Sharia4Indonesia : "To uphold the Shari'ah" in Bunderan HI and Monas

JAKARTA ( – What is the right solution to solve multi-dimensional crisis that occurred in this country? Application of Islamic Shari’ah in kaafah way (perfect). So that’s the answer which invoked by Sharia4Indonesia, in the declaration and rally for Shari’ah which held in Bunderan HI and Monas, Saturday (28 / 8). On the occasion, Sharia4Indonesia also demanded that SBY may apply Islamic Shari’ah in kaafah way in this Muslim majority country. Allahu Akbar!

Momentum of Ramadhan For Enforcement of Islamic Shari’ah

Saturday, (08/28/2010), at 09.00 am in Bunderan HI had gathered dozens of people from Sharia4Indonesia. Some of them are young people who desire the establishment of Islamic Shari’ah in this country. There are wearing kafayeh and headbands that read “Save Palestine”, there are carrying the flag of Tauhid, even flag of Daulah Islamic of Iraq. All together, unfurled banners stating “Sharia 4 Indonesia”, making speeches, so that the momentum of this month of Ramadhan can be used as a enforcement of Islamic shari’ah in kaafah way.

Not miss it, some people from Sharia4Indonesia distributing press release to the road users which passing in Bunderan HI. That morning was quite sunny weather and the atmosphere was very supportive shari’ah speeches made by Sharia4Indonesia. Here’s the content of their press release:



And ye shall judge between them by what Allah hath revealed, and follow not their vain desires ….
[QS al-Maidah (5): 49]

Multidimensional crisis experienced by our nation until today, need a comprehensive settlement and improvement right now. This step is with make Islamic Shari’ah as the main reference, a global solution to various problems of the nation. Especially considering that majority of the population of this country are Muslims. For that, it became an obligation for Muslims to fight to uphold Islamic shari’ah in this country.

Then, on Saturday, August 28, 2010, we intend to declare the establishment of Sharia4indonesia (, with the agenda of the “Oration of Shari’ah” in Bunderan HI, Palace, and the Constitutional Court.

Sharia4Indonesia strive to become one of the community who will always call for the importance of enforcement of Islamic Shari’ah in this country in all aspects of life.

Sharia4Indonesia also called for:

1.To all Muslims to uphold Islamic Shari’ah as a whole (kaffah); ranging from individual self, family, community, until the life of the country.

2. To the President SBY, as people who claim as a Muslim, to immediately enforce Islamic shari’ah in country which this predominantly Muslim.

Jakarta, Friday, August 27, 2010


Syami al fahmy

(0816 162 5272) /

Pro & Contra Sharia4Indonesia

In every idea that was brought up, there are pros and contra as well. Similarly with the enforcement campaign of Islamic Shariah which performed by Sharia4Indonesia. In the FBI’s social networking site (Forum-Free Indonesia), having posted an invitation to attend the declaration and shari’ah rally in Bunderan HI and Monas, a few comments to appear.

Bejo 23 give comments :

Enforcement of Islamic shari’ah represents the ideals of Muslims Ummah and which very noble goal, but not begin with down to the streets way to force directly from top levels / states, but must start from oneself, family, civil, environmental, continued to climb up to umaro / leaders.

Examples of when the Prophet began to sent, he start to uphold tauhid to the families, friends, continue to the top to the leadership / empire. There existing examples in Aceh, if it’s up 100% of the Islamic Shari’ah there? while the people were not ready.

Start from the bottom up. Is our self already enforce the shari’ah? Jamaah prayers at the mosque, the wife wearing hijab, etc.

While someone with name The Rock gives his analysis:

In fact, Aceh until today not yet successful!!

Should Province of Aceh could be a “pilot project” to the successful of the implementation..

But .. in fact, not too successful .. still, as ever ..

Citizens “agreed” if in the area, so when out… all the same.

What does it mean? means they all agreed by necessity.

Maybe the comments both pro and contra will continue to appear. Only in Detik Forum, discussion about Sharia4Indonesia has spent 15 of their pages. And it seems discussion are more exciting and yet would end. Indeed, the Indonesian people today need a system that can be a solution for the entire multi-dimensional crisis which hitting on them. The system was none other than the Islamic Shari’ah. Allahu Akbar! (M Fachry/

Translate by: Sofia Firdausi/English Section


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