Ossama Ben Laden : The Way To Rescue Palestine

((The Way To Rescue Palestine))

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The Way To Rescue Palestine

All praise be to Allah we thank Him, and peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet Muhamad, his family, his companions and followers.

As for what follows:

My beloved Islamic Ummah (nation)

Assalam Aalaikom Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh

My speech to you is about the siege of Ghazza and the way to rescue it as well all Palestine from the Zionist enemy.

To start I say, from the great disasters which make men’s hearts being broken is to see their children exposed to the slow death before their eyes because of the bad nutrition and nonexistence of medicaments as a result of the unjust siege.

My Ummah (nation), Palestine and its people are suffering from the two bitter things a century ago at the hands of the Christians and Jews. Both of them took it (Palestine) from us by force (iron and fire) not by negotiations and dialogue. So it can’t be recuperated except by force (iron), the iron can’t be notched but by itself, for Allah said: [Then fight (O Muhammad (peace be upon him)) in the Cause of Allâh, you are not tasked (held responsible) except for yourself, and incite the believers (to fight along with you), it may be that Allâh will restrain the evil might of the disbelievers. And Allâh is Stronger in Might and Stronger in punishing.] (4:84).

By inciting and fighting, the disbelievers will stop their aggression, so what prevent us to do Jihad in the Cause of Allah? It is the countless fetters imposed by the Zionist/Crusader alliance on the governors of the region, these governors also fetter us by their Ulamaa (scholars) and their media.

O slaves of Allah, this unjust siege of Ghazza confirmed that the sons and leaders of this Ummah (nation) are besieged from the enemies, they are weak-willed and have no freedom except a few people. This leadership showed its feebleness and its humiliation, so how can the one who is besieged to end the siege of the others, the incapacitated one has nothing to do or to give.

This is the bitter reality that we are facing and that we should find right solutions for it away from the useless thinking and ideas adopted by our enemies from the region’s governors.

Despite of this hard siege imposed on you O my Islamic Ummah, you still have a great opportunity to regain your freedom to go out of the submission to and the dependence of this Crusader/Zionist alliance. To reach that, you should free yourself from the fetters of humiliation and subservience shackling us by the agents of this alliance who are our countries’ governors and their helpers especially the fetters of the Ulamaa (scholars) of the Sultan (governor), as well the fetters of the Islamic groups which transform their method to recognize the governor who betrayed the religion and the Ummah, and they (Islamic groups) join the political process of the state of this governor, and no difference for them if they are in the rule or opposition.

Or these other groups which exaggerate in wariness from the Jihad till the degree of fear hindering people from making it (the Jihad) while it is the most important worship the governor forbid people from it, and it (Jihad) is the way to stop the disbelievers’ aggression and to make an end for the siege imposed on the Muslims.

Some of these groups encourage the fawning on the governor and forbid the Jihad under the pretext of the dawaa interest, till this allegation became an idol worshipped besides Allah, and that leads to giving priority to the orders of the group’s leaders instead of the orders of Allah and His messenger (peace and blessings be upon him), and this is the manifest error.

My Islamic Ummah, the liberation from these false fetters and the total submission and slavery for Allah Who has no partner is the way to make the man free; then he can participate in freeing his Ummah (nation), Palestine and al-Aqsa masjid. By that he can find the open doors leading to the way of freedom and dignity, to the fields of men and combat, to the battlefields and the fighting in the cause of Allah, like in Afghanistan, Wazirestan, the Islamic Maghreb, Somalia, Kashmeer, Chechnya and most important of them Baghdad the capital of the Caliphate and its neighborhoods in which the enemies being defeated. In these fields and under the shadows of swords the glory is growing, the oppressors being defeated and the believers breasts being healed.

My Islamic Ummah (nation), it is not hidden from you that the fields of the Jihad today for standing up for our people in Palestine is the Iraq’s field, so you should concentrate on it and support the Jihad there. The help and supporting the Jihad in Iraq is the duty of the neighboring countries, so the Levant’s people all the Levant, the blessed land’s people must feel the great grace of Allah on them and they must support and help their brothers Mujahideen in Iraq, by Allah it is a great opportunity and a big duty for our brothers immigrants from Palestine who are interdicted from the Jihad in al-Quds (Jerusalem), they should forget the illusions of the parties and groups drowning in the stratagem of the polytheist democracy, and should hurry to take their sites in the frontlines of the Mujahideen in al-Rafedain Land to be the real support and to trust in Allah. Then He will help them (Allah Willing) to be the point of departure towards the blessed Aqsa Masjid, so the Mujahideen from outside Palestine will meet their brothers inside it to iterate another Hitteen battle (Allah Willing), then the Muslims will be victorious.

My Islamic Ummah (nation), the siege to the degree of the death is a great and unsightly injustice, him who made it or participated in it is merciless with a hard heart, for our prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “A woman had ended up in the hellfire for a cat, she tied it up and didn’t feed the cat or let it free to search for food itself till it was dead”. O slaves of Allah, this the fate of him who besieged the cat till the death, what about besieging hundreds of thousands of orphan children and widows. It is a great crime that my words can’t describe it.

My Islamic Ummah, this deathly siege started after the approval of the Arabs of Anapolis to America and the Zionists against the Mujahideen in Palestine, and this is one of the ten Islam’s nullifiers (Making its doer out of Islam). So by this they (Arab governors) are partners in this unsightly crime, and the Muslims should hate them, ask Allah to retaliate upon them and proceed to remove them, as well to disown them publicly, and for those who couldn’t do it publicly they should disown them secretly by their hearts.

And what made things (even) worse that the prominent Ulamaa (scholars) in the last tribulation of the Ummah (nation) started misleading people by extolling the governors and making the hope of the Ummah (nation) on them to end the siege, while they (scholars) know that these governors are a principal basic element in the crime of this siege.


The seeker of refuge from Amer in the suffering…

is like the seeker of fire from the scorching heat

O slaves of Allah, we are facing three kinds of groups: group of the Mujahideen and their supporters, group of the Qaeedeen (non-Mujahidden sitting at home) who didn’t make Jihad in the cause of Allah to free Palestine and they had no excuse to sit at home, and the third group is the Crusader/Zionist alliance and their supporters at the head of them the region’s governors and the bad misleading Ulamaa (scholars).

The fortunate one is him who is from the first group, we ask Allah to make us with you from them (the fortunate ones), the deprived one is him who is from the second group who is satisfied with sitting at home without supporting the religion and making Jihad, and the unfortunate one is him who is from the third and last group, we take Allah’s Refuge from being from this group.

At the end, I say that Palestine will never be recuperated by the negotiations of the surrendering governors and their conferences, nor by the demonstrations of the callers sitting at home and their elections, both of them (governors and scholars) are the same, they are harmful for the Ummah (nation). Palestine will return to us (Allah Willing) if we awaked from our heedlessness, hold to our religion and if we sacrificed for it with our money and souls.


Oh Sleeping man and inattentive be cautious…

The worst days are when your are staying(Jihadless)

It’s not a life for man if he’ll be a slave…

his land governed by a cursed villain. While

On my land various disbelief bases harbour…

Every despot is growing stronger

Exchanging Jihad with staying, that day…

Your masters and salves are humiliated

Death, then, we see it as rest if…

Jews and squads dominated us

The Quds lands are conquered…

Where are Oh people your promises and threats

And an orphan suffering from famine…

And money or reyals are abundant as sea

Oh despots chains we’re fed up…

And do lions accept tyranny?

Oh my Ummah’s sons stand up…

And rush to help truth and with blood be donors

When the belief is menaced…

Any sacrifice except death is so cheap

For my religion I live and die

And my blood is a fuel for its candle…

So, without Islam it’s everlasting humiliation…

And heads are up when it will prevail.

O Allah Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire

O Allah help our people besieged in Palestine and in the other Muslims countries.

O Allah grant victory to the Mujahideen in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Islamic Maghreb, the Arabs Peninsula, Somalia, Chechnya and everywhere.

O Allah retaliate upon our enemies from the Jews, Christians and all their followers, O Allah retaliate upon the Arab and non- Arab Tawaghits (idols-governors) and their followers.

O Allah the full of Majesty and Honor, we have no power but Yours, help us, strengthen us, establish our feet firmly, guide our throwing, unify our ranks and grant us victory over the disbelievers, You are (Alone) Sufficient for us, and the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).

And the close of our request will be:all the praises and thanks are to Allah, the Lord of Alamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists




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