The Claim That Sheikh Usamah Is A CIA Agent, Is Only A Cheap Fitnah

( – Since the news of the death of Sheikh Usamah (which leaves a lot of irregularities and questions, plus the reaction of Iran with its statement that Sheikh Usamah died of illness not due to American military operations) came out some time ago, there have been a lot of conspiracy issues being crammed by the secular medias that serve as the lackeys of America.The media began to load old news which were rewritten in order to taint the image of Sheikh Usamah. Which include news about the profile of Sheikh Usamah’s families who do not support the jihad movement, about his younger days, as well as about the fake last will of Sheikh Usamah that filled up the news pages of the secular media. Not forgetting the fitnah which alleges that Sheikh Usamah was a CIA agent.

All that is not new. But in order to neutralize and deny the fitnah, the is presenting here again the refutation of Sheikh Usamah’s connection with the CIA. The rebuttal was taken from the statement and testimony of Abu Mus’ab As-Suri from the book entitled Da’wah Al-Muqawwamah Al-Islamiyyah, Chapter : Hasad As-Sahwah Al-Islamiyyah wa At-Tayar Al-Jihadi (1930-2002) about the lies of the western media in the Afghan jihad.

In that book, Abu Mus’ab As-Suri explained about the allegations which says that the jihad in Afghanistan had links with the CIA. One thing that can not be denied is, the case of the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union became a sphere of intersection for various international and regional importance.

The Soviet Union at that time was considered as a common enemy. Many parties wanted the defeat of the Soviet Union, including America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, as well as many other Nations. All camps are hostile to the Soviet Union and each has different intention and goal. This kind of reality do occur and is often repeated in the world of politics throughout history.

The American interest was to defeat the Soviet Union and win the Cold War. This desire came after a severe blow was made by the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact against America on many fronts. The case of Afghanistan, for America, was a golden opportunity. They took advantage of this case very well and got what was called by Nixon in his popular book “Victory Without War”, America achieved it really well.

The interest of Western Europe and NATO countries was to achieve profitability and create the foundations in Afghanistan. When the Soviet Union was defeated, they also participated in the “party” in the interest of European countries collectively, and sometimes individually. Relatively, each country got what it wanted. Today, a variety of institutions are spread out in Afghanistan owned by Europe under the guise of humanitarian charity, but aim to usurp the wealth from the land of Afghanistan. Each country got its yields in accordance with how long they have stayed in Afghanistan.

Similar interests are owned by other countries in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia with its own interests, as well as Egypt and other countries, from India, Central Asian countries, Iran, China and other neighboring countries, to as-sahwah al-islamiyyah, jihadi movements and every person who entered into the arena Afghanistan, they all played their roles according to their own interests. There were both lucky and unlucky ones. The same goes with the various Arab and Islamic organizations that were present in Afghanistan.

America’s role in Afghan jihad

Above all those interests, the American roles in the Afghan jihad, among others are:

  1. Giving permission and the green light to their stooges i.e. the Arab and Muslim rulers to allow the Mujahid youths to enjoy the things which were rightfully theirs and follow the religion to go to Afghanistan for jihad.
  2. Calling on the intelligence agencies in those countries to let the youths go and fulfill the shar’ie obligations.
  3. The role of the Arab and Muslim governments’ mass media was also limited to only promoting the Afghan jihad.
  4. Having the role in instructing the government of Saudi Arabia so that its paid fatwa institution issued a fatwa that the ruling of the jihad in Afghanistan is fardhu ‘ain—of course, it is so according to Islam . And, let the da’wah and islah imam in Saudi Arabia speak about that shar’ie facts.
  5. Opening up opportunities to the community of Haramain to fulfill the obligation of jihad with property to support their brothers and sisters in aqeedah and religion.
  6. Encouraging the youths who wanted to go to Afghanistan, to the extent that the Saudi Airlines flight gave 75% discount on air tickets from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan for anyone who wished to go for jihad in Afghanistan. A much cheaper price than the cost of domestic flights.

It is obvious that the ruling family of Su’ud had various interests that are propagandistic and other matters from the giving of those facilities.

Whereas, the roles of America in relation with the policy of Pakistan, as an American lackey, are:

  1. Instructing Pakistan so that its embassy facilitated the granting of visas to the youths of the Arab and Muslim countries to go to Afghanistan via Pakistan.
  2. Allowing the Arabs to freely move about, even if they set up camps in the region of Pakistan near the border of Afghanistan for training and provision of logistics services for the Afghan jihad.

Pakistan in this regard, of course, had different regional and national interests. But it is not the place in this book to elaborate it. Furthermore, there were also a variety of personal interests from the officers in the military, intelligence and police agencies of Pakistan who made profits from the flowing in and out of the humans and huge amounts of money through their territory.

If the permission of America to her little friends is considered as the role of America in creating the Arab jihad in Afghanistan, then its role is not more than that. While the little friends of America, namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries also had their own interests in this case.

Whereas, the claim that there were American assistance to the Arab citizens, either in the form of a program or military action on the battlefield, is a big lie!!.

I (Abu Mus’ab As-suri) served as an instructor in the field of military training, as well as a speaker in the field of ideology and manhaj. I was also in direct contact with the leaders of the Arab jihad in Afghanistan. From behind the activities, I could see and confirm that the American statement was baseless.

Here I (Abu Mus’ab As-suri) would not explain the chronology of the Arab jihad in Afghanistan before having to mention one by one the facts from the training and its operational mechanisms. In brief, those Arab jihad trainings were the collective efforts of the individuals which were done sincerely.

The jihad training was initially conducted by senior cadres of jihad, and the professional military cadres who had retired or been discharged from the military bodies of the various Arab and Muslim countries. It was their roles which were so important in these trainings. After that, the experiences of the new cadres in the battlefield began to grow.

For the observers of the condition of ideology, psychology, manhaj and the sentiment of anti–America, of the West and kuffar in general, in fact even anti-rulers and anti-small-scale criminals of America, which were embedded in the hearts of the leaders of Arab jihad and in the bases of the masses comprising of young people of Afghanistan and other countries, they would know that such claims have not truth and are not likely to occur.

Such was the denial by Abu Mus’ab As-Suri as a figure who personally associated with Sheikh Usamah, and also as one who plunged directly into the battlefield in Afghanistan. He really knew and understood the facts on the ground, so far-off from the spreaders of fitnah which could only imagine stories in front of their computers in order to vilify the Mujahideens.

Although indications are elaborated by a number of western medias and sites owned by people whose sources are not clear, with regards to the title “Tim OSMAN” used by America, yet in reality it is not much different from the secret code used by America, whereby even when Sheikh Usamah died, the message code delivered to Obama was Geronimo EKIA. Where Geronimo refers to Sheikh Usamah.

Thereby, the media accusation which mentions the existence of a relationship between the Mujahideen and the CIA in destroying the Soviet Union, is a very wrong information!



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