhood countries to support and help them, as some groups and parties did, the state of the things will be different than now completely, for the budgets of those groups and parties are of dozens but hundreds of millions, however the Mujahedeen properties are but what they gain as booties in the battles and this is verily the good livelihood. Those –parties and groups-who put their hands with these countries actually lost their decision and independence because of the financial support of these countries to them,because once America and its allies exert any pressure on these countries, this pressure directly is transmitted to the leader of the party or the emir of the group, like what happened publicly in Lebanon. And after the eloquent speeches on the pride, dignity, about Palestine and its support, and after it (Lebanon) challenged the whole world countries to impose their will on it, at last it accepted the resolution number 1701 issued by the UN which is a tool on the hands of the USA, which means in its essence to accept entrance of the crusader armies in the land of Lebanon.

Does people realize that these armies are the other coin face of the Zionist American coalition?! But the secretary-general of “Hizbollah” party Hassan Nasrallah deceived people, and he welcomed these armies publicly and promised to make easy their mission despite he knows well that those armies are coming to protect the Jews and to close the borders in front of the faithful Mujahedeen. He has done all these crimes deference to the wishes of the supporting countries, of the “good” and “incorrupt” funds, which we mentioned before. So how can they are considered traitors “As-Sadat” (Egypt former president) and “Al Hussain Ibn Talal” (Jordon former king) when they agreed upon conventions that include the closure of the border for Mujahedeen –and They are traitors no doubt-, while the secretary-general of Hizbollah party is considered honest when he accepts a similar resolution!! Also how can people understand the party’s accusation to the majority in Lebanon, of being agents to USA -and they are no doubt agents-, while on the contrary they consider him a hero and martyr “Muhammad Baqer Al Hakeem” who cooperated with America to invade Iraq and forbade people to fight it! as was stated by the Secretary-General of the party?, is not this the real hypocrisy ?

Another sort of those-parties and groups that allied with the neighborhood countries, when the supporting and funding countries exert high pressure over them, they force their armies to take an open rest, for six months subjected to renewal, have you ever heard about an army that rests and stops fighting while the enemy is perching over the chest of its country? So, this is the case with those who make their decisions depending on the funding countries, and it will take us long if we wish to mention more about this. However the independent pride Muslims like Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi and his brothers, prefer the death to stop Jihad or to put it on the hands of any ruler, or to be with him against their nation, here there is a note :

Many people know not the biography of the emirs of Jihad in Iraq and I say: The cause of this is the circumstances of the war and security conditions, however I believe that this ignorance is not harmful since they are recommended by the just and trustworthy Mujahideen, for e.g. the emir “Abu Umar Al Baghdadi”, he is recommended by the just and trustworthy Mujahdeen in Iraq, Abu Mosab Al Zarqawi (mercy of Allah be upon him) recommended him as well as “Abu Hamza Al Muhajer”, the War Minister, and these two are trustworthy because of their fortitude and resolution in the fierce battles and raids’ bombing over the Hindkosh apexes, and they are well known from your brothers in Afghanistan, I think of them all good and Allah knows best. So abstention from pledging allegiance to an emir of Jihad in Iraq after the just and trustworthy Mujahedeen recommended him, on the pretext of ignoring his biography, this leads to unfavorable results, the most important of them is hindering the establishment of the Muslims’ State under the leadership of one emir, and this conduct is invalid.

And in the end, I assure the Muslims everywhere, especially our people in the neighborhoods that they will get but everything good from the Mujahedeen Allah’s willing, for we are your sons, we defend the nation’s religion ad well as defending you, and him who falls dead from the Muslims in any of the operations against the crusader infidels or their agents, he is not meant by killing and Allah only knows how it hurts and grieves us when some Muslims die in any operation and we are responsible for it, and we seek Allah’s forgiveness due to it, and we ask Allah to grant their souls mercy, grant them paradise and help their families .

And it is apparent that the enemies intend to establish their garrisons among Muslims to take them as human shelters, and I stress on my brothers the Mujahedeen to be highly cautious in the operations at the army garrisons which are located among the Muslims, and to have their operations against the enemies disciplined by the legitimate controls away from Muslims as much as possible, without crippling Jihad for the sake of Allah, our enmity is for the traitor governors, those we don’t reassure them, but we work on taking their regimes down and send them to the Islamic courts.

How can we reassure them and they are partisans to the enemies of this nation and did what they did to it?

How can we reassure them and they involved the laws of human with Allah’s Sharia?

How can we reassure them and the way to the widest front to free Palestine passes through the lands that are under their control?

I reassure our people in Palestine specifically, we will widen our Jihad and we will not recognize sykes-pico borders nor the rulers whom the occupation installed. We by Allah did not forget you after 9/11 events, does anyone forget his people?. But after those blessed forays which hit the international infidels head and its heart, the greatest ally to the Zionist entity, America. We are busy today in fighting it and its agents especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Islamic Maghreb [Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania] and Somalia.

If it [America] and its agents are defeated in Iraq by Allah’s will, nothing will prevent the Mujahedeen’s army and brigades after brigades from Baghdad, Anbar, Musel, Diyala, and Salah Ud Deen to repeat “Hitteen” [the battle in which the Crusaders were defeated] by Allah’s will. We will not recognize a state for the Jews not even on one span from the land of Palestine as other Arab leaders did, when they adopted the initiative of leader of Riyad (KSA) years ago. That great calamity was not enough for them , people today saw the leader of the surrenderers leads them to Annapolis, do to them what the Americans did to their grandfathers before, not to give a pledge but to sell and what they are selling, selling Jerusalem, Alaqsa, and martyrs blood, La Hawla Wa La Kowata Illa Bil Allah (there is no power but with Allâh), may Allah give them what they deserve. By this the people knew who is the trustworthy and who is the traitor who is moved by the Zionists’ hands.


The wound of Jerusalem still hurting me

What happened to it is like a fire burning me inside

I did not betray Allah’s pledge

When the countries did betrayal

We will not respect the international charters which recognize a Zionist entity over the land of Palestine as Hamas leadership respects them (charters), or as some of the Muslims’ brotherhood declared. Our Jihad is to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the (Jordan) river to the sea by Allah’s will, putting our hands in the hands of the true Mujahedeen over there from Hamas and other factions who denied their leaders refrainment from the truth.

Blood for Blood, Destruction for Destruction.

I repeat my swear, By Allah we will help you even if we have to grovel on knees or taste what Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutalib tasted (Martyrdom).

Finally I remind my dear Islamic nation and say: O people, you have many lessons from the passed events, stop playing, listen, understand, wake up, and pay attention, the matter is big and serious. Where are you going and what are you waiting for? The battle became fierce and there is nothing [small or large] remained between you and what [they] want to do to you. No salvation to us except by answering Allah’s commands and avoiding what He forbids.

And know that the greatest of His commands, is to fight for His sake for the clear [open] evil to be broke (defeated), and the hidden evil to be hushed. Deliver your Amanat [the trust or moral responsibility] O servants of Allah, rush to do your duties, specially after you brothers in Jihad fields spared you most of provisions, you are threatened [by your enemies] in all what you possess, threatened in your lives, your honor, your land, and your money and most importantly your religion.


I protect my religion by my money I don’t dispel it (the religion)…

No blessing be on the money if the religion is lost…

The matter is serious and there is no amusement in it, it was said, “I was ate on the day the white ox was ate in”, today Baghdad, and tomorrow Damascus, Amman, and Riyadh. Fear Allah as He should be feared. [by doing all that He has ordered and by abstaining from all that He has forbidden], and never fear of the blame of the blamers.

What your Mujahedeen sons want from money to equip and fight for the sake of Allah is a few, any merchant from you can give it, and will lead to the defeat of the international infidelity by Allah’s will.Till when you will keep fearing America and its agents? Isn’t there among you any right-minded merchant? freeing himself from the subservience and from the chains of slavery, remembering the death and trail to prepare himself to the day of Judgment, for he was born without money and will leave without it. So he must fear Allah, reckons what remained from his life and money to the Hereafter, seeks to do his needs secretly and takes our prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) as an example when he hid from Quraish’s eyes in the cave, and emigrated secretly to the Ansar [the citizens of Al-Madinah who supported and gave aid to the immigrants Muhâjirûn] may Allah be pleased with them.

So he must organize his security matters, emigrates if necessary remembering the great rewards and to be a reason of making this religion victorious and rescuing the nation of AlAmeen [trustworthy] Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) in a time when the enemies gathered on it from everywhere. What a great reward, and what a honor Allah honors him as He honors Othman (may Allah be pleased with him) the one man who prepared [by his money] the distress army against the Romans, the prophet PBUH said: “Nothing will harm Othman after what he did this day, nothing will harm Othman after what he did this day”.”

Allah said: [And spend in the Cause of Allâh (i.e. Jihâd of all kinds) and do not throw yourselves into destruction (by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allâh), and do good. Truly, Allâh loves Al-Muhsinûn (the good-doers).] ( 2:195). And said: [And what is the matter with you that you spend not in the Cause of Allâh? And to Allâh belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth. Not equal among you are those who spent and fought before the conquering (of Makkah, with those among you who did so later). Such are higher in degree than those who spent and fought afterwards. But to all Allâh has promised the best (reward). And Allâh is All-Aware of what you do.]. (57:10)


Imitate them if you are not like them…

Imitating the noble is a success…

Supporting the true Mujahedeen especially in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Islamic Maghreb, and Somalia is by Allah the project of the whole nation and the first line of defense in front of all its enemies who are avid in it. And in it [the Islamic nation project] there is the goodness of its religion and life, its pride and safety, its security on all axis.

Yes, in it there is your military security, your social security, your food security and your economy security to protect your oil and wealth and to save your money that you are losing while it is in your hands because of its unjust and abusive attachment with the dollar. Supporting the Mujahedeen is also the nation’s project to free all Palestine, so Alaqsa will smile, and the prisoners women and men will be freed.

[And on that Day, the believers will rejoice at the victory given by Allâh] (30:4-5)

And Allâh has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not.

And the close of our request is all the praises and thanks are to Allah, the Lord of ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists).

(Sheikh Ossama Ben Laden may Allah protect him)


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