To those who call us Khawaarij…




[This is a repost with some edits; it’s a great reminder to all those who call themselves Salafi or who are followers of Madkhali]



This is a message to all those who label the Mujaahideen and Mujaahideen Shuyookh of today as Khawaarij such as Shaykh Yusuf bin Saalih al-’Uyayree, Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libbi, and so on…

If you call us Khawaarij, then answer these points for us:

1. A quality of the Khawaarij is that they are merciful with the Kuffaar. Tell us, O you with intellect, when was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen showing mercy to the Kuffaar? When was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen show smiles to the faces of the Kuffaar and frowns to the faces of the Muslims? When was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen holding hands with Bush and Condoleezza Rice? And when was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen kissing the cheeks of the Zionist Olmert and working on deals with the Kaafir tyrant Putin? And when was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen hold hands with the treacherous Shi’a who oppresses the Sunnah of Iran, Ahmadinejad? And when was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen strike similar goals with Dick Cheney in the house of criminality (i.e., White House)? And when was the last time you saw the Mujaahideen walk the red carpet with Prince Charles and smiling with Queen Elizabeth?

Why are these questions reminding us of King ‘Abdullah and his likes?

2. Another quality of the Khawaarij is that they make Takfeer of the Muslims who commit sins which do not expel them from the Religion. Some of you call the Mujaahideen as Kaafir and Khawaarij for rebelling against the rulers of today that don’t rule by Shari’ah. Tell us, O you who claim to have some knowledge, if the Salaf have classified the sin of rebellion (bughaat) against the Khaleef as a sin which does not expel one outside the fold of Islaam, then why do you make it a sin which nullifies the Shahaadah? Why do you make them equal to the Khawaarij?

3. Another quality of the Khawaarij is that they show harshness towards the Muslims. So if the Mujaahideen really had this quality, then why do we see the Saudi Government give the Crusaders a base to attack ‘Iraaq and Afghanistan to kill thousands of Muslims – both combatant and non-combatant – and we don’t see you call them Khawaarij? Where is the justice? And how often do you read the military reports of the Mujaahideen to know for sure that they go around killing Muslims? What report of theirs made mention of this? We know very well that you get your knowledge and verification from the Faasiq and Kaafir media outlets who still, to this day, cannot prove that the Mujaahideen carry out those car bombings in marketplaces in ‘Iraaq.

Since the Mujaahideen do not have these qualities (of the Khawaarij), then what gives you the right to call them the dogs of the hellfire when they are out defending your Deen, your honor, your respect, and your lands?! And we all know that verily, man is fallible and is prone to mistakes and the Mujaahideen are not an exception to this rule. So why is it that if they make a mistake to which they openly ask forgiveness for (because of their incapability or misunderstanding or mishandling or slip) – such as the bombings of the hotel in Jordan which killed the Zionists but since the blast was bigger than they expected, it killed those who were attending a wedding ceremony – why is it that you label them Khariji for these acts which they have repented for and weeped over?! Or do you deliberately ignore their statements and their words to the Ummah? …And how bad it is to always assume evil from amongst the Mujaahideen to the point that your evil assumptions becomes a sin in the eyes of Al-Jabbaar!