“Urgent Message to the Leaders of Qaa’idah al-Jihaad” by an al-Qassam Commander

“Urgent Message to the Leaders of Qaa’idah al-Jihaad” by an al-Qassam Commander, Abu Hudhayfah

This is the last will video of the Al-Qassam commander Ramy Nizar Abu Sweirah (Abu Hudhayfah) who was killed in an air strike last Thursday in Filistine. In this video, he claims that a lot of Al-Qassam’s fighters are not supporting the political leadership of Hamas and are unhappy with their leaders action. There is a statement with the video, addressed directly to the leadership of Al-Qaa’idah, including Shaykh Usaamah bin Laadin, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of the Islaamic State of ‘Iraaq Abu ‘Umar al-Baghdadi and the Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi. This video dispels rumors that all of the fighters within Hamas are corrupt; alhamdullillaah that there are some fighters within the military wing of Hamas that are upon the correct ‘Aqeedah. We ask Allah to purify the ranks of Hamas so that the Jihaad is purely for the sake of Allah, Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa.

May Allah accept Abu Hudhayfah amongst the Shuhadaa’.








Translation of Abu Hudhayfah’s message to the leaders of al-Qaa’idah

In the message we posted earlier about Abu Hudhayfah’s words to the leaders of al-Qaa’idah, the Kuffaar of the NEFA Foundation did a translation of the video here. Here is a quote from that translation:

“I… pledge my innocence before Allah from having… participat[ed] in elections, entering polytheistic councils, making visits to infidel and apostate countries, congratulating and supporting the Christians… As for their supporters, policemen, intelligence agencies, and bodyguards—to all of you, we say: we wash our hands of you, and from what you worship in place of Allah. We wash our hands of your laws and courthouses, your methodology and constitutions. We wash our hands of your governments and courthouses, your slogans and foolish symbols. We have no faith in you, and hostility and permanent hatred have arisen between us forever.”

May Allah accept Abu Hudhayfah as one of the Shuhadaa’. Ameen.

The Shaheed Ramy Nizar Abu Sweirah (Abu Hudayfah)



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