O American... this is Osama

This is a letter that was delivered to me by some brothers, and they said that an American wrote it in one of the chat forums, and the brothers transferred it until it reached me. They wanted me to answer this American on his inquiry, I was hesitating in the beginning, but the brothers said it seems that he is a man who seeks truth, and we as Muslims have no objection in making others listen to the truth, so let this American lend us his eyes and read these few humble words in the identification of Osama…

This is the letter as it had reached me:

I’m an American, and I really don’t believe everything my government says. I was moved by the way the media dealt with the death of Osama bin Ladin. I thought he was hated by the Muslims because of his ways; at least, that’s what the officials told us in our country. I realized after his death that he was loved by most of you! I want to know exactly what Osama meant to you as Muslims. I want to know the truth from you, and not from the media, because I simply do not trust the media. Please be straightforward and honest. I really want to know the truth.

And this is the answer:

O American… I will tell you today about a man whose story is like a legend… and he is a legend indeed… a legend that was witnessed by the whole world…

His name is Osama, his father’s is Muhammad, and his grandfather’s is Awadh. So, his name is: Osama bin Muhammad bin Awadh bin Laden… His father Muhammad came from Yemen. Yemen – if you do not know – is one of the oldest lands on earth and from the best of civilizations; and it is the origin of Arabs. The young Muhammad traveled from Yemen to Jeddah, in the west of the Arabian Peninsula, working as a porter this self-made fellow promptly became the biggest construction contractor in the Arabian Peninsula, he was known by his straightforwardness, honesty, and persistence… He also made a strong relationship with the ruling family there.

I do not know – O American – how much you know about Islam, but I am telling you that Muslims have three holy mosques, which are: the Holy Mosque of Mecca, the Holy Mosque of the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Medina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, Jerusalem. There is no other holy place for Muslims other than these; I arranged them according to their importance and greatness for Muslims… You may know the Ka’ba, that cubic building which has a black cover in Mecca, if you looked around this simple building which was built by Prophet Ibrahim and his first son Ismail, the surrounding construction was built by Osama’s father “Muhammad”. If you looked for pictures of the holy mosque of Messenger Muhammad (may all praise by Allah be on him) in Medina and you see that beautiful superior building, Osama’s father “Muhammad” was honored with working on this building, and when Al-Aqsa mosque in Palestine was burned by the Jews – some decades ago – there was a contraction between the Arabs to rebuild the mosque, Osama’s father “Muhammad” gained the honor to rebuild this mosque also.

I told you Osama’s father is from Yemen, but I did not tell you that his mother is from Sham. So, he is son of Yemen and Sham; these two regions are from the best civilizations in the world. So, Osama is the son of civilization and history, but he was born in Hejaz. Hejaz, is the oracle of Muhammad (peace be upon him), so here the mixture of civilization, history, and creed wove into a mixture that is Osama’s soul.

Osama’s father’s weight and business became larger and larger to the point that he gave the king of the Arabian Peninsula six months salaries of all the government employees; this was after a financial crisis there. After that, he gained a high status and great caliber between the kings and princes of the Arabian Peninsula. From this house, from this family, from this honor and dignity, and from this civilization and history: There was Osama.

Osama was raised in a good and rigid setting, his father – regardless of his wealth and caliber – was very careful to raise his children on seriousness, hard work, and persistence. So, Osama grew (up) as a religious, serious, and hard working man unlike other rich people’s children who grew immoral due to excess of wealth, status and caliber.

In his early youth there came about a great change in his life for the Red Soviet army entered the Muslim land of Afghanistan. The news began to reach the land of the two holy mosques – west of Arabian Peninsula – and Osama because of his serious religious nature was following up this news as other youth there; but he was not like them. Because Osama is a positive man and he could not be satisfied by just following up the news. He went many times to Pakistan the neighbor of Afghanistan. Finally, he decided to go to Afghanistan in ’82, that means before (29) years of age, he was (25) at this time. He waged Jihad with the Afghani Mujahideen against the Soviet (Union) until they beat them and kicked out the Soviets from Afghanistan. As a result of this historic rout of the Soviets; their country became Russia and a lot of countries disintegrated from it.

This was the first station in this young man’s life… then, a palatial dangerous event happened that changed the face of the world. That was the entrance of the American army into the land of the Arabian Peninsula in ’91 in which is the holiest places of Muslims. This was after Saddam Hussain entered Kuwait in ’90. Osama was warning the rulers of the Arabian Peninsula from Saddam’s intentions before this year, but they were not listening to him. Then, after Saddam entered Kuwait, Osama – with his Mujahideen – offered the princes of the Arabian Peninsula to kick Saddam out of Kuwait, but they preferred the Americans and its ally’s armies to enter the Arabian Peninsula, oracle of Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). And Osama’s hunch was right when he stated to the people that these armies have come to stay.

This event was truly the historic moment which lead to the change of events on earth… this was the first time in history that a non-Muslim army entered the land of the Two Holy Mosques, this army is enumerated by half a million fully armed men, and this is the first time that the Arabian peninsula’s princes allowed a non-Muslim army to enter the land of oracle and Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) Peninsula… You were right – O American – when you said that you do not believe your government, they said to the world that the 9/11 event is the historic moment of change; but the truth is the 9/11 event is simply a reaction of this big event which made the Arabian Peninsula under the occupation of a non-Muslim army.

After the Soviets left Afghanistan in ’89, there were some clashes between the Afghanis themselves. Osama preferred to not participate in this local war so he went to Sudan, and he started some charity and political programs. But the American government did not like the presence of Osama in Sudan, so it put the Sudanese government under pressure to make Osama leave Sudan. When Osama felt that he was undesirable there he returned back to Afghanistan, and the old Mujahideen gathered around him again, then they waited until the Taliban ruled the Afghan cities.

When Osama saw the honesty of these students (Taliban) and their determination to make a real change in Afghanistan, then they made the historical alliance with each other, he fought with the Taliban against other Afghani groups till they succeeded in uniting most of Afghanistan, and Osama became one of the best and nearest friends of the Taliban leaders and their Commander “Mullah Omar”.

The whole Islamic world was angry because of the entrance of America into the Arab lands, because this land is very special to them than any other land. The interference of America in Iraq and killing more than a million and a half Iraqis – a half million (of whom) were children – and also the American assistance to the Jews in Palestine with money and arms had the most effect on Osama and his friends who went out to liberate Afghanistan from the Soviets and then they realized that America is fighting them in the dark.

Then they declared war on it, also they realized that America is behind all the calamities of the Muslims. So, Osama announced that America should leave the Arab lands.

America worked on chasing the Mujahideen everywhere, it was also ordering Arab countries’ to catch anyone who returned from Afghanistan and place them in prisons and excruciate them badly.

A lot of wars started between Muslims against others in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Sudan, Somalia, Philippine, China, and Kashmir; the Muslims there were oppressed and Osama was helping all these Muslims (by) sending them men and money so they can be delivered from injustice and despotism. What he did made him famous and well known amongst all Muslims.

Osama and his group realized that America was the main reason for most of the trouble of Muslims because it supports the dictator regimes in Muslim countries’. Also, because it corrupts the people in charge in the Muslim world, and preventing these countries from development and advancement. America’s biggest crime is the adapting of the Jewish bands in Palestine: They provided them money and advanced arms to kill Muslims there, and Palestine – like the Arabian Peninsula – is very special to Muslims.

Arabs lived in Palestine before Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was born, you may know – from your holy book – that Ibrahim emigrated from Iraq to Palestine and the Arabs were already there, then he begot Ismail and Isaac, and Isaac begot Jacob, this Jacob is “Israel” (peace be upon all the Prophets of Allah). Jacob immigrated to Egypt and he stayed with his descendants there for four hundred years, then they left it under the leadership of Moses (peace be upon him) to the land of Labyrinth in Siena and they stayed there for forty years. Then the children of Israel entered the land of Palestine and they expelled the Arabs. As Muslims, we believe that at that time the children of Israel deserved the blessed land of Palestine because the Arabs were heathens and the children of Israel believed in Allah, the Creator.

The children of Israel stayed in Palestine for centuries, and then Allah sent Jesus, the son of Mary (peace be upon him) and the Jews disbelieved in him and oppressed his followers. Then Allah decreed that the followers of Jesus loot the land of Palestine from the Jews because they renounced the religion of Moses and did not believe in Jesus (peace be upon them). Palestine stayed under the rule of the followers of Jesus – who quickly changed the constitution of Allah – until the Arabs who followed Muhammad (peace be upon him) took back Palestine from the Romans. Then it remained under the rule of Muslims for thirteen centuries. And when Muslims strayed away from their religion and the instructions of the Prophet, Allah imposed the British-French occupation upon them, and Britain took Palestine, but the Muslims did not revise themselves and return back to their religion. So Allah punished them by dominating the blessed land with the most hateful and antagonizing people towards them: the Jews.

The land of Palestine was not taken from the Muslims except because they strayed away from the instructions of their religion, and this was realized by the prudent Muslims, and they started calling the people to return back to their religion so that they could free Palestine. A lot of Muslim scholars scarified themselves in this cause, Osama bin Laden was one of these who called the Muslims to return back to the original instructions of the Islamic religion, so that Palestine returns back to the Muslims anew.

This historical introduction is important (in order) to know the beliefs of Osama and his thoughts and ideology. I do not know – O American – if you are following the news of Osama; but I will remind you of his historical promise after the event of 9/11 when he said: “I swear by Almighty Allah who raised the heavens without any pillars, that America will not dream of living in security before we experience security in Palestine and not before all the infidel armies have left the land of Muhammad, peace be upon him”. And the one who knows Osama’s history, he will realize that Osama lived to abide (by) his promise.

They are telling you that Osama is a terrorist, and we do not deny this, what we deny is the meaning of terrorism that they have not define yet!! America conducted war on: Japan, Germany, and the Soviet (Union). Imagine that Japan occupied California, Washington, Seattle, and Arizona. What will you do!! If Germany occupied Washington D.C and Florida or if the Soviets occupied Georgia, New York, and Virginia; are you going to stay at home and wait until they go out whenever they want!! What if some Americans resisted the Japanese occupation or Germans’ Hitlerism occupation or Soviet occupation!! Are the ones fighting them from (among) the Americans, terrorists?! What if some Americans performed bomb blasts inside Japan or Germany or Soviet (Union) after these occupations!! Will this be considered terrorism?!

We do not deny that Osama is a terrorist, he terrorized his enemies indeed; but the question is: Why did Osama become a terrorist!!

Let me tell you a little about Osama’s personality… he was a quiet natured man, he talked little, he laughed little, very shy, very generous, limitlessly modest. Although he was a rich man but he lived like the poor people, he ate like them, slept like them, when you would talk to him, he would listen to you until you would feel that you are his only friend, tender hearted; he liked poetry, literature, and reading, he loved riding horses, anybody who sat with him liked him even if they were his enemy due to his politeness and respect for others. And on top of all of this, he was smart having inherited it from his uncles, he was brave having inherited it from his civilization origin, and he was faithful having inherited it from his motherland.

These are some of the qualities of Osama, and they are not even an inch bit exaggerated, and those who saw him and stayed with him and met him are witness to these qualities… So, stay with me now to understand: How is it possible for someone with these qualities to become a terrorist!!

As I told you: Osama was born in the Arabian Peninsula, and the people of this land are from the greatest lovers of freedom. There is no nation on the face of this earth who loves freedom like this nation, and that is why the people of the Arabian Peninsula preferred to live in its deserts for tens of centuries rather than migrating to the nearby developed cities. That’s because they do not like to act under the rule of a king or an emperor. They lived free for long centuries in a land with scarce water, vegetation and animals, and due to this rugged and harsh environment: these people have developed a sort of pride and defiance and self respect, such that they cannot accept to be enslaved or ruled over or politicized. Throughout history they were never ruled by a king or commander, except after the inspiration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and he ruled them with the religion, and had it not been for religion no one would have succeeded in ruling over them for the people of this land have not given in to the rule of anyone except the rule of Allah the Almighty.

This background is necessary to understand the level of hatred of the people of the Arabian Peninsula generally – and Osama especially – towards the American army that has soiled their land and occupied their country, and perhaps you (may) know the name of the Arabian Peninsula by “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” attributed to the family of “Al-Saud”, that was unified by the father of the current King – named Abd al-Aziz – this Peninsula, under his rule by the power of the sword after he declared his intention of ruling it with Islam. So the people of the Peninsula fought with him to unify it under the banner of religion. But then they discovered that he was supported by the British, and then the Americans, and then his sons allowed the American armies to enter the Arabian Peninsula under the pre**** of freeing Kuwait. Thus, his betrayal to the banner of the religion and that of his sons became apparent.

Osama – O American – declared war upon your country for the following major reasons:

First: Its sponsorship of the criminal Jewish state in Palestine.

Second: Occupation of the Arabian Peninsula and the land of the Islamic revelation.

Third: Fighting Muslims in several Muslim lands.

Fourth: Supporting the dictator governments in the Islamic lands.

Fifth: Fighting against Islam itself and trying to spread opposing methodologies in the Islamic lands and trying to corrupt the manners and values of Muslims.

Sixth: The succeeding American governments were the reason for the death of millions of Muslims for the past thirty years.

These are the major reason that made this delicate, calm, humble, modest man turn into a dangerous and prominent terrorist, and into a man of war and resistance of a unique level… and any single reason from these reasons is enough to change the life of a man who possesses even a tiny bit of honor, then how about all these reason together?

The matter is not as it has been told to you through your media, for the truth is that most of the Muslims on earth hate the American government, and hate its policies and curse it day and night, and what you see on the television of support of the American government in the Arab countries is either fabricated, or is through agents who are deceiving their nations, for they do not represent the Muslims, and most of them are not Muslims. There are some atheists, opportunists and careerists in the Islamic countries as there are in America – maybe on a greater scale – and these have the media, and money and control, and they have not come to possess it except through the aid of the American government.

You ask about the reality of what Osama means to us, then I shall tell you on behalf of most of the Muslims on earth:

Osama represents the ancient Islamic culture blended with the greatness of Islam… Osama is the living conscience of Muslims and the soul of freedom inspiring the Islamic Ummah anew…

Osama – O American – is the model of truth that fought oppression through the passage of history… Osama – O American – is a man who gathered the political benefits and presented it for the service of the just Muslim causes, for he is like George Washington who unified America and led the fight against Britain, and he is like Lincoln who freed the slaves in America and united the north and south, and he is like Martin Luther who fought for the freedom of the negroes in America…

But Osama is different from these because he is a Muslim who fights and plans for his methodology and religion, and is different from them in that he fights for a global freedom and not for a nationality or local race or region, and is different from them in that his enemies are: All the tyrant governments that oppress their nation or other nations in the world, and if you see who fought Osama, then you would see how the governments famous for oppressing their people and stealing the riches of the nations allied against him, for Osama revealed all of these tyrants and wanted the people to stand up and demand their true rights, and this is what made most of the governments of the earth chase him and try to silence his voice so that people remain in their slumber and they (would) be at liberty for their oppression and tyranny and steal the riches of the nations.

Osama – O American – spent his life in order to unify the Muslims, and in order to free them from the rope of slavery placed upon their necks by the governments, those governments that are allied to the successive governments of America… Osama fought for the honor of the Muslims and their religion… Osama – O American – is the example of truthfulness and purity and the right jealousy for the human values, that truth which you know and other Americans know is practically nonexistent with the policy of the White House, and with the governments of the east and west on this earth…

Osama – O American – was the last beautiful thing that passed away from the face of the earth… I say beautiful because the governments of earth have changed the truth, and decorated the lies, and has made politics into cunning, deceit and personal gains, whereas Osama returned politics to its true, real meaning with the knowledgeable ones and those with understanding, for politics to him was: returning the rights to the deserving, and truth and trustworthiness, and honor, and giving and disassociation from the money of people and sacrificing in the way of fulfilling their interests… perhaps – O American – you might not know the meaning of most of these words, and we do not blame you, because you live in an environment drowned in self-centeredness and self-love and phony and concealed oppression in the form of capitalism, and silent transgression in the name of democracy…

I do not know how cultured you are, and I do not know if you understand most of what I wrote, but I cannot write about Osama except with these lofty meanings, because he was a lofty man who lived in a time in which lofty virtues had fallen, for he is from the era of the noble knights, and from the era of honorable fighters and from the era of loyal commanders

Osama – O American – is all those virtues that your government is fighting on earth… he is all what your wretched government claims and is not… Osama is the manners that your country’s leaders claim and would not tolerate to be associated with out in public… Osama is the nobility that you read about in the books of history…

What does Osama mean for the Muslims!!

Osama – O American – is the group of thousands of people who died in order to enable a better life for others, and sacrificed their most precious things so that those after them get the best of what they deserve… Osama – O American – is the soul of this Ummah and its living pulse that took form in a tall and lean figure!

Osama – O American – is the voice of truth at a time of corruption, and the voice of honor at a time of vanity and the voice of loftiness at a time of mediocrity… Osama is the memory of man at a time of forgetfulness…. Osama is the beating heart on the deathbed of the sons of man.

Every name has a meaning in its own cultural history, and Osama in our Arabic culture means: Lion, and this historic oath that was reflected in the corners of earth was nothing but a groan of this lion, after which he returned to his lair in the caves of Tora Bora and mountains of Suleiman and Hindu Kush, waiting to attack his prey, and perhaps you know that the lion does not roar a lot and does not produce sounds except a little, before pouncing on its prey and just like that Osama, his words were less and his speeches few…

Osama – O American – is the lion of Islam, who would not let the rats climb over his body, and who if roared, they would run without looking behind… The name of Osama was enough to terrorize every wolf or fox who wanted to dive at the flesh of the sons of man.

O American, tell those behind you from the people of your nation that Osama is alive in the heart of every free Muslim, and that his historic oath is engraved into the hearts of the Muslims and that peace is the farthest from Americans now, and that their coming days will be decisive in the history of their nations, for the sons of Osama and his brothers have decided to end the history of America forever…

Perhaps – O American – you are astonished by this statement and you have asked only to know, while you are aware that your country has of material ability such power that makes it awed in earth, but – O American – you do not know the reality of creed if it blends with the heart of the believer, for fighting is not weapons, and it is not ammunition, instead what directs the drum of victory is: the heart of men.

Osama – O American – represents the power of Islam that ruled the earth for more than 1200 years, and there was no America known to the old world, and America was not found by Columbus except after he got the maps that were drawn but the Muslim scholars of Andalusia and Italy, so your presence in America is due to some of the old Muslim scholars that resulted in the renaissance in Europe and America, that renaissance that has started blurring the fact that it was taken from the Islamic culture…

Osama – O American – came to remind the Muslims of their culture, and remind them of their glory, and remind them of their history, and to say to them, return to your religion to gain back your real status amongst the nations of the world, for the Ummah of Islam was not created except to lead humanity, and was not brought into existence except to become dominant upon all the nations, and Allah the Almighty decided in His book which He revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) this truth, in the most profound and clear way when He said: “It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion.” He said it in these clear words in three places in the Quran assuring this eternal reality.

Osama – O American – is a new turning point in the history of earth, for Osama has awakened the conscience of Islam in the hearts of the Muslims after a long slumber, and he painted with his blood a frame of glory that was about to be wiped off from the life of the Muslims… Do you know – O American – that the Muslims did not accept condolence in Osama!! Perhaps – O American – you will be shocked to know if I tell you that many Muslims in several lands congratulated each other on the martyrdom of Osama, and that some of them distributed sweets amongst the people!! Do you understand the meaning of distributing sweets on the death of the most beloved people to their heart!

If it was in my hand, I would have sacrificed my life and all my sons so that Osama would live amongst us, but I, until now, have not shed a single tear on Osama, and if I cry, I cry on myself for not having achieved what Osama achieved… many people talk about their cause and rights, but only a very few of these people are ready to die for those rights, and Osama – O American – was not only prepared to die for them, he was wishing for it every moment, for death in the way of creed is from the greatest of what a true believer wants in his belief…

Perhaps I have prolonged upon you this talk, but I have not mentioned except the little of little about Osama and what Osama means for the Muslims, and if I knew that you would not get bored I would have made you read for several continuous days about Osama and what Osama meant and the reality of Osama… and perhaps I may summarize in these few expressive words and call you to reflect upon them excessively…

The culture of truth and human loftiness means – Osama…

Written by: Sheikh Husain Bin Mahmoud



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